Upcoming Tournaments

Dates Circuits Tournament Locale Registration
6/22 -8/15 Young Genius Bay Area Deabate Academy Summer Camps CA/US
Closed6/163:00 AM EEST
8/2 -8/8 Summer SNFI 4th Week CA/US
Closed7/273:00 AM EEST
8/3 -8/7 NatCir Summer NAUDL BAUDL Summer Institute CA/US
Closed8/36:00 PM EEST
8/3 -8/5 COLLEGE NCDI Camp Tournament NV/US
Closed8/311:00 AM EEST
8/3 -8/6 Summer UTNIF Showdown 2 TX/US
Closed8/35:00 PM EEST
8/4 -8/7 Summer Northwestern Debate Institute IL/US
Closed8/51:00 AM EEST
8/4 -8/7 NatCir Summer Capitol Debate Summer Camps Princeton NJ NJ/US
Closed8/46:00 AM EEST
8/4 -8/8 NatCir Summer Capitol Debate Summer Camps Boston MA MA/US
Due 8/68:00 PM EEST
8/4 -8/7 Summer Michigan Summer Institute MI/US
Due 8/75:00 AM EEST
8/6 -8/8 Summer Premier Debate Institute Tournament MN/US
Closed7/296:00 PM EEST
8/7 -8/8 MV Institute CA/US
Due 8/812:00 AM EEST
8/7 -8/8 Summer 6 Week CNDIGDI WA/US
Closed8/13:00 AM EEST
8/8 -8/11 Beijing National Championship CN
Closed8/212:00 AM EEST
8/14 -8/15 Summer VBI Chicago 2015 IL/US
Due 8/1412:00 AM EEST
8/14 -8/15 Summer Boca Debate Camp Tournament FL/US
Due 8/812:00 AM EEST
8/22 -8/24 NSDA-CN NHSAD National Championship CN
Due 8/2412:00 PM EEST
8/27 -8/30 WUDC Harare Open Tournament Debate and Speech Festival ZW
Due 8/266:00 PM EEST
9/4 -9/7 NatCir Policy Early Bird at Wake Forest NC/US
Due 9/17:00 AM EEST
9/5 NatCir Columbus Blue Devil Debates GA/US
Opens8/612:00 AM EEST
9/5 -9/6 NatCir Barkley Forum for High Schools NoviceJV Debates GA/US
Due 9/210:30 PM EEST
9/5 -9/6 WWDL Wyatt Kickoff KY/US
Due 9/210:00 PM EEST
9/9 Test VA/US
Opens8/1012:00 AM EEST
9/11 -9/14 NatCir 2015 Niles Township Invitational IL/US
Opens8/108:00 PM EEST
9/11 -9/14 NatCir NC Forensics Early Bird at Wake Forest NC/US
Due 9/77:00 AM EEST
9/11 -9/14 NatCir Loyola Invitational CA/US
Opens8/511:00 AM EEST
9/11 -9/12 NatCir NYSDCA Byram Hills Invitational NY/US
Due 9/710:00 PM EEST
9/12 -9/14 NDT-CEDA UMKC Baby Jo Memorial MO/US
Due 9/148:00 AM EEST
9/12 -9/13 NatCir Bruce Rogers Debate Tournament at HCHS GA/US
Opens8/1312:00 AM EEST
9/18 -9/22 NDT-CEDA GSU National College Debate Tournament GA/US
Due 9/207:00 AM EEST
9/18 -9/21 NatCir Yale Invitational CT/US
Due 9/142:00 AM EEST
9/19 -9/22 NatCir Greenhill Fall Classic TX/US
Opens8/1912:00 AM EEST
9/19 -9/20 CBSR CBSR Teamed Debate and Congress 1 CA/US
Due 9/199:00 AM EEST
9/25 -9/28 NDT-CEDA Rutgers NE Regional Opener NJ/US
Due 9/285:40 AM EEST
9/25 -9/28 NDT-CEDA UNI Ulrich Invitational IA/US
Opens8/198:00 PM EEST
9/26 -9/27 LIFA Debate at Half Hollow Hills East NY/US
Opens9/213:00 PM EEST
9/26 -9/27 WWDL September Wyatt Tournament KY/US
Due 9/2311:00 PM EEST
