Upcoming Tournaments

Dates Circuits Tournament Locale Registration
9/29 -10/30 MX Semana i TEC CEM MX
Closed9/295:00 PM CDT
10/26 -10/30 NatCir University of Michigan HS Debate Tournament MI/US
Closed10/2512:00 AM EDT
10/28 -10/29 MSDL NatCir Tim Averill Invitational MA/US
Closed10/217:00 PM EDT
10/28 NatCir Crabtree Classic MO/US
Closed10/215:00 PM CDT
10/28 NatCir Des Moines North Big Questions IA/US
Due 10/285:00 PM CDT
10/28 -10/29 Kansas Manhattan High School Debate Tournament KS/US
Closed10/254:00 PM CDT
10/28 -10/30 NatCir The Meadows Invitational NV/US
Closed10/237:00 PM PDT
10/28 NEDA NEDA Halloween Swing Day 1 Fullerton College CA/US
Closed10/265:00 PM PDT
10/28 -10/29 MO Belton IE6 MO/US
Closed10/259:00 AM CDT
10/28 -10/29 MO BHS Test Tourney MO/US
Due 10/293:10 PM CDT
10/28 -10/29 NatCir Des Moines North Polar Bear Open IA/US
Closed10/215:00 PM CDT
10/28 -10/29 NatCir Kansas Kapaun Crusader Classic KS/US
Closed10/1910:00 PM CDT
10/28 -10/29 APDA UNC APDA NC/US
Due 10/3012:00 AM EDT
10/28 -10/29 UT Hunter Haunting UT/US
Closed10/265:00 PM MDT
10/28 -10/29 MN MUDL MNUDL Roseville Rosebowl MN/US
Closed10/265:00 PM CDT
10/28 -10/29 UT Dixie Debate Speech Debate Tournament UT/US
Due 10/297:00 PM MDT
10/28 UT Cache Classic UT/US
Closed10/265:00 PM MDT
10/29 -10/31 NDT-CEDA Huber Debates at the University of Vermont VT/US
Closed10/245:00 PM EDT
10/29 NatCir KY Henry Clay Speak of the Devil Senior Tournament KY/US
Closed10/259:00 PM EDT
10/29 KY Henry Clay Speak of the Devil Junior Tournament KY/US
Closed10/259:00 PM EDT
10/29 QD 1st QSDL Boys QA
Closed10/255:00 PM AST
10/29 Kansas Wellington Test Classic KS/US
Due 11/123:50 PM CDT
10/29 -10/31 NDT-CEDA ADA The Jesuit Gonzaga University WA/US
Closed10/265:00 PM PDT
10/29 NatCir KY Ryle Haunted Invitational KY/US
Closed10/264:00 PM EDT
10/29 NDA NDA High School Tournament 1 NJ/US
Closed10/276:30 PM EDT
10/29 MSDL Dighton Rehoboth Harvest Festival MA/US
Closed10/265:00 PM EDT
10/29 NatCir PITT USC Novice PA/US
Due 10/295:00 PM EDT
10/29 NatCir MDCSDL Metro DC Speech and Debate HS Tournament 1 DC/US
Due 10/289:25 AM EDT
10/29 SD Lewis and Clark Interp Invitational SD/US
Due 10/295:00 PM CDT
10/29 WACFL WACFL Policy 1LD 1 VA/US
Closed10/269:00 PM EDT
10/29 PHSSL D10&15 HarCFL PITT Early Bird Novice Tournament at Shikellamy Middle School PA/US
Closed10/255:00 PM EDT
10/29 LIFA Speech at Hofstra NY/US
Closed10/269:00 PM EDT
10/29 NatCir GFCA WRHS Spooky Speech and Demon Debate Tournament GA/US
Closed10/2711:55 PM EDT
10/29 Success Academy Middle School T1 NY/US
Closed10/275:00 PM EDT
10/29 PCFL PCFL at Unionville PA/US
Closed10/274:00 PM EDT
10/29 NYPDL Horace Mann Invitational NY/US
Closed10/225:00 PM EDT
10/29 NE Millard South Squashfestival NE/US
Closed10/279:00 AM CDT
10/29 NYCFL NYCFL Service Tournament at Xavier NY/US
Closed10/2610:00 PM EDT
10/29 MFA Bangor Fall Classic ME/US
Closed10/2611:55 PM EDT
10/29 MN Andover Debate Tournament MN/US
Closed10/262:35 PM CDT
10/29 MN East Ridge Debate Tournament MN/US
Closed10/185:00 PM CDT
10/29 TCFL TCFL Novice Speech at Taft CA/US
Closed10/2510:00 PM PDT
10/29 CBSR CBSR Teamed Debate and Congress 2 Citrus Valley CA/US
Closed10/2710:00 PM PDT
10/29 -10/30 COLLEGE Puget Sound Logger Invitational WA/US
Closed10/248:00 PM PDT
10/29 NEDA NEDA Halloween Swing Day 2 CSUF CA/US
Closed10/265:00 PM PDT
10/29 MSPDP Chandler Tournament CA/US
Closed10/2611:00 PM PDT
10/30 MMSSL Catholic Memorial Middle School Novice MA/US
Closed10/269:00 PM EDT
11/1 -11/2 Wellington Test Classic KS/US
Due 11/93:50 PM CDT
11/1 Erie Fairview CFL of Erie Nov PA/US
Due 11/18:30 PM EDT
11/1 Kansas Flint Hills After School at Shawnee Heights High School KS/US
Opens10/2812:00 PM CDT
11/1 NC CLS Scrimmage 2 NC/US
Due 10/285:00 PM EDT
11/1 SD SFL Novice After School SD/US
Due 10/319:00 PM CDT
11/2 NatCir Apopka High School Big Questions FL/US
