Upcoming Tournaments

Dates Circuits Tournament Locale Registration
2/24 -3/25 Squirrel Shooter OH/US
Closed2/175:00 PM EST
2/25 -2/26 NDT-CEDA D1 NDT Qualifier and Pacific Championships CA/US
Closed2/232:00 PM PST
2/28 VHSL VHSL Conference 3 Debate VA/US
Closed2/245:00 PM EST
2/28 MO MoState Middle School Debate Feb 28 MO/US
Closed2/275:00 PM EST
2/28 MUDL MNUDL Tuesday League 3 MN/US
Due 2/287:30 PM CST
3/1 NatCir PHSSL D10&15 PITT Test PA/US
Due 3/16:00 PM EST
3/1 VHSL VHSL Liberty Conference 6 Debate VA/US
Closed2/2011:55 PM EST
3/1 LIFA SSSDL SSSDL March Tournament NY/US
Due 3/19:00 PM EST
3/2 AF UDL Tournament Test CT/US
Due 3/28:00 AM EST
3/2 -3/4 LA New Orleans CFL Qualifier LA/US
Due 3/15:00 PM CST
3/2 MUDL MNUDL Thursday League 3 MN/US
Due 3/27:30 PM CST
3/2 Kansas BVSW Big Question Internationals KS/US
Due 3/15:00 PM CST
3/2 -3/3 NSDA Great Salt Lake District Debate Tournament UT/US
Due 3/112:00 PM MST
3/3 Brooklyn Middle School Speech Tournament NY/US
Due 3/18:00 PM EST
3/3 NatCir James Madison Memorial Big Questions WI/US
Closed2/245:00 PM CST
3/3 -3/4 OCSL OCSL IE State Quals CA/US
Due 3/288:00 PM PST
3/3 -3/4 LA Lafayette Catholic Forensic League Tournament LA/US
Closed2/275:00 PM CST
3/3 -3/5 NatCir GFCA GFCA Varsity State Championships GA/US
Closed2/229:30 AM EST
3/3 -3/5 NYSFL NatCir NJFL Lakeland Westchester Classic NY/US
Closed2/2711:59 PM EST
3/3 NSDA Sundance District Tournament: Congress UT/US
Closed2/243:00 PM EST
3/3 -3/4 WACFL WACFL LD and Policy Metrofinals VA/US
Closed2/249:00 PM EST
3/3 -3/4 NYSFL NYCFL NYSFL Mid Hudson Regional Qualifier NY/US
Due 3/29:00 PM EST
3/3 -3/4 Kansas Topeka West Invitational KS/US
Due 3/45:00 PM CST
3/3 -3/5 NatCir USC Damus Spring Trojan Championships CA/US
Due 3/19:00 PM PST
3/3 -3/4 CFL CFL State Quals PFParli CA/US
Due 2/289:00 PM PST
3/4 WAS OR Oregon City High School Invitational OR/US
Due 2/2711:55 PM PST
3/4 KY KCFL State Speech and Congress Qualifier KY/US
Due 3/26:00 PM EST
3/4 PITT Pgh CFL Quals PA/US
Due 3/45:00 PM EST
3/4 MSDL NatCir Shrewsbury Mardi Gras Carnivale MA/US
Due 3/15:00 PM EST
3/4 NNY Franklin Academy March 4 NY/US
Due 3/26:00 PM EST
3/4 -3/6 NDT-CEDA JV Novice Nationals at West Virginia University WV/US
Due 3/611:00 PM EST
3/4 NSDA Sundance District Tournament: Debate UT/US
Closed2/258:00 AM EST
3/4 NSDA New York State District Tournament NY/US
Closed2/258:00 AM EST
3/4 BDL GBPDL BDL MS Tournament 5 at Edwards MA/US
Due 3/28:00 PM EST
3/4 CFLS Scranton CFL National Qualifier PA/US
Due 2/287:00 PM EST
Due 3/312:00 PM EST
3/4 PCFL PCFL Qualifiers PA/US
Due 2/285:00 PM EST
3/4 BCFL BCFL 4 Makeup at Reservoir HS MD/US
Due 3/19:00 PM EST
3/4 MDCSDL Big Questions DC Middle School Debate V DC/US
Due 3/46:00 PM EST
3/4 Erie CFL of Erie National Qualifiers PA/US