9/26 -9/27 NatCir Spence School Invitational NY/US
Opens8/1612:00 AM EEST
9/26 -9/28 NatCir The Harker School Howard Diana Nichols Invitational CA/US
Opens8/1710:00 AM EEST
9/30 -10/2 NDT-CEDA 19th annual Val Browning Round Robin Weber State UT/US
Closed7/162:00 AM EEST
10/1 -10/2 NatCir Big Brass Round Robin LA/US
Due 9/21:00 AM EEST
10/2 -10/4 NatCir Holy Cross Navy and Old Gold Debate and Speech Exhibition LA/US
Due 9/261:00 AM EEST
10/3 UT Young Lawyers UT/US
Opens9/32:00 AM EEST
10/3 -10/6 NDT-CEDA Kentucky College Tournament KY/US
Due 10/26:55 AM EEST
10/3 -10/5 MSDL NatCir The Husky Invitational at Northeastern MA/US
Opens8/103:00 PM EEST
10/3 -10/4 NDT-CEDA Sunshine State Showdown FL/US
Due 10/212:00 AM EEST
10/3 -10/4 CBSR CBSR IE and LD 1 CA/US
Due 10/39:00 AM EEST
10/3 -10/6 NDT-CEDA 3rd annual Mukai Classic Weber State University UT/US
Due 10/42:00 AM EEST
10/3 -10/5 NatCir CBSR Oxford Debates CA/US
Opens9/43:00 AM EEST
10/8 -10/9 PCFL PCFL Minor at Bensalem PA/US
Opens9/124:00 PM EEST
10/9 -10/11 NatCir Voices Foundation Invitational CA/US
Opens8/147:00 PM EEST
10/9 -10/11 BDL BDL High School T1 Site A MA/US
Due 10/114:30 AM EEST
10/10 -10/11 UT Pirate Petes Locker UT/US
Opens9/102:00 AM EEST
10/10 Orange County Speech League Novice CA/US
Opens9/113:00 AM EEST
10/10 -10/11 MSDL Novice Tournament MA/US
Opens9/73:00 PM EEST
10/10 -10/11 LIFA Speech at Roslyn NY/US
Opens10/54:00 PM EEST
10/15 -10/20 NatCir Heart of Texas Invitational TX/US
Opens9/161:00 AM EEST
10/16 -10/19 NatCir Cal State Fullerton Speech Debate Invitational CA/US
Due 10/198:00 AM EEST
10/16 -10/19 NatCir New York City Invitational Debate and Speech Tournament NY/US
Due 10/102:00 AM EEST
10/16 -10/18 BDL BDL High School T1 Site B MA/US
Opens10/79:00 PM EEST
10/17 -10/18 BDL BDL Middle School T1 MA/US
Opens10/79:00 PM EEST
10/17 -10/18 WWDL October Wyatt Tournament KY/US
Opens9/283:00 PM EEST
10/17 -10/20 NDT-CEDA Las Vegas Classic NV/US
Due 10/169:00 AM EEST
10/17 -10/18 LIFA Congress and Novice Speech at Chaminade NY/US
Opens10/118:00 PM EEST
10/24 -10/25 NatCir UT T Bird Tempest UT/US
Opens10/22:00 AM EEST
10/24 -10/26 NatCir Capitol Beltway MD/US
Opens8/2812:00 AM EEST
10/24 -10/25 LIFA Debate at Jericho NY/US
Opens10/193:00 PM EEST
10/24 -10/25 DC-UDL Sidwell Friends DCUDL 1 DC/US
Opens9/2512:00 AM EEST
10/24 -10/25 NatCir CBSR Claremont Bargain Belt Invitational CA/US
Opens9/23:00 AM EEST
10/30 -11/2 NatCir The Meadows Invitational NV/US
Opens8/1910:00 PM EEST
10/30 -11/1 NatCir Ivy Street Round Robin GA/US
Due 10/1712:00 AM EEST
10/31 -11/1 KY Rowan Co Harlen Hamm Junior High Tournament KY/US
Due 10/2811:00 PM EEST
