Jack Howe Memorial Tournament

2021 — NSDA Campus, CA/US

California LD and TOC LD Differences

We have different iterations of Lincoln Douglas (LD) at our tournament that I want to make clear. We have done this to have respect to different styles, intents, and argumentative directions that students would like to engage in. 

The CA LD divisions (e.g., CA-LD and Novice LD) is governed by CHSSA Rules ONLY. CA LD is more traditional and non-circuit debate.

The TOC LD divisions (e.g., TOC LD and JV LD) is governed by NSDA/TOC rules and procedures. These events are more aligned with circuit norms and procedures. The TOC bid for the Quarterfinal would be the result of competition in the TOC LD division. 

Please consider the differences in these divisions when registering your students in Lincoln Douglas events.