Sabine Angel Tournament

2023 — Gladewater, TX/US


We are delighted to invite you to Sabine High School's Cardinal Angel Tournament on Saturday, September 16. Sabine High School is located just off of I-20, between Tyler and Longview. We are offering CX Debate, LD Debate, Poetry, Prose, and Extemporaneous Speaking. We will use the UIL topics and rules for each of these events.

The “Angel Philosophy”: The intent of this tournament is to help Novice debaters get started in somewhat difficult activity. Each team is to have one “Angel” (experienced debater) with them for all their rounds. Each school is responsible for supplying their own “Angel”. Angels can be a Varsity debaters, graduated debaters or a coach. The Angel is their advisor and mentor, not their partner. The Angel may help them flow, decide on a strategy, and “prep” them between speeches. We will extend “prep time” to 15 minutes per side for round 1, and 10 minutes for round 2, to give them time to do this job. The angel may not give speeches or portions of speeches or call out prompts (questions, answers, arguments, or suggestions) to debaters who have the floor for a speech. We do not want this to be a case of “My Angel can beat your Angel;” the rounds are to be between the novice debaters, not the Angels. We urge the Angels to gradually decrease the amount of help they give their debaters as the rounds progress so that by Round 3 the debaters are more “on their own” than they were in Round 1.

Judges: Each school is expected to supply a judge for every TWO CX debate entries or portion thereof, and for every FOUR IE/LD entries or portion thereof.

Entries/Drops are Due by 5:00 pm on Wednesday, September 13, 2023. We will be accepting entries through, but if that does not work we will resort back to email entries and they can be sent to

Drops: Any drops on the day of the meet will result in the loss of the entry fee.

We are keeping fees low as our goal is not to profit but to give kids experience before district.


· $20 for each CX team,

· $15 for each LD,

· $10 for each Individual Event.

*Any students who cross enter must accept responsibility for getting to both events. Entries in Debate may not Cross Enter.

Awards: 1st - 6th given in each event.

Debate Topics:

CX -- Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase fiscal redistribution in the United States by adopting a federal jobs guarantee, expanding Social Security, and/or providing a basic income.

LD -- Resolved:Wealth inequality in the United States is detrimental to democracy.

Prose/Poetry - Prose and Poetry will be the reader’s choice with no documentation check.




8:30 CX, LD -- ROUND 1

10:30 CX, LD --ROUND 2


(we will adjust to cross-entered contestants)

1:30 CX, LD--ROUND 3

3:00 EXTEMP DRAW, PROSE/POETRY (There will be a consolation round)