Upcoming Tournaments

Dates Circuits Tournament Locale Registration
11/23 -11/30 Practice Debate Mate tournament US
Closed11/165:00 PM EST
Due 11/275:00 PM EST
11/27 -11/28 NatCir WUDC Pacific Rim International Debate Tournament HI/US
Closed11/135:00 PM HST
11/28 -11/29 NSDA-CN NADT Jiangsu Regional CN
Due 11/285:00 PM CST
11/28 -11/29 NSDA-CN NADT Beijing Regional CN
Due 11/285:00 PM CST
11/28 NSDAK November 2015 Invitational KR
Due 11/306:00 PM KST
11/30 NatCir Alpharetta Novice Policy Debate Scrimmage GA/US
Due 11/295:00 PM EST
12/1 SD Lincoln County Quarrel SD/US
Due 11/305:00 PM CST
12/2 SPDL SPDL 3 Wissahickon PA/US
Due 12/111:55 PM EST
Due 12/29:00 PM EST
12/3 -12/7 NatCir Electric City Debates PA/US
Due 11/2711:59 PM EST
12/3 DCPS DC Citywide Novice Debate and Speech Tournament I DC/US
Due 12/36:00 PM EST
12/3 -12/5 NatCir UT Alta Silver and Black UT/US
Closed11/253:00 PM MST
12/4 -12/6 NatCir The Princeton Classic NJ/US
Due 11/309:00 PM EST
12/4 -12/5 NE Millard West Invitational NE/US
Due 12/25:00 PM CST
12/4 -12/5 NatCir UT Carbon Combat UT/US
Due 12/31:00 PM MST
12/4 -12/5 NatCir Longhorn Classic at the University of Texas Austin TX/US
Due 11/275:00 PM CST
12/4 -12/6 NatCir Spartan Classic at MSU MI/US
Due 12/65:00 PM EST
12/4 -12/5 NatCir St Augustine 45th Annual Purple and Gold Tournament LA/US
Due 12/15:00 PM CST
12/4 -12/5 NatCir Kansas KC CFL Qualifier KS/US
Closed11/245:00 PM CST
12/4 -12/5 OK Choctaw SWARM Tournament OK/US
Due 12/58:00 PM EST
12/4 -12/5 NatCir VaNFL JMU High School Invitational VA/US
Due 12/15:00 PM EST
12/4 -12/5 WDCA The Alexandra Hoechrel Challenge WI/US
Due 12/27:00 PM CST
12/4 -12/5 UT Caesar Cicero UT/US
Due 12/15:00 PM MST
12/4 -12/5 UT Snow Canyon High School Desert Duels UT/US
Due 11/305:00 PM MST
12/4 -12/6 NatCir CBSR OCSL La Costa Canyon Winter Classic CA/US
Due 11/2911:55 PM PST
12/4 -12/5 NatCir Feline Frenzy WA/US
Due 12/59:00 PM PST
12/4 -12/5 NatCir rcc T3 IL/US
Due 12/511:30 PM CST
12/4 -12/7 NatCir KY Ohio Valley Invitational KY/US
Closed11/185:00 PM EST
12/5 -12/6 NSDA-CN NADT Tianjin Regional CN
Due 12/55:00 PM CST
12/5 -12/6 NSDA-CN NADT Shandong Regional CN
Due 12/55:00 PM CST
12/5 MMSFL NDA NYSDCA NYC Middle School Debate Tournament 6 NY/US
Due 11/285:00 PM EST
12/5 NatCir COAST Soledad Speech Spectacular CA/US
Due 11/309:00 PM PST
12/5 NatCir KY Boone Blizzard Blowout KY/US
Due 12/34:00 PM EST
12/5 KY Patriot Winter Classic KY/US
Due 12/27:00 PM EST
12/5 NatCir KY Ryle Blizzard Blowout KY/US
Due 12/55:00 PM EST
12/5 NatCir PHSSL D10&15 ADFL Monsignor Lyons Invitational PA/US
Due 12/312:00 PM EST
12/5 MSDL Lincoln Sudbury Speech and Debate Tournament MA/US
Due 12/25:00 PM EST
12/5 LIFA Novice Speech at St John the Baptist NY/US
Opens11/2912:00 PM EST
12/5 NatCir PHSSL D10&15 PITT Hampton Talbot Tournament PA/US
Due 12/37:00 PM EST
12/5 NatCir Ibis Debates at the University of Miami FL/US
Due 12/25:00 PM EST