Closed10/265:00 PM CDT
11/2 SPDL SPDL 1 Neshaminy PA/US
Due 11/111:55 PM EDT
11/2 CFL CFL Los Gatos Congress CA/US
Due 10/315:00 PM PDT
11/3 -11/7 NatCir WSDC Damus Hollywood Invitational and USC Round Robin CA/US
Due 11/112:00 PM PDT
11/3 MN RDL November 3rd MN/US
Due 11/38:30 PM CDT
11/4 -11/5 NatCir Homewood Flossmoor Classic IL/US
Due 11/27:00 AM CDT
11/4 -11/5 OK/US
Due 11/312:00 PM CDT
11/4 -11/6 NDT-CEDA ADA Liberty Debate Tournament VA/US
Due 10/2811:55 PM EDT
11/4 -11/5 NatCir Groves Falcon Invitational MI/US
Due 10/315:00 PM EDT
11/4 -11/6 NatCir MN Apple Valley MinneApple Debate MN/US
Due 11/69:00 PM CDT
11/4 -11/5 OK Moore High Schools HGTF OK/US
Due 10/314:00 PM CDT
11/4 -11/6 NatCir Kansas KCKCC DCI TOC Qualifier KS/US
Due 11/68:00 PM CDT
11/4 NJFL Montville Middle School Invitational 1 NJ/US
Due 10/285:00 PM EDT
11/4 -11/6 NDT-CEDA UCO Joe C Jackson Tournament OK/US
Due 11/611:55 PM CDT
11/4 -11/5 Kansas Shawnee Heights HS The Great Debate Invitational KS/US
Due 10/315:00 PM CDT
11/4 -11/6 NDT-CEDA CSUN Robert Barbera Invitational CA/US
Due 11/15:00 PM PDT
11/4 -11/5 MN MUDL WE Lillo Invitational at Concordia College MN/US
Due 11/25:30 PM CDT
11/4 -11/5 NatCir UT T Bird Tempest UT/US
Due 11/15:00 PM MDT
11/4 NatCir MN SD Washington Warrior Invitational SD/US
Due 11/110:30 PM CDT
11/4 -11/5 Kansas Field Kindley Debate Tournament KS/US
Due 10/2811:59 PM CDT
11/4 NatCir UT Portia Douglas UT/US
Due 11/210:00 PM MDT
11/4 -11/5 NatCir RCC Tournament 2 IL/US
Due 10/285:00 PM CDT
11/4 -11/5 NatCir UT Red and Black Invitational UT/US
Due 11/311:55 PM MDT
11/4 -11/5 NatCir CDA Challenge ID/US
Due 11/211:00 PM PDT
11/4 -11/5 NatCir WAS Sedro Woolley Invitational WA/US
Due 11/25:00 PM PDT
11/4 -11/5 NatCir WAS Gig Harbor Invitational WA/US
Due 11/29:00 PM PDT
11/5 QD 1st QSDL Girls QA
Due 11/55:30 PM AST
11/5 NatCir KY LaRue County Ruth Blair Invitational KY/US
Due 11/35:00 PM EDT
11/5 KY Beechwood Tiger Tournament KY/US
Due 11/23:00 PM EDT
11/5 KY KHSSLMarquis KY/US
Due 11/27:00 PM EDT
11/5 PITT The M and M Lake Erie Invitational PA/US
Due 11/24:05 PM EDT
11/5 NatCir W B Ray TFA Qualifier TX/US
Due 11/14:30 PM CDT
11/5 NatCir GFCA Sequoyah Autumn Argument GA/US
Due 11/59:00 PM EDT
Due 11/412:00 PM EDT
11/5 NNY Colton Pierrepont Nov 5 NY/US
Due 11/35:00 PM EDT
11/5 Kansas Wellington Crusader Classic KS/US
Due 10/295:00 PM CDT
11/5 LIFA Novice Speech and Congress at St John the Baptist NY/US
Opens10/301:00 PM EDT
11/5 Dade County Carrollton Fall Novice FL/US
Due 10/295:00 PM EDT
11/5 MDCSDL Metro DC Speech and Debate MS II DC/US
Due 11/39:00 AM EDT
11/5 NatCir William Fremd HS Viking Tournament IL/US
Due 10/315:00 PM CDT
11/5 SD Roosevelt Sweetstakes SD/US
Due 11/34:00 PM CDT
11/5 NatCir Vassar College Invitational NY/US
Due 10/295:00 PM EDT
11/5 NYCUDL NYCUDL Middle School Invitational NY/US
Due 11/54:30 PM EDT
11/5 MN Minneapolis Southwest Classic Debate Tournament MN/US
Due 11/58:00 AM CDT
11/5 NatCir NJFL PHSSL D10&15 William Tennent Invitational PA/US
Due 11/14:00 PM EDT
11/5 MN Coon Rapids Cardinal Debate Tournament MN/US
Due 11/25:00 PM CDT
11/5 Kansas Alma Mama Moore Invitational KS/US
Due 10/315:00 PM CDT
11/5 NatCir MN SD Lincoln Southwest Silver Talon NE/US
Due 11/210:20 PM CDT
11/5 NatCir Kansas Bishop Carroll Classic KS/US
Due 10/295:00 PM CDT
11/5 HSPDP HSPDP Wilberforce Invitational NJ/US
Due 11/25:00 PM EDT
11/5 NYCFL NYCFL Fordham Prep NY/US
Due 11/210:00 PM EDT
11/5 MFA Maranacook All Events Tournament ME/US
Due 11/211:55 PM EDT
11/5 WDCA West Bend Debate Extravaganza WI/US
Due 11/54:00 PM CDT
11/5 UT Wildcat War UT/US
Due 11/59:00 AM MDT
11/5 Kansas Wichita Northwest Invitational Debate Tournament KS/US
Due 10/295:00 PM CDT
11/5 WSDC Palisade High School WSD Tournament CO/US
Due 10/295:00 PM MDT
11/5 MSPDP Colina Invitational CA/US
Closed10/275:00 PM PDT