Due 2/285:00 PM EST
3/4 CT Debate CDA March Tournament CT/US
Due 3/49:00 AM EST
3/4 -3/5 NSDA Northern Illinois NSDA District Tournament IL/US
Closed2/2411:05 PM CST
3/4 NatCir World Championship BQD IL/US
Closed2/208:00 AM CST
3/4 NatCir OR South Oregon Big Questions NSDA OR/US
Due 3/15:00 PM EST
3/4 -3/5 COLLEGE Coyote Howl ID/US
Due 2/285:00 PM MST
3/4 NSDA Great Salt Lake District IE Tournament UT/US
Due 3/112:00 PM MST
3/4 CBSR CBSR Debate League Championships Los Osos CA/US
Due 3/210:00 PM PST
3/4 -3/5 COLLEGE Hornet Cup CA/US
Due 3/15:00 PM PST
3/4 TCFL TCFL Congress State Qualifier CA/US
Due 3/111:55 PM PST
3/5 NatCir McKinney Big Questions Scrimmage TX/US
Closed2/265:00 PM CST
3/5 MMSSL The Pike School March Madness MA/US
Due 3/19:00 PM EST
3/5 CFL CFL Coast State Quals IE CA/US
Due 3/211:55 PM PST
3/6 NatCir Hilmar High School Big Questions CA/US
Closed2/275:00 PM CST
3/6 NatCir Plymouth Big Questions IN/US
Closed2/275:00 PM CST
3/6 BQ Penn High School Big Questions IN/US
Closed2/275:00 PM CST
3/6 NYSFL NYCFL NYSFL Region 3 NYC PF Regional Qualifier NY/US
Due 3/19:00 PM EST
3/7 NatCir Marriotts Ridge Big Questions MD/US
Due 3/56:00 PM EST
3/8 NYSFL NYCFL NYSFL Region 3 NYC LD and Con Regional Qualifier NY/US
Due 3/19:00 PM EST
3/9 -3/10 KY KHSSL State Senior Debate Championships KY/US
Due 2/285:00 PM EST
3/9 -3/11 OR District 5 State Qualifier OR/US
Due 3/35:00 PM UTC
3/9 -3/10 NSDA Florida Manatee District Congress US
Due 3/410:00 PM EST
3/9 -3/11 KY KESDA Junior KY/US
Due 3/15:00 PM EST
3/9 NSDA Great Salt Lake District Congress Tournament UT/US
Due 3/23:00 PM MST
3/10 -3/12 NatCir University of Georgia HS Bulldog Debates GA/US
Due 3/64:00 PM EST
3/10 -3/11 OR District 4 State Qualifier OR/US
Due 3/75:00 PM PST
3/10 -3/11 KY KHSSL State Senior Speech Championships KY/US
Due 2/286:00 PM EST
3/10 -3/12 End of Hi BEAR Nation Debate Tournament at U Central Arkansas AR/US
Due 3/76:00 PM CST
3/10 -3/11 UT 2A Utah State Championship UT/US
Due 3/69:15 PM MST
3/10 -3/11 UT 4A Utah State Tournament UT/US
Due 3/65:00 PM MST
3/10 -3/11 UT 3A Utah State Tournament UT/US
Due 3/911:55 PM MST
3/10 -3/11 Kansas Derby March IE PFDCongressLD KS/US
Due 3/104:00 PM CST
3/10 -3/11 UT 5A Utah State Tournament UT/US
Due 3/65:00 PM MST
3/10 -3/12 NatCir Illinois Debate Coaches Association JVNovice State IL/US
Due 3/312:30 PM CST
3/10 NEDA CSU Maritime In House Tournament CA/US
Due 3/109:00 PM PST
3/10 -3/11 OR OSAA District 11 OR/US
Due 3/75:00 PM PST
3/10 -3/11 OR District 10 State Qualifier OR/US
Due 3/128:00 PM PST
3/10 -3/11 OR OSAA District 3 State Qualifier OR/US
Due 3/117:00 PM PST
3/10 -3/11 CFL CFL State Quals LDPolicy CA/US
Due 3/69:00 PM PST
3/11 -3/13 NDT-CEDA ADA ADA Nationals George Mason University VA/US
Due 3/85:00 PM EST