12/5 -12/6 NatCir Harker Middle School Speech Debate Tournament CA/US
Due 11/307:00 PM PST
12/5 CFLS December Scranton CFL Tournament PA/US
Due 12/28:00 PM EST
12/5 BQCFL BQCFL JV Tournament at Mary Louis NY/US
Due 12/53:00 PM EST
12/5 KY Marshall County Invitational KY/US
Due 12/25:00 PM CST
12/5 DCUDL DMV High School Speech and Debate Snowball Fight DC/US
Due 12/47:30 PM EST
12/5 -12/6 NDT-CEDA UNI Novice Only IA/US
Due 12/79:00 PM CST
12/5 NatCir Harold C Keller Invitational IA/US
Due 12/15:00 PM CST
12/5 Barrington Invitational IL/US
Due 11/3011:59 PM CST
12/5 PGDL December Event MD/US
Due 12/25:00 PM EST
12/5 NYCFL NYCFL Emily Clemente Memorial at Ursuline NY/US
Due 12/59:00 PM EST
12/5 UT Dr Paul Kirby Global Issues UT/US
Due 11/305:00 PM MST
12/5 CBSR CBSR Teamed Debate and Congress 3 CA/US
Due 12/411:00 PM PST
Due 12/69:00 PM PST
12/8 SD OGorman Novice Joust SD/US
Due 12/78:00 PM CST
12/10 Erie Mercer CFL of Erie Dec 10 PA/US
Due 12/83:30 PM EST
12/10 NatCir GFCA Marist Scrimmage Series 2 GA/US
Due 12/1010:00 PM EST
12/10 VaNFL ShenVaFL 3 2015 VA/US
Due 12/49:00 PM EST
12/10 VaNFL SWVaFL December VA/US
Opens11/278:00 AM EST
12/11 -12/12 NatCir NJFL MHL Ridge Debates NJ/US
Due 12/411:55 PM EST
12/11 -12/12 MN MUDL MNUDL MNUDL City Champs MN/US
Due 12/105:00 PM CST
12/11 -12/12 UT Ursa Major UT/US
Due 12/45:00 PM MST
12/11 -12/12 OK Shawnee Wolves Invitational Tournament OK/US
Due 12/45:00 PM CST
12/11 -12/12 NatCir Lake Travis HS TFA TX/US
Due 12/45:00 PM CST
12/11 UT Woods Cross Select UT/US
Due 12/85:00 PM MST
12/11 -12/12 NatCir Welcome to the Jungle WA/US
Due 12/911:00 PM PST
12/12 -12/13 NSDA-CN NADT Zhejiang Regional CN
Due 12/125:00 PM CST
12/12 -12/13 NSDA-CN NADT Sichuan Regional CN
Due 12/125:00 PM CST
12/12 -12/13 NSDA-CN NADT Jilin Regional CN
Due 12/125:00 PM CST
12/12 MMSFL NDA NYSDCA NYC Middle School Debate Tournament 7 NY/US
Due 12/55:00 PM EST
12/12 KY World of Speech KCD Invitational KY/US
Due 12/1212:00 AM EST
12/12 PITT CW North Catholic Invitational PA/US
Due 12/103:00 PM EST
12/12 LIFA Speech at Roslyn NY/US
Opens12/78:00 AM EST
12/12 PCFL La Salle Forum Invitational PA/US
Due 12/98:00 PM EST
12/12 WACFL WACFL Mega All Events VA/US
Due 12/99:00 PM EST
12/12 NNY Madrid Waddington Dec 12 NY/US
Due 12/105:00 PM EST
12/12 WDCA Sheboygan North Invite WI/US
Due 12/105:00 PM CST
12/12 Seven Lakes JH TX/US
Due 12/55:00 PM CST
12/12 KY Gray Middle School Dont Be A Scrooge Invitational KY/US
Due 12/125:00 PM EST
12/12 DCUDL DMV MS MAFI Debate Winter Debate DC/US
Due 12/125:15 PM EST
12/12 WHSFA Wisconsin State Debate Festival WI/US
Due 12/36:00 PM CST
12/12 Kansas EKNSDA Novice Tournament KS/US
Due 12/95:00 PM CST
12/12 Kansas TTNSDA Novice Championships KS/US
Due 12/75:00 PM CST
12/12 NE Capital City Classic NE/US
Due 12/95:00 PM CST
12/12 SD Lennox CFC 1 SD/US
Due 12/106:00 PM CST
12/12 UT Redmen Rumble Cedar City UT/US
Due 12/95:00 PM MST