11/6 NatCir TCFL de Toledo Debate Invitational CA/US
Due 10/305:00 PM PDT
11/7 NatCir Thunderwolf Throwdown Nov 7 FL/US
Due 11/25:00 PM EDT
11/8 SD OGorman Novice Joust SD/US
Due 11/811:30 AM CDT
11/10 NatCir GFCA Marist Scrimmage Series 3 GA/US
Due 11/109:00 PM EDT
11/10 PHSSL D10&15 PHSSL D10 D15 November Competition PA/US
Due 11/79:00 PM EDT
11/10 VaNFL ShenVaFL 2 VA/US
Due 11/49:00 PM EDT
11/10 VaNFL SWVaFL 2 2016 VA/US
Opens10/318:00 AM EDT
11/11 NatCir Highland High School Big Questions ID/US
Due 11/45:00 PM CDT
11/11 NatCir Widefield Big Questions CO/US
Due 11/45:00 PM CDT
11/11 -11/12 OK HSPDP PKD City of a Thousand Magnolias Invitational OK/US
Due 11/45:00 PM CDT
11/11 -11/12 OK HSPDP City of a Thousand Magnolias Invitational OK/US
Due 11/45:00 PM CDT
11/11 -11/12 Central Valley Bear Brawl WA/US
Due 11/45:00 PM PDT
11/11 -11/12 NatCir Bulldog Invitational IA/US
Due 11/45:00 PM UTC
11/11 -11/12 NatCir The 13th Scarsdale Invitational US
Due 11/25:00 PM EDT
11/11 -11/12 NatCir 37th Annual Bolton High School Forensic Tournament LA/US
Due 11/75:00 PM CDT
11/11 -11/12 NatCir WAS Central Valley Bear Brawl WA/US
Due 11/712:00 PM PDT
11/11 -11/12 OK Bill West Memorial Tournament at NOC Enid OK/US
Due 11/122:30 PM CDT
11/11 -11/13 NatCir Presentation PF Invitational CA/US
Due 10/2811:55 PM PDT
11/11 -11/12 NatCir Dexter Delight MI/US
Due 11/45:00 PM EDT
11/11 -11/12 NatCir WAS 11th Annual Snohomish Panther Invitational WA/US
Due 11/99:00 PM PDT
11/11 -11/12 NatCir GFCA Peach State Classic GA/US
Due 11/129:00 PM EDT
11/11 -11/12 OK Westmoore JAG Invitational OK/US
Due 11/125:00 PM EDT
11/11 -11/12 APDA 2nd CUNY Debating Championships NY/US
Due 11/711:59 PM EDT
11/11 -11/12 NatCir Mount Carmel Academy LA/US
Due 11/96:00 PM CDT
11/11 -11/12 MN MUDL MNUDL Tamar Kaplan Invitational MN/US
Due 11/116:00 PM CDT
11/11 -11/12 UT UDCA Speech Arts Debate UT/US
Due 11/1210:00 PM MDT
11/11 -11/12 NatCir WFCA WDCA Badgerland Debate Tournament WI/US
Due 11/85:00 PM CDT
11/11 NE Millard West GOLD Debate NE/US
Due 11/85:00 PM CDT
11/12 NatCir Carrollton High School Big Questions GA/US
Due 11/55:00 PM CDT
11/12 KY North Oldham Trinity Three Round Classic KY/US
Due 11/114:00 PM EDT
11/12 KY Harrison County Flocks of a Feather KY/US
Due 11/95:00 PM EDT
11/12 NatCir Newark NJFL Dallastown Wildcat Invitational PA/US
Due 11/85:00 PM EDT
11/12 -11/13 NatCir The Tradition FL/US
Due 11/34:00 PM EDT
11/12 PHSSL D10&15 HarCFL PITT The Langan Tournament at Shikellamy PA/US
Due 11/73:00 PM EDT
11/12 PSDL University of Pennsylvania Fall Tournament PA/US
Due 11/124:00 PM EDT
11/12 -11/13 NDT-CEDA Jersey Shore Invitational at Monmouth NJ/US
Due 11/98:00 PM EDT
11/12 NatCir KY PLD Fall Classic Senior KY/US
Due 11/95:00 PM EDT
11/12 NatCir KY PLD Fall Classic Junior KY/US
Due 11/126:00 PM EDT
11/12 MN The Edina Classic MN/US
Due 11/85:00 PM CDT
11/12 NYCUDL NYCUDL Citywide High School Debate Tournament 2 NY/US
Due 11/123:00 PM EDT
11/12 MSDL Gracia Burkill Tournament MA/US
Due 11/95:00 PM EDT
11/12 BCFL BCFL BUDL at Dulaney HS MD/US
Due 11/99:00 PM EDT
11/12 PITT Quigley Catholic Speech and Debate Tournament PA/US
Due 11/123:30 PM EDT
11/12 BQCFL NYCFL LIFA Interleague at Kellenberg NY/US
Due 11/99:00 PM EDT
11/12 KY Marshall County Invitational 2016 KY/US
Due 11/85:00 PM CDT
11/12 CT Debate CDA November Tournament CT/US
Opens10/318:00 AM EDT
11/12 NE Norfolk Roger Maxwell Invitational NE/US
Due 11/88:00 PM CDT
11/12 MN Minnetonka Classic Debate Tournament MN/US
Opens10/315:00 PM CDT
11/12 MN FlakeStakes 2016 Forest Lake MN/US
Due 11/95:00 PM CDT
11/12 MFA Edward Little All Events Tournament ME/US
Opens6/48:00 PM EDT
11/12 -11/13 NDT-CEDA Northwest Fall Championships UW WA/US
Due 11/114:00 PM PDT
11/12 NatCir La Cueva Fall Debate Invitational NM/US
Due 11/75:00 PM MDT
11/12 -11/13 NatCir 1st Annual Dragon Worlds Debate CA/US
Due 11/55:00 PM PDT
