Upcoming Tournaments

Dates Circuits Tournament Locale Registration
7/20 -7/31 Summer Alien OverScoggs MN/US
Closed7/251:30 PM CDT
7/20 -8/5 VBI practice rounds DC/US
Closed7/134:00 PM CDT
7/21 -7/28 WSDC World Schools Debating Championships DE
Closed7/110:00 AM CDT
7/25 -7/27 CHSC AGD Shanghai Summer Invitational CN
Closed7/194:00 AM CDT
7/26 -7/29 Summer Capitol Debate Loyola Day Camp MD/US
Closed7/194:00 PM CDT
7/26 -7/30 Summer SNFI Summer Institute CA/US
Closed7/87:00 PM CDT
7/27 -7/28 Summer 3 Week SDI Tournament MI/US
Due 7/2710:55 PM CDT
7/27 Summer DDI Interlab NH/US
Closed7/2310:00 PM CDT
7/27 -7/28 Summer Capitol Debate Baltimore MD/US
Due 7/287:00 PM CDT
7/27 -7/29 NatCir Institute for Speech and Debate Florida FL/US
Closed7/254:00 PM CDT
7/28 -7/30 Summer Michigan National Debate Institute Summer Camp MI/US
Closed7/198:00 PM CDT
7/28 -7/29 Summer GDI 6 Week RR WA/US
Due 7/287:00 PM CDT
7/28 -7/30 Summer University of Texas LD camp tournament TX/US
Closed7/215:00 PM CDT
8/1 -8/3 Summer Showdown 2 TX/US
Due 8/15:00 AM CDT
8/2 -8/5 Summer DDI NH/US
Due 8/28:55 PM CDT
8/2 -8/4 Summer SDI 4 Week Tournament MI/US
Closed7/264:00 PM CDT
8/2 -8/5 Summer Northwestern Debate Institute IL/US
Opens7/3012:00 PM CDT
8/4 -8/5 NSD Camp Tournament MN/US
Due 7/285:00 PM CDT
8/4 -8/7 NatCir Summer Santa Clara U Summer Debate Workshop CA/US
Due 8/17:00 PM CDT
8/5 NatCir NYCFL NYCUDL NYC Summer Debate Institute Tournament 3 Hunter College NY/US
Due 7/304:00 PM CDT
8/6 Sunshine In My Pocket Summer Invitational CA/US
Due 8/27:00 PM CDT
8/12 Boca Boot Camp Tournament FL/US
Due 8/54:00 PM CDT
9/1 NatCir NYSDCA NYCUDL NYC Summer Debate Institute Tournament 4 Queens NY/US
Opens8/24:00 PM CDT
9/2 -9/4 NatCir Policy Early Bird at Wake Forest NC/US
Due 9/511:00 PM CDT
9/8 -9/10 NatCir NC Earlybird Forensics at Wake Forest NC/US
Due 9/114:00 PM CDT
9/9 -9/10 NatCir Byram Hills Invitational NY/US
Opens8/18:00 AM CDT
9/10 NatCir GFCA Bruce Rogers Debate Tournament GA/US
Opens8/17:00 AM CDT
9/10 -9/13 NatCir Loyola Invitational CA/US
Opens8/13:00 AM CDT
9/15 -9/17 NatCir Yale Invitational CT/US
Opens8/112:00 PM CDT
9/16 -9/19 NDT-CEDA ADA Georgia State University GA/US
Due 9/166:00 PM CDT
9/16 -9/17 NatCir North Hall High Autumn Classic GA/US
Opens8/2011:00 AM CDT
9/16 MIFA Greenhills Gryphon Invitational MI/US
Opens8/14:00 PM CDT
9/16 -9/17 NDT-CEDA Brad Smith Debate Tournament at the University of Rochester NY/US
Opens8/174:00 PM CDT
9/17 -9/19 NDT-CEDA UMKC Baby Jo Memorial MO/US
Due 9/1211:55 PM CDT
9/23 -9/26 NDT-CEDA Golden Gate Season Opener CA/US
Opens8/1810:00 AM CDT
9/23 -9/25 NDT-CEDA Rutgers NE Regional Opener NJ/US
Due 9/2510:00 PM CDT
9/23 -9/25 NDT-CEDA Ulrich Invitational at UNI IA/US
Opens8/118:00 AM CDT
9/28 -9/29 NDT-CEDA 20th annual Val Browning Round Robin at Weber State UT/US
Due 8/1112:55 AM CDT
9/28 -10/3 NDT-CEDA ADA Kentucky College Tournament KY/US
Due 10/310:45 PM CDT
9/29 NatCir GFCA Marist Scrimmage Series 1 GA/US
Opens8/18:00 AM CDT