12/12 MSPDP Westridge Tournament CA/US
Due 12/105:00 PM PST
12/13 OCDL OCDL Orange Tournament 1 CA/US
Due 12/65:00 PM PST
12/15 SD Yankton Last Chance Novice After School SD/US
Due 12/145:00 PM CST
12/15 UT Granite District Novice Speech UT/US
Due 12/115:00 PM MST
12/17 NatCir Gig Harbor Speechfest WA/US
Due 12/155:00 PM PST
12/18 -12/19 NatCir Strake Jesuit College Preparatory LD Tournament TX/US
Due 12/115:00 PM CST
12/18 -12/20 NatCir John Edie Holiday Tournament Hosted by Blake MN/US
Due 12/106:00 PM CST
12/18 -12/19 SD Brookings Bell SD/US
Due 12/194:00 PM CST
12/18 -12/19 NatCir UT Neill Warren Invitational USUE UT/US
Due 12/146:00 PM MST
12/19 -12/20 NSDA-CN NADT Hunan Regional CN
Due 12/195:00 PM CST
12/19 -12/20 NSDA-CN NADT Shanxi Regional CN
Due 12/195:00 PM CST
12/19 TCFL TCFL Open Speech CA/US
Due 12/1510:00 PM PST
12/19 MSDL Holly Speech Festival MA/US
Due 12/159:00 PM EST
12/19 LIFA Debate and Congress at Syosset NY/US
Opens12/147:00 AM EST
12/19 NYCFL Regis December Debate NYCFL NY/US
Opens11/301:00 PM EST
12/19 ADFL ADFLWilliamAllenHS PA/US
Opens11/3012:05 AM EST
12/19 -12/20 NatCir College Prep LD Invitational CA/US
Due 12/49:00 PM PST
12/20 NatCir PHSSL D10&15 PITT Brother Rene Sterner FSC Steel City Invitational PA/US
Due 12/175:00 PM EST
1/2 -1/3 NatCir CLU Invitational CA/US
Due 12/2812:00 PM PST
1/2 -1/4 NatCir Billy Tate Southern Bell Forum TN/US
Due 12/45:00 PM CST
1/3 -1/5 NDT-CEDA Fear and Loathing in Dallas TX/US
Due 1/511:00 PM CST
1/3 -1/5 NDT-CEDA Cal Swing 1 CA/US
Due 12/208:00 AM PST
1/4 -1/7 NDT-CEDA Hurricane Debates at the University of Miami FL/US
Due 12/165:00 PM EST
1/7 -1/9 NDT-CEDA William DeMougeot Debates TX/US
Due 1/41:00 PM CST
1/7 -1/9 NDT-CEDA Cal Swing 2 CA/US
Due 1/311:00 PM PST
1/7 -1/9 NatCir Southwest Championship at Arizona State AZ/US
Due 1/911:00 PM MST
1/8 -1/9 NatCir 82nd Annual Puget Sound High School Forensics Tournament WA/US
Due 1/54:00 PM PST
1/8 -1/9 NatCir Cougar Classic New Year Swing at Houston TX/US
Due 1/311:55 PM CST
1/8 -1/9 NatCir Gonzaga University HS Tournament Conway Classic WA/US
Due 1/111:00 PM PST
1/8 -1/10 NatCir Samford University Bishop Guild AL/US
Due 1/45:00 PM CST
1/8 -1/10 NatCir MN SD Westside Warrior Debate Invitational Tournament NE/US
Due 1/55:00 PM CST
1/8 -1/9 NJFL NDA NYSDCA 2016 Newark Invitational NJ/US
Due 12/185:00 PM EST
1/8 -1/9 Kansas The Sunflower Invitational KS/US
Opens12/25:00 PM CST
1/8 -1/9 UT Kiefers Memorial UT/US
Opens12/85:00 PM MST
1/9 MMSFL NDA NYSDCA NYC Middle School Debate Tournament 8 NY/US
Opens12/95:00 PM EST
1/9 NatCir KY Rowan County Harlen Hamm Senior Invitational KY/US
Due 1/612:00 PM EST
1/9 NatCir LIFA The Chaminade Invitational Tournament NY/US
Due 1/69:00 PM EST
1/9 MSDL Newton South Winter Festival MA/US
Opens12/78:00 AM EST
1/9 NatCir Thomson High School Gold and Black Invitatonal GA/US
Opens12/75:00 PM EST
1/9 NatCir Palisade SPeach Fest CO/US