11/12 CBSR CBSR IE and LD 2 Redlands East Valley CA/US
Due 11/1010:00 PM PDT
11/12 NatCir CBSR Riverside STEM Middle School Public Forum Classic CA/US
Due 11/88:00 PM PDT
11/12 -11/13 NatCir CBSR SCDL The Damien Debates CA/US
Due 11/84:00 PM PDT
11/12 OCSL OCSL Fall at Northwood CA/US
Due 11/87:00 PM PDT
11/12 -11/13 NatCir National Parliamentary Debate Invitational at Berkeley CA/US
Due 11/55:00 PM PDT
11/15 PITT Erie Greenville CFL of Erie Nov PA/US
Opens10/298:00 AM EDT
11/15 Kansas Flint Hills After School at Topeka High KS/US
Opens11/1112:00 PM CDT
11/17 NatCir Shelley High School Big Questions ID/US
Due 11/105:00 PM CDT
11/18 NatCir Grady High School Big Questions GA/US
Due 11/115:00 PM CDT
11/18 -11/19 SD George McGovern Invitational SD/US
Opens11/18:00 AM CDT
11/18 -11/20 ADA Clarion ADA Fall Championship PA/US
Due 11/153:00 PM EDT
11/18 NatCir Gettysburg Address Debates PA/US
Due 11/1211:59 PM EDT
11/18 -11/19 Kansas Saint Thomas Aquinas Invitational KS/US
Due 11/113:00 PM CDT
11/18 -11/19 Kansas J Matt Hill Invitational at Topeka High School KS/US
Due 11/78:30 PM CDT
11/18 -11/20 NatCir SCU Dempsey Cronin Invitational CA/US
Due 11/510:00 PM PDT
11/18 -11/19 NatCir UT Skyhawk Smackdown UT/US
Due 11/198:00 AM MDT
11/18 -11/19 UT Juan Diego Silver and Blue UT/US
Due 11/178:00 AM MDT
11/18 -11/19 NatCir WAS Tahoma High School Golden Bear Classic WA/US
Opens11/112:00 AM PDT
11/19 -11/21 NatCir Westminster GA/US
Due 11/15:00 PM EDT
11/19 -11/21 NDT-CEDA Franklin R Shirley Classic at Wake Forest NC/US
Due 11/125:00 PM EDT
11/19 KY Turkey Foot Middle School Invitational KY/US
Due 11/165:00 PM EDT
11/19 -11/20 NatCir Villiger 37 Saint Josephs University PA/US
Due 11/96:00 PM EDT
11/19 NatCir KY Danville Tournament of Firsts KY/US
Due 11/1612:00 PM EDT
11/19 NatCir PHSSL D10&15 PITT Moon Area High School Tournament PA/US
Due 11/195:00 PM EDT
11/19 NatCir FFL 4th Annual Falcon Invitational FL/US
Due 11/108:00 PM EDT
11/19 WWDL November Wyatt Tournament KY/US
Due 11/165:00 PM EDT
11/19 NYCUDL MSQI Debate Tournament 1 NY/US
Due 11/125:00 PM EDT
11/19 KY Vette City Classic Junior Speech Tournament KY/US
Due 11/195:00 PM CDT
11/19 MSDL NatCir Little Lexington MA/US
Due 11/147:00 PM EDT
11/19 -11/23 NatCir 2016 Glenbrooks Speech and Debate Tournament IL/US
Due 11/175:00 PM CDT
11/19 NNY Franklin Academy Nov 19 NY/US
Opens11/76:00 AM EDT
11/19 NatCir GFCA CarterKing Quest for the Dream GA/US
Due 11/155:00 PM EDT
11/19 KY Larry A England Invitational KY/US
Due 11/195:00 PM CDT
11/19 NatCir MDCSDL Metro DC Speech and Debate HS II DC/US
Due 11/195:00 PM EDT
11/19 NE Elkhorn Debate Tournament NE/US
Due 11/169:00 PM CDT
11/19 MN Mankato East Classic Debate Tournament MN/US
Opens11/74:00 PM CDT
11/19 WDCA No Frills No Problem WI/US
Due 11/193:00 PM CDT
11/19 MN Robbinsdale Birds of Prey MN/US
Due 11/165:00 PM CDT
11/19 NatCir UT Viewmont Viking Clash UT/US
Due 11/155:00 PM MDT
11/22 NatCir Eastern Ohio District Big Questions OH/US
Due 11/155:00 PM CDT
11/22 MN RDL Championship MN/US
Opens11/144:00 PM CDT
11/26 QD 1st QPSDL Girls QA
Due 11/265:30 PM AST
11/29 SD Lincoln County Quarrel SD/US
Opens10/295:00 PM CDT
11/30 LIFA SSSDL South Shore League November Debate NY/US
Due 11/289:00 PM EDT
11/30 Kansas Flint Hills After School at Highland Park KS/US
Opens11/2512:00 PM CDT
12/1 NatCir Del Valle High School Big Questions TX/US
Opens11/15:00 PM CDT
12/1 -12/3 NatCir UT Alta Silver and Black UT/US
Due 11/2511:00 PM MDT
12/2 -12/4 NatCir The Princeton Classic NJ/US
Due 12/412:00 AM EDT
12/2 -12/4 NDT-CEDA ADA The True Blue Tournament IL/US
Due 11/255:00 PM CDT
12/2 -12/3 NatCir Saint Augustine 46th Purple Gold Speech and Debate Tournament LA/US
Opens11/15:00 PM CDT
12/2 -12/4 NatCir Spartan Classic at MSU MI/US
Due 11/283:00 AM EDT
12/2 -12/3 NatCir Galentine Memorial Tournament at the University of Washington WA/US