9/30 -10/1 NatCir Holy Cross Navy and Old Gold Debate and Speech Exhibition LA/US
Due 9/168:00 PM CDT
9/30 -10/2 NatCir The Harker School Nichols Invitational CA/US
Opens8/212:00 AM CDT
10/1 -10/3 NDT-CEDA 4th annual Mukai College Classic at Weber State UT/US
Due 9/246:00 PM CDT
10/1 -10/2 Golden Gate Invitational 2016 CA/US
Opens9/17:00 PM CDT
10/7 -10/8 NatCir WACFL VHSL Va Commonwealth Season Opener Debate and Speech VA/US
Opens8/15:00 AM CDT
10/7 -10/8 NatCir Kennedy Cougar Classic IA/US
Opens8/15:00 PM CDT
10/8 -10/9 MSDL NatCir NYCUDL Georgetown Public Forum and Congress NY/US
Due 10/14:00 PM CDT
10/8 NatCir Hunter Invitational NY/US
Opens8/154:00 PM CDT
10/8 -10/10 NatCir New Trier Season Opener IL/US
Opens8/19:00 AM CDT
10/8 MSPDP New Roads Middle School CA/US
Opens9/28:00 PM CDT
10/14 -10/17 Heart of Texas Invitational TX/US
Opens9/135:00 PM CDT
10/14 -10/16 NatCir New York City Invitational Debate and Speech Tournament NY/US
Opens8/1511:00 AM CDT
10/15 NatCir UT T Bird Tempest UT/US
Opens9/156:00 PM CDT
10/15 -10/18 NDT-CEDA Sun Devil Invitational AZ/US
Due 10/1210:00 PM CDT
10/22 -10/24 NDT-CEDA ADA Wayne State George Ziegelmueller Ziggy Invitational MI/US
Due 10/175:00 PM CDT
10/22 -10/23 NatCir CBSR Claremont Bargain Belt Invitational CA/US
Opens9/17:00 PM CDT
10/28 -10/30 NatCir The Meadows Invitational NV/US
Opens8/222:00 PM CDT
10/28 -10/29 UT Hunter Haunting UT/US
Opens9/186:00 PM CDT
10/28 -10/29 UT Dixie Debate Speech Debate Tournament UT/US
Opens8/16:00 PM CDT
10/29 -10/31 NDT-CEDA The Jesuit Gonzaga University WA/US
Due 10/157:00 PM CDT
10/29 NatCir PITT USC Novice PA/US
Opens9/1612:00 PM CDT
11/3 -11/7 NatCir Damus Hollywood Invitational and USC Round Robin CA/US
Opens8/127:00 PM CDT
11/4 -11/6 NDT-CEDA UCO Joe C Jackson Tournament OK/US
Opens8/291:00 PM CDT
11/5 SD Roosevelt Sweetstakes SD/US
Opens9/297:30 AM CDT
11/11 -11/13 NatCir WAS Central Valley Bear Brawl WA/US
Opens9/192:00 PM CDT
11/11 -11/12 UDCA Speech Arts Debate UT/US
Opens10/111:00 AM CDT
11/11 -11/12 NatCir WAS 11th Annual Snohomish Panther Invitational WA/US
Opens9/117:00 PM CDT
11/12 NatCir NJFL PHSSL D10&15 Dallastown Wildcat Invitational PA/US
Opens8/17:00 AM CDT
11/12 -11/13 NatCir 1st Annual Dragon Worlds Debate CA/US
Due 11/57:00 PM CDT
11/12 -11/13 NatCir National Parliamentary Debate Invitational at Berkeley CA/US
Opens8/127:00 PM CDT
11/18 NatCir Gettysburg Address Debates PA/US
Opens9/68:00 AM CDT
11/18 -11/21 NatCir SCU Dempsey Cronin Invitational CA/US
Opens8/1910:00 AM CDT
11/18 -11/19 UT Juan Diego Silver and Blue UT/US
Opens10/76:00 PM CDT
11/18 -11/20 NatCir Westminster GA/US
Due 10/214:00 PM CDT
11/19 NatCir FFL 4th Annual Falcon Invitational FL/US
Opens9/198:00 AM CDT
11/19 -11/23 NatCir 2016 Glenbrooks Speech and Debate Tournament IL/US
Opens9/17:00 AM CDT
12/1 -12/3 NatCir Spartan Classic at MSU MI/US
Due 11/282:00 AM CDT
12/2 -12/4 NDT-CEDA ADA The True Blue Tournament IL/US
Opens10/25:00 PM CDT
12/3 -12/5 NatCir KY Ohio Valley Invitational KY/US
Due 12/510:00 PM CDT
12/3 NatCir PHSSL D10&15 ADFL Monsignor Lyons Invittational PA/US