Opens12/95:00 PM MST
1/9 SD Huron CFC2 SD/US
Opens12/105:00 PM CST
1/9 -1/10 NatCir CBSR Claremont Wolfpack Invitational CA/US
Due 1/511:55 PM PST
1/9 MSPDP Harvard Westlake MS Debate Tournament CA/US
Opens12/54:00 PM PST
1/9 LVDL Martin MS Invitational NV/US
Due 1/63:00 PM PST
1/9 UT 2015 16 UDCA Speech Arts Speech UT/US
Opens12/95:00 PM MST
1/10 NatCir De Toledo Debate Invitational CA/US
Due 1/111:55 PM PST
1/12 NC Charlotte Latin Scrimmage 3 NC/US
Due 1/85:00 PM EST
1/14 -1/15 NatCir University of Oklahoma Round Robin OK/US
Due 1/1511:00 PM CST
1/15 -1/17 NatCir University of Georgia HS Bulldog Debates GA/US
Due 1/1710:00 PM EST
1/15 -1/16 UT Traditional Debate Open Lehi High UT/US
Opens12/155:00 PM MST
1/15 -1/16 SD Sioux Falls Lincoln Silverbowl SD/US
Opens12/165:00 PM CST
1/15 -1/16 NatCir UT Copper Classic UT/US
Due 1/1612:00 AM MST
1/16 MMSFL NDA NYSDCA NYC Middle School Debate Tournament 9 NY/US
Opens12/165:00 PM EST
1/16 KY Danville Anchor Invitational for Middle Schools KY/US
Due 1/1312:00 PM EST
1/16 KY Assumption Rocket Invitational KY/US
Due 1/1411:30 PM EST
1/16 -1/18 NDT-CEDA Crowe Warken Debates at Navy MD/US
Due 1/1811:15 PM EST
1/16 LIFA Debate at Schreiber NY/US
Opens1/117:00 AM EST
1/16 -1/17 NatCir Trinity Round Robin TX/US
Due 12/305:00 PM EST
1/16 -1/17 NatCir FFL The Midknight Invitational FL/US
Due 1/95:00 PM EST
1/16 -1/18 MSDL NatCir Lexington Winter Invitational MA/US
Due 1/73:00 PM EST
1/16 NatCir KY Paducah Tilghman Tornado Alley Invitational KY/US
Due 1/1111:55 PM CST
1/16 NatCir GFCA Jackson Red Devil Rhetoric GA/US
Due 1/139:00 PM EST
1/16 WDCA MCFL Debate Qualifier WI/US
Opens12/15:00 PM CST
1/16 WFCA 1st Annual Pirate Invitational WI/US
Opens12/115:00 PM CST
1/16 -1/18 NDT-CEDA Sun Devil Invitational AZ/US
Due 1/1810:00 PM MST
1/16 -1/18 NatCir OK JW Patterson Invitational at Heritage Hall OK/US
Due 1/45:00 PM CST
1/16 -1/18 NatCir BAEMSDL 30th Annual Stanford National Invitational CA/US
Due 12/1611:59 PM PST
1/16 -1/19 NatCir Harvard Westlake Debate CA/US
Due 1/192:00 PM PST
1/21 NatCir GFCA Marist Scrimmage Series 3 GA/US
Opens12/218:00 AM EST
1/22 -1/24 NatCir Columbia Invitational NY/US
Opens12/11:00 PM EST
1/22 -1/23 NatCir The La Follette Debates at JCHS GA/US
Opens12/2211:00 AM EST
1/22 -1/23 OK Union Forensic Society Invitational OK/US
Opens11/305:00 PM CST
1/22 -1/23 NatCir UT Marie Clegg Jones Memorial UT/US
Due 1/2010:00 PM MST
1/22 -1/23 COLLEGE SCU Copeland Invitational CA/US
Due 1/209:00 PM PST
1/22 -1/23 NatCir Flight of Eagles Invitational WA/US
Opens12/225:00 PM PST
1/23 KY Vette City Classic KY/US
Opens12/15:00 PM EST
1/23 KY Highlands Power of Words KY/US
Due 1/236:00 PM EST
1/23 WWDL January Wyatt Tournament KY/US
Due 1/208:00 PM EST
1/23 LIFA Speech and Congress at Hofstra NY/US
Opens1/188:00 AM EST
1/23 -1/24 WDCA Wisconsin State Debate Tournament WI/US
Opens12/71:00 AM CST
1/23 DCUDL DMV High School Speech and Debate Tourney DC/US