Due 11/285:00 PM PDT
12/2 -12/3 MN MNUDL MDTA JVNovice State Championship MN/US
Opens11/25:00 PM CDT
12/2 -12/3 NatCir VaNFL JMU High School Tournament VA/US
Opens11/1011:00 AM EDT
12/2 -12/4 WDCA The Alexandra Hoechrel Challenge WI/US
Due 12/14:00 PM CDT
12/2 -12/3 Kansas Maize High Debate Invitational KS/US
Due 11/228:00 AM CDT
12/2 -12/3 NatCir Longhorn Classic at the University of Texas Austin TX/US
Closed10/2711:00 AM CDT
12/2 -12/3 UT Caesar Cicero Memorial Tournament UT/US
Opens11/25:00 PM MDT
12/2 -12/3 OK Shawnee High School Wolves Invitational Tournament OK/US
Opens11/26:00 PM CDT
12/3 QD 1st QPSDL Boys QA
Opens11/38:00 AM AST
12/3 NatCir KY Boone Blizzard Blowout KY/US
Due 11/304:00 PM EDT
12/3 -12/5 NatCir KY Ohio Valley Invitational KY/US
Due 12/511:00 PM EDT
12/3 NatCir MIFA Holt HS Debate Tournament MI/US
Opens11/35:00 PM EDT
12/3 NatCir ADFL CFLS Monsignor Lyons Invitational PA/US
Due 11/306:00 PM EDT
12/3 NDT-CEDA West Georgia Tournament GA/US
Due 11/285:00 PM EDT
12/3 NatCir KY Murray High Tiger Invitational KY/US
Due 11/305:00 PM CDT
12/3 NatCir Ibis Debates at the University of Miami FL/US
Due 11/305:00 PM EDT
12/3 NNY Parishville Hopkinton Dec 3 NY/US
Opens11/216:00 AM EDT
12/3 -12/5 NatCir NYSDCA NYCUDL NY Fall Face Off at Mamaroneck HS NY/US
Due 11/2711:59 PM EDT
12/3 MDCSDL Metro DC Speech and Debate MS III DC/US
Due 12/36:00 PM EDT
12/3 NatCir GFCA Warrior War of Words GA/US
Opens11/25:00 PM EDT
12/3 MN SPA Varsity Invitational MN/US
Opens11/35:00 PM CDT
12/3 NYCUDL NYCUDL Harlem Bronx Middle School Tournament NY/US
Due 11/303:30 PM EDT
12/3 Kansas Augusta Debate 2016 KS/US
Opens11/28:00 AM CDT
12/3 Kansas Chaparral RoadRunner Classic KS/US
Due 11/265:00 PM CDT
12/3 NatCir The Inside Out Invitational CA/US
Opens11/35:00 PM PDT
12/3 CBSR CBSR Teamed Debate and Congress 3 Indian Springs CA/US
Due 12/110:00 PM PDT
12/3 CFL CFL Novice Debate Washington HS CA/US
Opens10/317:00 AM PDT
12/4 NatCir CFL The Girls Invitational CA/US
Due 11/275:00 PM PDT
12/5 NatCir Del Valle High School Big Questions TX/US
Opens11/55:00 PM CDT
12/5 NatCir Mars Hill Bible School Big Questions AL/US
Opens11/55:00 PM CDT
12/6 SD Washington Novice SD/US
Opens11/1410:00 PM CDT
12/7 NatCir Del Valle High School Big Questions TX/US
Opens11/75:00 PM CDT
12/8 NatCir Del Valle High School Big Questions TX/US
Opens11/85:00 PM CDT
12/8 NatCir Aberdeen Central High School Big Questions SD/US
Opens11/85:00 PM CDT
12/9 -12/10 NatCir MIFA MIFA Novice Debate State Finals 17 MI/US
Opens11/95:00 PM EDT
12/9 -12/10 NatCir NJFL MHL Ridge Debates NJ/US
Opens11/13:00 PM EDT
12/9 -12/10 MO MSU Gloria Deo High School Tournament MO/US
Due 12/55:00 PM CDT
12/9 -12/10 Fargo South Invitational ND/US
Due 12/25:00 PM CDT
12/9 -12/11 NatCir Isidore Newman School Invitational LA/US
Due 12/63:00 PM CDT
12/9 -12/10 ID Holiday Havoc Invitational ID/US
Due 12/55:00 PM MDT
12/9 -12/10 UT Ursa Major Copper Hills HS UT/US
Opens10/308:00 AM MDT
12/9 -12/10 NatCir WAS Auburn Riverside Invitational WA/US
Due 12/75:00 PM PDT
12/9 -12/11 NatCir La Costa Canyon Winter Classic CA/US
Due 12/28:00 PM PDT
12/10 NatCir Valdosta High School Big Questions GA/US
Opens11/105:00 PM CDT
12/10 PITT CWNC Invitational PA/US
Opens11/112:00 PM EDT
12/10 NatCir KY Blyton Scholarship Tournament KY/US
Opens11/1511:00 AM EDT
12/10 NYCUDL NYCUDL Brooklyn Queens Debate Tournament 2 NY/US
Opens11/105:00 PM EDT
12/10 WDCA Sheboygan North Holiday Invitational WI/US
Due 12/104:00 PM CDT
12/10 KY Gray Middle School Dont Be A Scrooge Invitational KY/US
Due 12/108:00 PM EDT
12/10 CT Debate CDA December Tournament CT/US
Opens11/288:00 AM EDT
12/10 NatCir PHSSL D10&15 PCFL La Salle Forum Invitational PA/US
Due 12/66:00 PM EDT
12/10 WDCA WHSFA Wisconsin State Debate Festival WI/US
Due 12/15:00 PM CDT
12/13 SD Yankton Last Chance Novice Debate SD/US
Opens11/137:00 AM CDT