10/31 -11/1 NatCir NJFL PHSSL D10&15 Dallastown Wildcat Invitational PA/US
Opens8/152:00 PM EEST
10/31 -11/1 LIFA Speech at Molloy College NY/US
Opens10/263:00 PM EEST
10/31 -11/1 CBSR CBSR Teamed Debate and Congress 2 CA/US
Opens10/24:00 AM EEST
11/5 -11/10 NatCir Damus Hollywood Invitational and USC RR CA/US
Opens10/63:00 AM EEST
11/6 -11/8 NatCir University Prep Panther Classic MI/US
Opens9/212:00 AM EEST
11/6 -11/7 SD Washington Warrior Invitational SD/US
Opens10/61:00 AM EEST
11/6 -11/9 NDT-CEDA Liberty University Debate Tournament VA/US
Due 11/311:00 PM EEST
11/7 -11/8 LIFA Novice Speech and Congress at St John the Baptist NY/US
Opens11/17:00 PM EEST
11/7 -11/8 NatCir William Fremd LDPF Invitational IL/US
Opens9/21:00 AM EEST
11/7 -11/8 WDCA West Bend WI/US
Opens10/81:00 AM EEST
11/13 -11/15 NatCir The 12th Scarsdale Invitational US
Opens9/156:00 PM EEST
11/13 -11/15 BDL BDL High School T2 Site A MA/US
Opens9/19:00 PM EEST
11/14 Orange County Speech League Fall CA/US
Opens10/153:00 AM EEST
11/14 -11/15 MSDL Gracia Burkill Memorial MA/US
Opens10/193:00 PM EEST
11/14 -11/15 WWDL November Wyatt Tournament KY/US
Opens10/193:00 PM EEST
11/14 -11/15 CBSR CBSR IE and LD 2 CA/US
Opens10/24:00 AM EEST
11/14 -11/15 NatCir COAST NAUDL Middle School Speech and Debate Fall Classic CA/US
Due 11/33:00 AM EEST
11/21 UT Skyhawk Smackdown UT/US
Opens8/209:00 PM EEST
11/21 -11/22 NatCir Voices of Philadelphia PA/US
Opens10/2212:00 AM EEST
11/21 -11/22 LIFA Debate and Congress at Syosset NY/US
Opens11/162:00 PM EEST
11/21 -11/22 NatCir Horace Mann Invitational NY/US
Opens10/2212:00 AM EEST
11/27 -11/29 NatCir WUDC NSDA-CN Pacific Rim International Debate Tournament HI/US
Opens8/211:00 AM EEST
12/4 -12/6 NatCir The Princeton Classic NJ/US
Opens10/208:00 PM EEST
12/4 -12/6 NatCir UT Carbon Combat UT/US
Opens11/163:00 AM EEST
12/4 -12/6 NatCir Spartan Classic at MSU MI/US
Opens8/298:00 PM EEST
12/5 -12/7 NatCir La Costa Canyon Winter Classic CA/US
Opens11/23:00 AM EEST
12/5 -12/8 NatCir KY Ohio Valley Invitational KY/US
Due 11/1012:00 AM EEST
12/5 -12/6 NatCir HarCFL ADFL Monsignor Lyons Invitational PA/US
Opens9/167:00 AM EEST
12/5 -12/6 MSDL Lincoln Sudbury Speech Tournament MA/US
Opens11/143:00 PM EEST
12/5 -12/6 LIFA Novice Speech at St John the Baptist NY/US
Opens11/297:00 PM EEST
12/11 -12/13 NatCir NJFL MHL Ridge Debates NJ/US
Opens10/309:00 PM EEST
12/12 PITT CW North Catholic Invitational PA/US
Opens11/167:00 PM EEST
12/12 -12/13 LIFA Speech at Roslyn NY/US
Opens12/73:00 PM EEST
12/19 -12/20 MSDL Holly Speech Festival MA/US
Opens11/244:00 PM EEST
12/19 -12/20 NatCir MMSFL BCF New York City Middle School SeechDebate Invitational NY/US
Opens11/212:00 AM EEST
