Upcoming Tournaments

Dates Circuits Tournament Locale Registration
4/15 -4/30 NatCir 3P National Tournament FL/US
Closed4/1311:30 PM EDT
4/24 -4/25 NatCir St Thomas Spring Middle School Classic TX/US
Due 4/259:45 PM EDT
4/24 -4/25 UIL LD Region 4 TX/US
Closed4/246:30 PM CDT
4/24 NatCir COAST EV Novite CA/US
Closed4/2011:59 PM PDT
4/25 -4/26 NSDA-CN Beijing Regional at Beijing CN
Due 4/266:20 PM CST
4/25 -4/26 NSDA-CN 215 Jiangsu Regional Tournament CN
Due 4/266:00 PM CST
4/25 WUDC Marymount Debate Tournament EN/GB
Closed4/247:00 PM BST
4/25 NatCir Newark NJFL Spartan Invitational PA/US
Closed4/225:00 PM EDT
4/25 -4/27 NatCir Tournament of Champions KY/US
Closed4/172:00 PM EDT
4/25 -4/26 NYSFL NYSFL State Championship Tournament NY/US
Closed4/119:00 PM EDT
4/25 Carol Geers Memorial Tournament NJ/US
Closed4/185:00 PM EDT
4/25 NCFL Holy Ghost Prep Grade School Invitational Tournament PA/US
Closed4/235:00 PM EDT
4/25 Chicago Langfan Tournament IL/US
Due 4/258:00 AM CDT
4/25 -4/26 NatCir Bruschke Invitational CA/US
Closed4/215:00 PM PDT
4/25 CASLV Middle School Invitational NV/US
Closed4/235:00 PM PDT
4/25 NC Mountain Island Charter School NC/US
Closed4/225:00 PM EDT
4/30 DCPS DCPS Speech and Debate League Champ DC/US
Closed4/207:45 PM EDT
Due 5/16:00 PM EDT
5/3 MMSFL Milton Academy Foley Fiesta MA/US
Due 4/299:00 PM EDT
5/8 -5/9 NatCir Novice Round Up TX/US
Due 5/15:00 PM CDT
5/8 UT The Layton Luau UT/US
Due 4/273:00 PM MDT
5/9 NatCir Lee County Spring Fling GA/US
Due 5/77:00 PM EDT
5/9 LVDL Sedway Middle School CCSD Speech and Debate Tournament NV/US
Due 5/612:00 PM PDT
5/9 MSPDP GSDL League Championship CA/US
Due 5/15:00 PM PDT
5/9 NatCir Reagan Foundation Great Communicator Western Qualifier CA/US
Due 5/25:00 PM PDT
5/10 -5/24 NCFL Grand National Tournament FL/US
Closed4/2211:55 PM EDT
5/15 NJFL Randolph Middle School Classic 2015 NJ/US
Due 5/1311:55 PM EDT
5/16 NatCir COAST Georgiana Hays Invitational CA/US
Due 5/135:00 PM PDT
5/16 NatCir LIFA The Great Communicator Northeastern Qualifier NY/US
Due 5/95:00 PM EDT
5/23 Online Regional Great Communicator Debate Series CA/US
Due 5/165:00 PM PDT
5/30 -5/31 NatCir NYSDCA Celebration HS Tournament Byram Hills NY/US
Due 5/275:00 PM EDT
6/14 -6/17 NatCir Summer Capitol Debate Summer Camps Houston TX TX/US
Opens6/1312:00 PM CDT
6/22 -8/14 Young Genius Bay Area Deabate Academy Summer Camps CA/US
Due 6/155:00 PM PDT
7/1 -7/3 NatCir Summer Capitol Debate Summer Camps San Diego CA CA/US
Opens6/305:00 PM PDT
7/7 -7/9 NatCir Summer Capitol Debate Summer Camps Chicago IL IL/US
Opens7/75:00 PM EDT
7/8 -7/10 NatCir Summer Capitol Debate Summer Camps Raleigh Durham NC NC/US
Opens7/75:00 PM EDT
7/21 -7/23 NatCir Summer Capitol Debate Summer Camps Baltimore MD MD/US
Opens7/215:00 PM EDT
7/21 -7/24 NatCir Summer Capitol Debate Summer Camps Columbia MD MD/US
Opens7/215:00 PM EDT
7/31 VaNFL April Fools Mistake Nontournament VA/US
Opens7/317:00 AM EDT
8/4 -8/6 NatCir Summer Capitol Debate Summer Camps Princeton NJ NJ/US
Opens8/45:00 PM EDT
8/4 -8/7 NatCir Summer Capitol Debate Summer Camps Boston MA MA/US
Opens8/45:00 PM EDT
10/2 -10/3 NatCir Holy Cross Navy and Old Gold Debate and Speech Exhibition LA/US
Opens8/15:00 PM CDT
10/9 -10/10 UT Pirate Petes Locker UT/US
Opens9/95:00 PM MDT
10/16 -10/18 NatCir New York City Invitational NY/US
Opens8/11:00 PM EDT
10/30 -10/31 NatCir Ivy Street Round Robin GA/US
Opens8/112:00 AM EDT
10/31 NatCir NJFL PHSSL D10&15 Dallastown Wildcat Invitational PA/US
Opens8/157:00 AM EDT
11/6 SD Washington Warrior Invitational SD/US
Opens10/55:00 PM CDT
11/7 NatCir CBSR Claremont Bargain Belt Invitational CA/US
Opens9/155:00 PM PDT
12/4 -12/5 NatCir UT Carbon Combat UT/US
Opens11/156:00 PM MDT
1/9 -1/10 NatCir CBSR Claremont Wolfpack Invitational CA/US
Opens11/85:00 AM PDT
1/22 -1/23 NatCir UT Marie Clegg Jones Memorial UT/US
Opens10/145:00 PM MDT