Opens11/275:00 PM EST
1/23 -1/25 NDT-CEDA Bear Shock Wichita State KS/US
Due 1/181:00 PM CST
1/23 CBSR CBSR IE and LD 3 CA/US
Due 1/2211:55 PM PST
1/27 COAST CFL Congress 2 at Palo Alto CA/US
Due 1/205:00 PM PST
1/29 -1/31 NatCir Barkley Forum for High Schools GA/US
Due 12/75:00 PM EST
1/29 -1/31 NDT-CEDA James Madison University College Tournament VA/US
Due 1/225:00 PM EST
1/29 -1/30 NatCir City Classic at Iowa City High IA/US
Due 1/2210:00 PM CST
1/30 MMSFL NDA NYSDCA NYC Middle School Debate Tournament 10 NY/US
Opens12/305:00 PM EST
1/30 NatCir NJFL 2016 Ridge Invitational NJ/US
Opens12/135:00 AM EST
1/30 LIFA Speech State Elims at Cold Spring Harbor NY/US
Opens1/258:00 AM EST
1/30 NatCir VaNFL Spartan Invitational VA/US
Opens12/305:00 PM EST
1/30 -2/1 NDT-CEDA Hoosier Invite HIT IN/US
Due 1/235:00 PM EST
1/30 KY Bardstown Middle School Tiger Invitational KY/US
Due 1/296:00 PM EST
1/30 KY Eaglespeak Lakewood Middle School TN/US
Opens12/911:00 AM CST
1/30 NE Lincoln North Star Debate Gator Open NE/US
Opens12/305:00 PM CST
2/2 NC Charlotte Latin Scrimmage 4 NC/US
Due 1/295:00 PM EST
2/4 DCPS DC Citywide Novice Debate and Speech Tournament II DC/US
Opens1/114:00 PM EST
2/5 UT Davis Dart Debate UT/US
Opens1/55:00 PM MST
2/5 -2/7 LSU Mardi Gras Classic Alumnae Swing LA/US
Due 2/35:00 PM CST
2/5 -2/6 NatCir PCFL Pennsbury Falcon Invitational PA/US
Due 2/26:00 PM EST
2/5 -2/6 NatCir Maine East Regatta IL/US
Opens12/315:00 PM CST
2/5 -2/7 NDT-CEDA Southwestern College Hannie Shaft Tournament CA/US
Opens11/284:20 AM PST
2/6 MMSFL NDA NYSDCA NYC Middle School Debate Tournament 11 NY/US
Opens1/65:00 PM EST
2/6 -2/7 UT Salt Lake NCFL Qualifier UT/US
Due 2/710:00 PM MST
2/6 NatCir Malcolm A Bump Memorial Tournament NY/US
Opens12/112:00 PM EST
2/6 LIFA Debate State Elims at North Shore High School NY/US
Opens2/17:00 AM EST
2/6 NatCir PHSSL D10&15 PITT Knoch Knights Groundhog Day Joust PA/US
Opens12/74:00 PM EST
2/6 WFCA Wauwatosa East WI/US
Opens1/265:00 PM CST
2/6 NatCir UIL 5A 9 CX TX/US
Opens1/95:00 PM CST
2/6 -2/8 NatCir 2016 Golden Desert Debate Tournament at UNLV NV/US
Due 2/811:00 PM PST
2/6 NE Ramageddon Ralston High School NE/US
Opens1/75:00 PM CST
2/10 LIFA Congress State Elims at Chaminade NY/US
Opens2/57:00 AM EST
2/12 -2/13 NatCir Becky Galentine Memorial Tournament WA/US
Due 2/95:00 PM PST
2/12 -2/13 NatCir PITT Bethel Park Black Hawk Invitational PA/US
Opens11/305:00 PM EST Closed2/1012:00 PM EST
2/12 -2/14 NatCir 2016 Crestian Classic Policy Debate Tournament FL/US
Due 2/55:00 PM EST
2/13 MMSFL NDA NYSDCA NYC Middle School Debate Tournament 12 NY/US
Opens1/135:00 PM EST
2/13 -2/14 NDT-CEDA Cornell University The Tournament of Love NY/US
Due 2/65:00 PM EST
2/13 -2/14 NatCir UPenn Liberty Bell Classic PA/US
Due 2/711:59 PM EST
2/13 WWDL February Wyatt Tournament KY/US
Opens1/257:00 AM EST
2/13 -2/15 NatCir Cal Invitational at Berkeley HS Tournament CA/US