12/19 -12/20 LIFA Debate and Congress at Kellenberg NY/US
Opens12/142:00 PM EEST
1/7 -1/10 NatCir Southwest Championship at Arizona State AZ/US
Opens9/17:00 PM EEST
1/8 -1/10 NatCir Gonzaga University HS Tournament Conway Classic WA/US
Opens9/23:00 AM EEST
1/8 -1/10 NatCir MN SD Westside Warrior Debate Invitational Tournament NE/US
Opens8/101:00 AM EEST
1/9 -1/10 NatCir KY Rowan Co Harlen Hamm Senior NIETOC and UKTOC Bid KY/US
Due 1/712:00 AM EEST
1/9 -1/10 LIFA The Chaminade Invitational Tournament NY/US
Opens1/43:00 PM EEST
1/9 -1/10 MSDL Newton South MA/US
Opens12/73:00 PM EEST
1/9 -1/11 NatCir CBSR Claremont Wolfpack Invitational CA/US
Opens11/83:00 PM EEST
1/16 -1/19 NDT-CEDA Crowe Warken Debates at Navy MD/US
Due 1/196:15 AM EEST
1/16 -1/17 LIFA Debate at Schreiber NY/US
Opens1/112:00 PM EEST
1/16 -1/19 NDT-CEDA Sun Devil Invitational AZ/US
Opens9/17:00 PM EEST
1/16 -1/19 NatCir JW Patterson Invitational at Heritage Hall OK/US
Opens10/21:00 AM EEST
1/23 -1/24 NatCir UT Marie Clegg Jones Memorial UT/US
Opens10/152:00 AM EEST
1/23 -1/24 KY Highlands Power of Words KY/US
Opens11/46:00 PM EEST
1/23 -1/24 WWDL January Wyatt Tournament KY/US
Opens11/163:00 PM EEST
1/23 -1/24 LIFA Speech and Congress at Hofstra NY/US
Opens1/183:00 PM EEST
1/30 -1/31 NatCir City Classic at Iowa City High IA/US
Opens10/151:00 AM EEST
1/30 -1/31 NatCir NJFL 2016 Ridge Invitational NJ/US
Opens12/1312:00 PM EEST
1/30 -1/31 LIFA Speech State Elims at Cold Spring Harbor NY/US
Opens1/253:00 PM EEST
2/5 -2/7 NatCir Malcolm A Bump Memorial Tournament NY/US
Opens12/157:00 PM EEST
2/5 -2/7 NatCir Pennsbury Falcon Invitational PA/US
Opens10/37:00 AM EEST
2/6 -2/7 LIFA Debate State Elims at TBA NY/US
Opens2/12:00 PM EEST
2/10 -2/11 LIFA Congress State Elims at Chaminade NY/US
Opens2/52:00 PM EEST
2/12 -2/14 NatCir PITT Bethel Park Black Hawk Invitational PA/US
Opens12/112:00 AM EEST Closed2/107:00 PM EEST
2/13 -2/15 NatCir UPenn Liberty Bell Classic PA/US
Opens10/3111:00 PM EEST
2/13 -2/14 WWDL February Wyatt Tournament KY/US
Opens1/252:00 PM EEST
2/19 -2/20 NatCir NE The Milo Cup at Millard North NE/US
Opens1/44:00 PM EEST
2/20 -2/22 NatCir Georgetown Public Forum Tournament NY/US
Opens8/1612:00 AM EEST
2/20 MSDL Milton Academy MA/US
Opens1/253:00 PM EEST
4/2 NatCir Gettysburg Pre States Invitational PA/US
Opens2/712:00 AM EEST
4/8 -4/12 NatCir NDCA National Championships NV/US
Opens12/302:00 AM EEST
4/15 -4/17 WWDL Wyatt Championship Tournament KY/US
Opens3/93:00 PM EEST
5/7 -5/9 NatCir COAST CBSR Northern California Middle School Championship CA/US
Opens1/117:00 PM EEST
5/28 -5/30 NatCir CBSR Claremont Middle School Tournament CA/US
Opens4/23:00 AM EEST