3/11 NatCir Catholic Nationals with Big Questions NY/US
Due 3/45:00 PM CST
3/11 NatCir Gettysburg Pre States Invitational PA/US
Due 3/113:00 PM EST
3/11 -3/12 NYCUDL NYCUDL Middle School City Championship NY/US
Due 3/85:00 PM EST
3/11 NYCFL NYCFL Last Chance at Democracy Prep NY/US
Due 3/98:00 PM EST
3/11 Kansas Flint Hills Forensics Tournament 1 at Washburn Rural KS/US
Due 3/95:00 PM CST
3/11 -3/13 NDT-CEDA NJDDT National Junior Division Debate Tournament MO/US
Due 3/710:00 PM CST
3/11 NatCir WAS Washington IE State Tournament WA/US
Opens2/285:00 AM PST
3/11 WFCA West Bend West Forensics Tournament WI/US
Due 3/1012:00 PM CST
3/11 NatCir NE Millard North Big Questions NE/US
Due 3/94:00 PM CST
3/11 -3/12 CBSR CBSR IE League Championships Carter CA/US
Due 3/910:00 PM PST
3/11 NatCir BAUDL GGSA Oakland CFL Qualifier CA/US
Due 3/15:00 PM PST
3/11 NatCir The 6x4 Red Edition CA/US
Closed2/255:00 PM PST
3/11 -3/12 NatCir Western JV and Novice National Championship CA/US
Due 3/310:00 PM PST
3/11 UT Region 18 Speech Debate Tournament UT/US
Due 3/115:00 PM MST
3/11 YFL BQ Big Questions Debate CA/US
Due 3/45:00 PM PST
3/11 NatCir MSPDP BAEMSDL Young Genius Middle and Elementary School Congressional Debate CA/US
Due 3/15:00 PM PST
3/11 LIJFL Big Questions Debate NY/US
Due 3/89:00 PM EST
3/11 BQCFL NYSFL RQT at Mary Louis NY/US
Due 3/88:00 PM EST
3/12 NatCir The 6x4 Blue Edition CA/US
Due 3/1211:00 PM PST
3/12 CFL CFL State Quals Congress CA/US
Due 3/95:00 PM PST
3/13 UT UHSAA Region 17 UT/US
Due 3/1310:00 AM MST
3/14 BQ Marist Big Questions GA/US
Due 3/75:00 PM CST
3/14 BQ Derby High School Big Questions KS/US
Due 3/75:00 PM CST
3/14 -3/16 NatCir GFCA Marist Big Question Debates GA/US
Due 3/75:00 PM EST
3/16 BQ Perry Stark High School Big Questions OH/US
Due 3/155:00 PM CST
3/16 -3/18 NM District Big Questions NM/US
Due 3/95:00 PM MST
3/16 -3/18 NSDA New Mexico District Tournament NM/US
Due 3/96:00 AM MST
3/17 -3/20 NDT-CEDA Cross Examination Debate Assocation National Tournament KS/US
Due 3/2011:00 PM CST
3/17 -3/18 PHSSL Pennsylvania State Tournament PA/US
Due 3/144:00 PM EST
3/17 -3/18 NatCir WAS Washington State Debate Tournament WA/US
Opens2/285:00 AM PST
3/17 -3/19 NatCir GFCA 1st and 2nd Year National Championships at Woodward Academy GA/US
Due 3/105:00 PM EST
3/17 -3/18 Kansas Manhattan HS Forensics Tournament KS/US
Due 3/155:00 PM CST
3/17 -3/18 WACFL WACFL Congress Metrofinals VA/US
Closed2/257:00 PM EST
3/17 -3/18 WACFL WACFL Public Forum Metrofinals VA/US
Due 3/109:00 PM EST
3/17 -3/18 UT 1A Utah State Championship UT/US
Due 3/188:00 PM MST
3/17 -3/19 NatCir WSDC Alfred Tuna Snider World Schools Debate Tournament NY/US
Closed1/3111:55 PM EST
3/18 NatCir Cherokee High School Big Questions GA/US
Due 3/1511:00 PM EST
3/18 BQ Southern California Districts Big Questions CA/US