12/15 NatCir Perry High School Big Questions OH/US
Opens11/155:00 PM CDT
12/15 NatCir WAS Jingle Bell Brawl WA/US
Opens11/155:00 PM PDT
12/16 -12/18 NatCir John Edie Holiday Debates hosted by Blake MN/US
Due 12/210:00 PM CDT
12/16 -12/17 NatCir Neill Warren Invitational USUE UT/US
Due 12/1710:20 PM MDT
12/16 -12/17 NatCir Strake Jesuit LD Tournament TX/US
Due 12/1712:00 AM CDT
12/17 NatCir Mildred High School Casual Christmas Meet with Big Questions TX/US
Opens11/175:00 PM CDT
12/17 NNY Madrid Waddington Dec 17 NY/US
Opens12/56:00 AM EDT
12/17 NatCir MDCSDL Metro DC Speech and Debate HS III DC/US
Due 12/175:00 PM EDT
12/17 NYCUDL NYCUDL Manhattan Middle School Tournament NY/US
Due 12/143:00 AM EDT
12/17 NYCUDL NYCUDL Manhattan Middle School Tournament NY/US
Due 12/145:30 PM EDT
12/17 -12/18 NatCir College Prep LD Invitational CA/US
Due 12/1810:00 PM PDT
12/17 -12/18 NatCir The NDF Round Robin at Strake Jesuit TX/US
Opens11/175:00 PM CDT
12/20 NatCir Eastern Ohio District Big Questions OH/US
Opens11/205:00 PM CDT
1/2 -1/21 OK Union Forensic Society Invitational OK/US
Opens11/275:00 PM CDT
1/3 NatCir Wooster High School Big Questions OH/US
Opens12/35:00 PM CDT
1/3 -1/6 NDT-CEDA ADA Hurricane Debates at the University of Miami FL/US
Due 12/265:00 PM EDT
1/3 -1/5 NDT-CEDA USC Alan Nichols Tournament CA/US
Due 1/511:30 PM PDT
1/5 -1/7 NatCir Hugh Downs School of Human Communication Invitational at ASU AZ/US
Due 1/78:00 PM MST
1/6 -1/7 NatCir Conway Classic at Gonzaga University WA/US
Due 1/710:00 PM PDT
1/6 -1/7 NatCir University of Houston Cougar Classic TX/US
Due 12/205:00 PM CDT
1/6 -1/8 NDT-CEDA William DeMougeot Debates TX/US
Due 1/810:00 PM CDT
1/6 -1/8 NatCir Claremont Wolfpack Invitational CA/US
Due 1/810:30 PM PDT
1/6 -1/7 Kansas The Sunflower Invitational KS/US
Opens12/65:00 PM CDT
1/7 -1/9 NatCir Billy Tate Southern Bell Forum TN/US
Due 1/25:00 PM CDT
1/7 KY HCMS Winters of Winners KY/US
Opens12/217:05 AM EDT
1/7 NatCir KY Rowan County Harlen Hamm High School Tournament KY/US
Due 1/45:00 PM EDT
1/7 NNY Colton Pierrepont Jan 7 NY/US
Opens12/296:00 AM EDT
1/7 KY Eaglespeak at Lakewood Middle TN/US
Opens11/1611:00 AM CDT
1/7 NatCir LIFA The Annual Chaminade Invitational Tournament NY/US
Due 1/49:00 PM EDT
1/7 CT Debate CDA January Tournament CT/US
Opens12/268:00 AM EDT
1/7 SD Lennox CFC January SD/US
Opens12/25:00 PM CDT
1/10 NC CLS Scrimmage 3 NC/US
Opens11/611:00 PM EDT
1/12 -1/16 NatCir WSDC Harvard Westlake Debates CA/US
Opens10/285:00 PM PDT
1/13 -1/15 NatCir Sunvitational FL/US
Opens12/135:00 PM EDT
1/13 -1/14 NatCir UT Copper Classic UT/US
Opens11/2110:00 AM MDT
1/13 -1/14 MN Minnesota State HS Debate Tournament MN/US
Opens12/135:00 PM CDT
1/13 -1/15 NatCir Samford University Bishop Guild AL/US
Opens12/135:00 PM CDT
1/13 -1/14 OK Bixby Green Corn Classic 2017 OK/US
Opens12/135:00 PM CDT
1/13 -1/14 SD Sioux Falls Lincoln Silver Bowl SD/US
Opens12/145:00 PM CDT
1/13 -1/14 NatCir WAS Mount Vernon Invitational WA/US
Opens12/136:00 PM PDT
1/13 -1/14 NatCir I Have a Dream Monroe Invitational CA/US
Opens12/135:00 PM PDT
1/13 -1/16 NatCir OK The JW Patterson Invitational Debates at Heritage Hall OK/US
Due 1/94:00 PM CDT
1/14 -1/16 NatCir Trinity Invitational TX/US
Due 1/95:00 PM EDT
1/14 -1/15 NatCir NC Cavalier Invitational at Durham Academy NC/US
Opens11/15:00 PM EDT
1/14 KY Rowan County Harlen Hamm Middle School Tournament KY/US
Due 1/115:00 PM EDT
1/14 WWDL January Wyatt Tournament KY/US
Opens11/78:00 AM EDT
1/14 NatCir VaNFL VHSL FLUCO Classic VA/US
Opens11/25:00 PM EDT
1/14 -1/16 MSDL NatCir BDL Lexington Winter Invitational MA/US
Opens11/32:00 PM EDT
1/14 NYCUDL NYCUDL Harlem BronxManhattan Middle School Tournament NY/US
Opens11/16:00 PM EDT
1/14 NatCir KY Paducah Tilghman Tornado Alley Invitational KY/US
Opens11/135:00 PM CDT
1/14 WDCA MFCL Debate Qualifier WI/US
Opens12/15:00 PM CDT