Opens9/1311:00 PM CDT
12/9 -12/10 NatCir WAS Auburn Riverside Invitational WA/US
Opens10/17:00 PM CDT
12/16 -12/18 NatCir John Edie Holiday Debates hosted by Blake MN/US
Opens8/108:00 AM CDT
12/16 -12/17 NatCir Neill Warren Invitational USUE UT/US
Opens11/111:05 AM CDT
1/5 -1/7 NatCir Southwest Championship Arizona State AZ/US
Opens8/3011:00 AM CDT
1/6 -1/7 NatCir Conway Classic at Gonzaga University WA/US
Opens8/307:00 PM CDT
1/6 -1/8 NatCir Claremont Wolfpack Invitational CA/US
Opens10/137:00 AM CDT
1/7 -1/9 NatCir Billy Tate Southern Bell Forum TN/US
Opens11/15:00 PM CDT
1/7 NatCir KY Rowan County Harlen Hamm High School Tournament KY/US
Opens8/117:00 AM CDT
1/7 UDCA Speech Arts Speech UT/US
Opens12/76:00 PM CDT
1/13 -1/14 MN Minnesota State HS Debate Tournament MN/US
Opens12/135:00 PM CDT
1/14 -1/16 NatCir Trinity Invitational TX/US
Opens8/214:00 PM CDT
1/14 -1/15 NatCir NC Cavalier Invitational at Durham Academy NC/US
Opens11/14:00 PM CDT
1/14 KY Rowan County Harlen Hamm Middle School Tournament KY/US
Opens12/57:00 AM CDT
1/14 NatCir Paducah Tilghman Tornado Alley Invitational KY/US
Opens11/135:00 PM CDT
1/20 -1/21 NatCir Marie Clegg Jones Memorial UT/US
Opens10/126:00 PM CDT
1/20 -1/21 NatCir WAS Flight of Eagles Invitational WA/US
Opens12/17:00 PM CDT
1/20 -1/21 NatCir BCF Garnet and Gold Key FL/US
Opens10/124:00 PM CDT
1/21 -1/22 WDCA 2017 WSDT WI/US
Opens11/18:00 AM CDT
1/21 -1/23 NDT-CEDA Bear Shock Wichita State KS/US
Opens11/15:00 PM CDT
1/21 -1/23 NatCir CFL Stephen Stewart Middle and High School Invitational at Milpitas CA/US
Opens9/17:00 PM CDT
1/21 -1/23 NDT-CEDA SWC Hannie Shaft Tournament CA/US
Due 1/231:30 AM CDT
1/27 -1/28 UT Salt Lake NCFL Qualifier UT/US
Opens12/276:00 PM CDT
1/28 -1/30 NDT-CEDA ADA Hoosier Invitational Tournament HIT IN/US
Due 1/305:00 PM CDT
2/3 -2/4 NatCir PCFL Pennsbury Falcon Invitational PA/US
Opens11/128:00 AM CDT
2/4 -2/6 NDT-CEDA ADA Owen L Coon Memorial Debates at Northwestern IL/US
Due 1/216:00 PM CDT
2/10 -2/11 NatCir PITT Bethel Park Black Hawk Invitational PA/US
Opens10/3111:05 PM CDT
2/10 -2/12 NatCir 42nd University of Pennsylvania Tournament PA/US
Opens11/18:00 AM CDT
2/18 PHSSL PHSSL Districts 6 and 7 District Tournament PA/US
Opens1/3111:00 PM CDT
2/18 -2/20 NatCir CLU Invitational CA/US
Opens9/17:00 PM CDT
3/4 NatCir Gettysburg Pre States Invitational PA/US
Opens1/77:00 AM CDT
3/10 -3/11 2A Utah State Championship UT/US
Opens2/56:00 AM CDT
3/10 -3/12 4A Utah State Tournament UT/US
Opens2/106:00 PM CDT
3/10 -3/12 3A Utah State Tournament UT/US
Opens2/106:00 PM CDT
3/10 -3/11 5A Utah State Tournament UT/US
Opens2/106:00 PM CDT
3/17 -3/18 1A Utah State Championship UT/US
Opens2/166:00 PM CDT
4/1 -4/3 NatCir SCU Spring Philalethic Invitational CA/US
Opens12/57:00 PM CDT
4/8 -4/10 NatCir National Debate Coaches Association National Championships UT/US
Opens12/276:00 PM CDT
4/28 -4/29 NatCir Novice Round Up TX/US
Opens12/225:00 PM CDT
4/29 -5/1 NatCir Tournament of Champions KY/US
Due 4/110:30 PM CDT