Due 3/115:00 PM CST
3/18 -3/19 Los Angeles NCFL Qualifiers CA/US
Due 3/135:00 PM PST
3/18 MSDL Needham March Merryness MA/US
Due 3/188:00 PM EST
3/18 -3/20 NatCir Trinity Invitational TX/US
Due 3/105:00 PM EST
3/18 -3/19 NYCUDL NYCUDL High School City Championship NY/US
Due 3/185:00 PM EST
Due 3/165:00 PM EST
3/18 NYCFL NYCFL Grand Qualifying Tournament NY/US
Due 3/159:00 PM EST
3/18 BQCFL Joan Cargulia Memorial Grand Tournament at AFB NY/US
Due 3/158:00 PM EST
3/18 CT Debate CDA State Finals CT/US
Opens3/68:00 AM EST
3/18 Kansas Maize High Forensics Invitational KS/US
Due 3/165:00 PM CST
3/18 NatCir Reagan Reagan Foundation Great Communicator Western Qualifier CA/US
Due 3/158:00 PM PST
3/18 OCDL OCDL March Tournament CA/US
Due 3/155:00 PM PST
3/18 NatCir TCFL First Annual Campbell Hall Big Questions Debate Invitational CA/US
Due 3/1210:00 PM PST
3/18 MSPDP Quad League Polytechnic Tournament CA/US
Opens3/15:00 PM PST
3/18 NatCir CFL BAUDL Berkeley High School Parli Invitational CA/US
Due 3/105:00 PM PST
3/20 BQ Revere Big Questions Scrimmage OH/US
Due 3/135:00 PM CST
3/21 UT Mount Logan MS Debate Tournament UT/US
Due 3/185:00 PM MST
3/22 NatCir UIL 4A Dist 9 LDIE TX/US
Due 3/2310:00 PM CST
3/23 NatCir Central Kitsap Big Questions WA/US
Due 3/165:00 PM CST
3/23 -3/27 NDT-CEDA 71st National Debate Tournament at KU KS/US
Due 3/2611:00 PM CST
3/23 -3/25 NSDA North Oregon District Tournament OR/US
Due 3/1610:00 AM PST
3/23 NatCir DMPS MS Forensics Tournament 2 IA/US
Due 3/215:00 PM CST
3/24 -3/25 NatCir UIL 5A Dist 13 LDIE TX/US
Due 3/2510:00 PM CST
3/24 -3/25 NE NSCTA Nebraska State Debate Championship NE/US
Due 3/229:00 PM CST
3/24 -3/25 KY KHSSL State Junior Speech Championships KY/US
Due 3/146:00 PM EST
3/24 -3/26 NatCir WSDC Harvard College World Schools Invitational MA/US
Due 3/1711:59 PM EST
3/24 -3/25 OK OSSAA West Oklahoma 6A 5A Regionals OK/US
Due 2/287:00 PM CST
3/24 -3/25 NatCir King Round Robin TX/US
Due 3/259:00 PM CST
3/24 -3/25 OK OSSAA East 6A 5A Regional Tournament OK/US
Due 3/105:00 PM CST
3/24 Kansas BHS Big Question Debate KS/US
Due 3/175:00 PM CST
3/24 -3/25 WFCA MCFL Speech Qualifier WI/US
Due 3/175:00 PM CST
3/24 -3/26 NatCir Great Midwestern Novice and JV Debate Championships IA/US
Due 3/266:00 PM CST
3/24 NatCir CFL EV Novite CA/US
Opens2/2811:59 PM PST
3/25 NatCir MDCSDL Big Questions MARCH Debate HS VI DC/US
Due 3/256:00 PM EST
3/25 NSDA South Florida District Tournament--Debate FL/US
Due 3/188:00 AM EST
3/25 WFCA Brookfield East WI/US
Due 3/254:30 PM CST
3/25 NatCir UT Region 12 Drama UT/US
Due 3/157:00 PM MST
3/27 -4/7 MIFA MIFASpringFling MI/US
Due 3/205:00 PM EST
3/27 NatCir Walt Whitman Big Questions MD/US
Due 3/205:00 PM CST
3/27 -3/29 NatCir 1st Walt Whitman High School Big Questions Series MD/US
Due 3/205:00 PM EST