1/14 CBSR CBSR Teamed Debate and Congress 4 Eisenhower CA/US
Due 1/1210:00 PM PDT
1/14 -1/16 NatCir Oakwood Debates CA/US
Opens10/285:00 PM PDT
1/18 -1/20 UT Salt Lake NCFL Qualifier UT/US
Opens11/145:00 PM MDT
1/20 -1/21 COLLEGE SCU Copeland Invitational CA/US
Due 1/185:00 PM PDT
1/20 -1/21 NatCir WAS Flight of Eagles Invitational WA/US
Opens12/15:00 PM PDT
1/21 -1/22 NatCir Garnet and Gold Key FL/US
Due 1/75:00 PM EDT
1/21 KY Danville Anchor Invitational for Middle Schools KY/US
Due 1/1812:00 PM EDT
1/21 NYCUDL NYCUDL Brooklyn Queens Debate Tournament 3 NY/US
Opens12/215:00 PM EDT
1/21 -1/22 NDT-CEDA Dartmouth Round Robin NH/US
Opens12/215:00 PM EDT
1/21 NNY Edward Knox Jan 21 NY/US
Opens1/26:00 AM EDT
1/21 -1/22 WDCA 2017 WSDT WI/US
Opens11/18:00 AM CDT
1/21 -1/23 NDT-CEDA Bear Shock Wichita State KS/US
Opens11/15:00 PM CDT
1/21 NatCir GFCA Red Devil Rhetoric at Jackson High GA/US
Due 1/216:30 PM EDT
1/21 UDCA Speech Arts Speech UT/US
Opens12/75:00 PM MDT
1/21 -1/22 NatCir CFL Stephen Stewart Middle and High School Invitational at Milpitas CA/US
Due 1/911:00 PM PDT
1/21 -1/23 NDT-CEDA SWC Hannie Shaft Tournament CA/US
Due 1/185:00 PM PDT
1/24 NatCir Eastern Ohio District Big Questions OH/US
Opens12/245:00 PM CDT
1/25 NatCir Big Questions Olympia High School FL/US
Opens12/255:00 PM CDT
1/25 -1/26 NatCir Ivy Street Round Robin GA/US
Due 1/2610:00 PM EDT
1/27 -1/29 NatCir Barkley Forum for High Schools GA/US
Due 1/299:00 PM EDT
1/27 -1/28 NatCir UT Marie Clegg Jones Memorial UT/US
Due 1/2510:00 PM MDT
1/27 -1/28 NatCir City Classic at Iowa City High IA/US
Due 1/2010:00 PM CDT
1/27 -1/28 NatCir WAS Kamiak Invitational WA/US
Opens5/126:00 PM PDT
1/28 NatCir Madison Invitational Big Questions ID/US
Opens12/285:00 PM CDT
1/28 NatCir Greater Latrobe High School Big Questions PA/US
Opens12/285:00 PM CDT
1/28 -1/30 NDT-CEDA ADA Hoosier Invitational Tournament HIT IN/US
Due 1/306:00 PM EDT
1/28 -1/29 NDT-CEDA Gotham Scrimmage NY/US
Opens11/15:00 PM EDT
1/28 NatCir MDCSDL Metro DC Speech and Debate HS IV DC/US
Due 1/285:00 PM EDT
1/28 NatCir NJFL Ridge Invitational NJ/US
Opens12/115:00 AM EDT
1/28 NatCir VaNFL WACFL Broad Run Spartan Invitational VA/US
Opens12/17:00 AM EDT
1/28 NatCir UT Layton Luau UT/US
Due 1/282:00 PM MDT
1/28 CBSR CBSR Congress League Championship I Poly CA/US
Due 1/2610:00 PM PDT
2/3 -2/4 NatCir PCFL Pennsbury Falcon Invitational PA/US
Opens11/129:00 AM EDT
2/3 UT Davis Dart UT/US
Opens12/311:30 PM MDT
2/4 NatCir Big Questions Oscar Smith High School VA/US
Opens1/45:00 PM CDT
2/4 OCSL OCSL Spring at Sonora CA/US
Opens1/114:00 PM PDT
2/4 MDCSDL Metro DC Speech and Debate MS IV DC/US
Due 2/46:00 PM EDT
2/4 -2/6 NDT-CEDA ADA Owen L Coon Memorial Debates at Northwestern IL/US
Due 1/216:00 PM CDT
2/4 CT Debate CDA February Tournament CT/US
Opens1/238:00 AM EDT
2/4 NYCUDL NYCUDL I love Debates Middle School Tournament NY/US
Opens12/16:00 PM EDT
2/5 NE Ramageddon Ralston High School NE/US
Opens1/65:00 PM CDT
2/7 NC CLS Scrimmage 4 NC/US
Opens12/411:00 PM EDT
2/10 SD Harrisburg Rushmore Challenge SD/US
Opens1/105:00 PM CDT
2/10 -2/11 NatCir PITT Bethel Park Black Hawk Tournament PA/US
Opens12/175:00 PM EDT
2/10 -2/11 OK Kansas DC Universe at Deer Creek OK/US
Opens1/37:00 AM CDT
2/10 -2/12 NatCir 42nd University of Pennsylvania Tournament PA/US
Opens11/19:00 AM EDT
2/10 -2/11 WFCA 2107 West Bend East Forensics Tournament WI/US
Opens1/165:00 PM CDT
2/11 -2/12 NatCir GFCA GFCA First and Second Year State Championships GA/US
Opens1/15:00 PM EDT
2/11 WWDL February Wyatt Tournament KY/US
Opens12/58:00 AM EDT
2/11 NYCUDL NYCUDL Coolidge Cup for High School Debate HS 4 NY/US
Opens1/115:00 PM EDT
2/11 NNY Parishville Hopkinton Feb 11 NY/US
Opens1/306:00 AM EDT
2/11 -2/13 NatCir NSDA-CN BAEMSDL 31st Annual Stanford Invitational CA/US
Opens12/19:00 AM PDT
2/17 -2/19 NatCir Crestian Policy Classic FL/US
Due 2/216:30 PM EDT