Due 2/106:00 PM PST
2/19 -2/21 NatCir NE The Milo Cup at Millard North NE/US
Due 2/175:00 PM CST
2/19 -2/21 NDT-CEDA District IIIMAC Championship MO/US
Opens1/172:00 PM CST
2/20 -2/21 NatCir Georgetown Public Forum Tournament NY/US
Due 2/135:00 PM EST
2/20 MSDL Milton Academy MA/US
Opens1/258:00 AM EST
2/20 DCUDL DMV MS Debate Sub Zero DC/US
Opens1/205:00 PM EST
2/26 -2/27 UT Region 6 Tournament UT/US
Opens2/88:00 AM MST
2/26 -2/27 UT Region IX Tournament UT/US
Opens1/47:00 AM MST
2/27 MSDL Mardi Gras MA/US
Opens1/259:00 AM EST
2/27 DCUDL DMV High School Freeze Speech and Debate DC/US
Opens1/275:00 PM EST
2/27 -2/28 NatCir NASA Astrobiology Debates DC/US
Opens11/255:00 PM EST
3/5 MMSFL NDA NYSDCA NYC Middle School Debate Tournament 14 NY/US
Opens2/55:00 PM EST
3/5 MMSFL NDA NYSDCA NYC Middle School Debate Tournament 13 NY/US
Opens2/55:00 PM EST
3/18 -3/20 NatCir GFCA 1st and 2nd Year National Championships at Woodward Academy GA/US
Opens1/2112:00 PM EST
3/19 MSDL Needham March Merryness MA/US
Opens2/79:00 AM EST
3/19 DCUDL DMV March Madness Policy Throwback PF DC/US
Opens2/195:00 PM EST
4/1 -4/2 NatCir King Round Robin TX/US
Due 3/255:00 PM CST
4/1 -4/2 NatCir UIL 5A 9 Spring Meet TX/US
Opens3/45:00 PM CST
4/1 -4/2 NE NSCTA Nebraska State Debate Championships NE/US
Opens3/15:00 PM CST
4/2 NatCir Gettysburg Pre States Invitational PA/US
Opens2/65:00 PM EST
4/2 NatCir Kansas Buhler Crusader Classic Forensics Invitational KS/US
Opens1/25:00 PM CST
4/2 VHSL Region 6A North Debate Tournament VA/US
Opens3/35:00 PM EST
4/8 -4/12 NatCir NDCA National Championships FL/US
Opens12/297:00 PM EST
4/9 -4/10 DCUDL MidAtlantic Great Communicator Reagan Debate DC/US
Opens1/14:00 PM EST
4/13 DCPS DC Citywide Novice Debate and Speech Tournament III DC/US
Opens3/205:00 PM EST
4/15 -4/16 WWDL Wyatt Championship Tournament KY/US
Opens3/98:00 AM EST
4/16 -4/17 NatCir The Hockaday Womens Round Robin TX/US
Opens9/165:00 PM CST
4/16 -4/17 NatCir Hockaday Womens Round Robin TX/US
Opens3/165:00 PM CST
4/22 UT The Layton Luau UT/US
Opens3/253:00 PM MST
4/23 -4/24 DCUDL National Qualifier DMV HS Speech Debate DC/US
Opens3/35:00 PM EST
4/23 NatCir WRHS Spring Fling GA/US
Due 4/205:00 PM EST
5/7 NatCir LIFA Great Communicator Northeastern Quaifier NY/US
Due 5/29:00 PM EST
5/12 DCPS DC Citywide Novice Debate and Speech Tournament Championships DC/US
Opens4/185:00 PM EST
5/14 NatCir Loyola Blakefield Invitational MD/US
Due 5/115:00 PM EST
5/21 -5/22 MMSFL NDA NYSDCA NYC Middle School Debate Tournament 15 NY/US
Opens4/215:00 PM EST
5/21 NatCir CBSR Claremont Wolfcub Middle School Tournament CA/US
Opens4/15:00 PM PST
5/28 DCUDL Q Atomic Dog Debate Championships DC/US
Opens2/134:00 PM EST
6/10 MMSFL NDA NYSDCA NYC Middle School Debate Tournament 16 NY/US
Opens5/105:00 PM EST
7/8 NatCir Practice and Pretend PA/US
Due 7/15:00 PM EST
1/14 -1/16 NatCir Trinity Invitational TX/US
Opens8/215:00 PM EST