3/28 NatCir Big Questions at Strath Haven PA/US
Due 3/215:00 PM EST
3/28 SD Lennox Middle School Oral Interp SD/US
Opens2/285:00 PM CST
3/29 LIFA SSSDL SSSDL April Tournament NY/US
Due 3/299:35 PM EST
3/30 NYCUDL NYCUDL BALI Girls Debate League Tournament NY/US
Due 3/295:00 PM EST
3/31 NatCir Beachside Montessori Village Big Questions FL/US
Opens2/285:00 PM CST
3/31 PHSSL D10&15 PCFL Unionville Big Questions Debate Tournament PA/US
Due 3/265:00 PM EST
3/31 -4/2 NatCir SCU Spring Philalethic Invitational CA/US
Due 3/295:00 PM PST
4/1 NatCir Colchester High School Big Questions VT/US
Opens3/15:00 PM CST
4/1 NatCir Everglades High School Big Questions FL/US
Opens3/15:00 PM CST
4/1 NatCir PHSSL D10&15 PITT KO Freshman Sophomore Trnmt PA/US
Due 4/14:00 PM EST
4/1 -4/2 NYCUDL NYCUDL High School State Championship NY/US
Due 3/295:00 PM EST
4/1 NatCir PHSSL D10&15 HarCFL Redeem Yourself Tournament PA/US
Due 3/2911:55 PM EST
4/1 NatCir Newark NJFL Carol Geers Memorial Tournament Lancer Junior Invitational NJ/US
Due 3/255:00 PM EST
4/1 NatCir University of Pennsylvania Lincoln Douglas Round Robin PA/US
Opens3/15:00 PM EST
4/1 MDCSDL Metro DC Speech and Debate MS Championships DC/US
Due 4/14:30 PM EST
4/1 CT Debate CDA Coolidge Qualifier CT/US
Opens3/208:00 AM EST
4/1 VHSL VHSL Region 5A North Debate Tournament VA/US
Due 4/18:00 PM EST
4/1 SDIVSL Big Questions Bonita Vista High School CA/US
Due 3/255:00 PM PST
4/5 -4/7 UT JSD Elementary Middle School Tournament UT/US
Opens3/55:00 PM UTC
4/5 NatCir Christopher Columbus High School Big Questions FL/US
Opens3/55:00 PM CST
4/5 NatCir Congress of Champions with Big Questions OR/US
Opens3/55:00 PM CST
4/5 BQ Skyline High School Big Questions UT/US
Opens3/55:00 PM CST
4/5 Dade County The Big Questions Debate at Columbus High School FL/US
Due 3/3110:00 PM EST
4/6 NatCir Randolph Big Questions NJ/US
Opens3/65:00 PM CST
4/6 BQ Northern SD Districts Big Questions SD/US
Opens3/65:00 PM CST
4/6 Randolph Intramural Debates NJ/US
Due 4/510:00 PM EST
4/7 AFBHS Middle School Speech NY/US
Due 4/59:00 PM EST
4/7 Kansas Highland Park Scots 4N6 Invitational KS/US
Opens3/134:00 PM CST
4/7 -4/8 Reagan MO Great Communicator Debates Midwest Region MO/US
Due 3/155:00 PM CST
4/8 -4/10 NatCir National Debate Coaches Association National Championships UT/US
Due 4/111:55 PM MST
4/8 SCMSL Spotsylvania County Great Debate VA/US
Opens3/206:00 PM EST
4/8 -4/9 The Lafayette Debates North American Championship DC/US
Due 4/15:00 PM EST
4/8 Kansas Winfield Forensics Invitational KS/US
Opens3/65:00 PM CST
4/9 NatCir Rollin G Osterweis Tournament US
Opens3/208:00 AM EST
4/9 -4/10 NatCir The Omega Eight CA/US
Opens3/212:05 AM PST
4/11 NatCir Mars Hill Big Questions AL/US
Opens3/115:00 PM CST
4/12 BQ Snohomish Big Questions Tournament 1 WA/US