2/17 -2/19 NatCir NE The Milo Cup at Millard North NE/US
Opens11/18:00 AM CDT
2/18 NatCir Big Questions Har Ber High School AR/US
Opens1/185:00 PM CDT
2/18 NatCir Cleveland HS Speech Debate Big Questions Tournament NM/US
Opens1/185:00 PM CDT
2/18 PHSSL PHSSL Districts 6 and 7 District Tournament PA/US
Opens2/112:00 AM EDT
2/18 -2/20 NatCir Cal Invitational UC Berkeley CA/US
Due 2/208:00 PM PDT
2/18 -2/19 NatCir CLU Invitational CA/US
Due 2/146:00 PM PDT
2/24 NatCir Lincoln High School Big Questions OR/US
Opens1/245:00 PM CDT
2/24 -2/25 NatCir WACFL Cavalier Clash VA/US
Opens1/245:00 PM EDT
2/25 NatCir MDCSDL Metro DC Speech and Debate HS V DC/US
Due 2/255:00 PM EDT
3/3 NatCir James Madison Memorial Big Questions WI/US
Opens2/35:00 PM CDT
3/4 NNY not a tournament NY/US
Opens6/36:00 AM EDT
3/4 NNY Franklin Academy March 4 NY/US
Opens2/136:00 AM EDT
3/4 MDCSDL Metro DC Speech and Debate MS V DC/US
Due 3/46:00 PM EDT
3/4 CT Debate CDA March Tournament CT/US
Opens2/208:00 AM EDT
3/4 CBSR CBSR Debate League Championships Los Osos CA/US
Due 3/210:00 PM PDT
3/4 -3/6 NatCir GFCA GFCA Varsity State Championships GA/US
Opens2/112:00 AM EDT Closed2/269:00 PM EDT
3/5 NatCir McKinney Big Questions Scrimmage TX/US
Opens2/55:00 PM CDT
3/6 NatCir Hilmar High School Big Questions CA/US
Opens2/65:00 PM CDT
3/10 -3/11 2A Utah State Championship UT/US
Opens2/55:00 AM MDT
3/10 -3/11 4A Utah State Tournament UT/US
Opens2/105:00 PM MDT
3/10 -3/11 3A Utah State Tournament UT/US
Opens2/105:00 PM MDT
3/10 -3/11 5A Utah State Tournament UT/US
Opens2/105:00 PM MDT
3/11 NatCir Gettysburg Pre States Invitational PA/US
Opens1/78:00 AM EDT
3/11 -3/12 CBSR CBSR IE League Championships Carter CA/US
Due 3/910:00 PM PDT
3/11 NatCir BAUDL GGSA Oakland CFL Qualifier CA/US
Opens12/105:00 PM PDT
3/17 -3/19 NatCir GFCA 1st and 2nd Year National Championships at Woodward Academy GA/US
Opens1/1712:00 PM EDT
3/17 -3/18 1A Utah State Championship UT/US
Opens2/165:00 PM MDT
3/18 MSDL Needham March Merryness MA/US
Opens2/59:00 AM EDT
3/18 CT Debate CDA State Finals CT/US
Opens3/68:00 AM EDT
3/18 NatCir Reagan Reagan Foundation Great Communicator Western Qualifier CA/US
Opens10/188:00 AM PDT
3/24 -3/25 OK OSSAA West Oklahoma 6A 5A Regionals OK/US
Opens3/141:30 PM CDT
3/24 -3/25 NatCir King Round Robin TX/US
Due 3/259:00 PM CDT
3/25 NatCir MDCSDL Metro DC Speech and Debate HS VI DC/US
Due 3/256:00 PM EDT
3/28 NatCir Big Questions at Strath Haven PA/US
Opens2/285:00 PM EDT
4/1 NatCir Colchester High School Big Questions VT/US
Opens3/15:00 PM CDT
4/1 NatCir PHSSL D10&15 PITT Redeem Yourself Tournament PA/US
Opens2/17:00 AM EDT
4/1 -4/2 NYCUDL NYCUDL High School State Championship NY/US
Opens3/15:00 PM EDT
4/1 MDCSDL Metro DC Speech and Debate MS Championships DC/US
Due 4/14:30 PM EDT
4/1 -4/2 NatCir SCU Spring Philalethic Invitational CA/US
Opens12/55:00 PM PDT
4/7 PHSSL D10&15 Unionville Big Questions Debate Tournament PA/US
Due 3/315:00 PM EDT
4/8 -4/10 NatCir National Debate Coaches Association National Championships UT/US
Opens12/275:00 PM MDT
4/8 -4/9 The Lafayette Debates North American Championship DC/US
Opens1/15:00 PM EDT
4/15 NatCir MDCSDL Metro DC Speech and Debate HS VII DC/US
Due 4/156:00 PM EDT
4/22 -4/23 NYCUDL NYCUDL Middle School State championship NY/US
Opens2/15:00 PM EDT
4/22 NatCir Claremont Wolfcub Middle School Tournament CA/US
Opens2/207:00 PM PDT
4/28 -4/29 NatCir Novice Round Up TX/US
Opens12/225:00 PM CDT
4/29 NatCir Eastern Ohio District Big Questions OH/US
Opens3/295:00 PM CDT
4/29 -5/1 NatCir HS TOC hosted by UK KY/US
Due 4/111:30 PM EDT
5/5 -5/6 MDCSDL Mid Atlantic Great Communicator Reagan Debates DC/US
Due 5/57:00 PM EDT
5/13 -5/15 NatCir MS TOC hosted by UK KY/US
Due 5/1511:30 PM EDT
5/20 MDCSDL Metro DC Speech and Debate MS Preview DC/US
Opens4/196:00 PM EDT
11/5 Delete this tournament NY/US
Opens10/55:00 PM EDT