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Need help at a tournament?

These help resources are for the software, not for tournament administration. We do not run all these tournaments ourselves, and cannot help you with missing judges or rooms for an individual tournament.

If you're a student, coach, or parent and have a question about a particular tournament, email your tournament officials directly. Contact information can usually be found in the tournament invitation or Tabroom main page (click on the name of the tournament from the main front page of and look for tournament contacts at the right sidebar.

Do you think Tabroom or another service is offline?

If you suspect our services are having an outage, but are uncertain whether it's on your end, check the

Are you a tournament director having trouble with Tabroom?

If you're having trouble using the Tabroom software itself, try the manual using the question mark in the top right corner, or here

If those don't work or your question deals with something private (e.g. personal student info, access needs) email us at:

Please include as many specifics as possible, including the URL of the page in question and a specific example person/entry/tournament/round that triggers the problem, where applicable.