Jack Howe Memorial Tournament 2021

2021 — Online, CA/US

Double Entry Policy for All Events

The following policies are in place for double entries this year:

1. Entries are not allowed to double enter in two limited prep events (e.g., Impromptu, Parliamentary Debate, or Extemporaneous Speaking).

2. Entries are not allowed to double enter in Congress and Extemporaneous Speaking.

3. Entries in PF, Parliamentary Debate, California LD, and Congress may only double enter in one speech event.

4. Entries in TOC LD and Policy debate may not double enter in any event.

5. Speech-only entries may double enter in up to two speech events.

6. Worlds is Sunday only, but you can change the team make-up if persons in other events did not advance.

7. Because of Tabroom.com settings, we cannot program the function of debate entries to only be allowed to be in one speech event. Limiting screen time for students and allowing for students to have a break during rounds is important for student learning and success. Coaches, please make sure your students adhere to the double-entry policy set above. Entries may be dropped at any time during the tournament weekend if they are found to not adhere to the tournament double-entry policy.