Opens3/125:00 PM CST
4/14 -4/15 NatCir Bruschke Invitational at CSU Fullerton CA/US
Due 4/1512:00 AM PST
4/14 -4/15 Kansas Flint Hills Forensics Tournament 2 at Topeka High KS/US
Opens3/275:00 PM CST
4/20 -4/24 NatCir SPDL BQ Bucks County Big Questions Invitational PA/US
Due 4/135:00 PM EST
4/21 NatCir Dardanelle Big Questions in April AR/US
Opens3/215:00 PM CST
4/21 -4/22 WWDL Wyatt Championship Tournament KY/US
Due 4/195:00 PM EST
4/22 NCFL NatCir PCFL Holy Ghost Prep Grade School Invitational PA/US
Opens3/228:00 AM EST
4/22 NatCir MDCSDL Metro DC Speech and Debate HS VII DC/US
Due 4/216:00 PM EST
4/22 -4/23 NYCUDL NYCUDL Middle School State Championship NY/US
Due 3/85:30 PM EST
4/22 NatCir Claremont Wolfcub Middle School Tournament CA/US
Due 4/207:00 PM PST
4/25 BQ Springfield Catholic HS Big Questions MO/US
Opens3/255:00 PM CST
4/28 -4/29 NatCir Novice Round Up TX/US
Due 4/2910:00 PM CST
4/29 NatCir Eastern Ohio District Big Questions OH/US
Opens3/295:00 PM CST
4/29 NatCir Northside Big Questions AR/US
Opens3/295:00 PM CST
4/29 -5/1 NatCir High School TOC hosted by UK KY/US
Due 4/111:30 PM EST
4/29 NatCir Newark NJFL Spartan Invitational PA/US
Opens3/112:05 AM EST
4/29 -4/30 NYSFL NYSFL State Championship Tournament NY/US
Due 4/159:00 PM EST
4/29 NatCir WAS Panther Den Invitational WA/US
Opens3/55:00 PM PST
5/5 -5/6 MDCSDL Mid Atlantic Great Communicator Reagan Debates DC/US
Due 5/57:00 PM EST
5/6 -5/7 Club Nationals Tournament NJ/US
Opens3/16:00 AM EST
5/6 NatCir CFL BAEMSDL Bay Area Closeout Middle School Invitational CA/US
Due 4/295:00 PM PST
5/11 BQ Snohomish Big Questions Tournament 2 WA/US
Opens4/115:00 PM CST
5/13 -5/15 NatCir Middle School TOC hosted by UK KY/US
Due 5/1511:30 PM EST
5/13 MSDL NatCir NJFL Great Communicator Northeastern Quaifier NY/US
Due 5/109:00 PM EST
5/13 NatCir CFL Georgiana Hays Invitational CA/US
Due 5/105:00 PM PST
5/13 NatCir OK Union Middle School Tournament OK/US
Opens4/35:00 PM CST
5/18 CCIU Middle School Tournament PA/US
Opens3/15:00 PM EST
5/20 Reagan Great Communicator Debates Online IA/US
Opens4/15:00 PM CST
5/20 MDCSDL Metro DC Speech and Debate MS Preview DC/US
Opens4/196:00 PM EST
5/27 OCDL OCDL SoCal Regional Championship CA/US
Opens4/275:00 PM PST
6/2 BQ Snohomish Big Questions Tournament 3 WA/US
Opens5/25:00 PM CST
6/10 NatCir Bergen County Big Questions NJ/US
Opens5/105:00 PM CST
6/20 -6/23 NSDA Middle NSDA NSDA Middle School National Tournament AL/US
Due 4/245:00 PM CST
6/21 -6/23 Middle school national tournament AL/US
Opens5/215:00 PM EST
9/9 -9/11 NatCir National Speech and Debate Season Opener hosted by UK KY/US
Opens6/18:00 AM EST
11/17 -11/18 MO MSU Gloria Deo High School Tournament MO/US
Opens8/65:00 PM CST
1/5 -1/7 NatCir Arizona State Hugh Downs SHC Invitational AZ/US
Opens9/15:00 PM MST