Jack Howe Memorial Tournament 2021

2021 — Online, CA/US

Entry Fees/Payment Options

Speech events

Novice Dramatic Interpretation                          $10

Novice Informative                                             $10

Novice Original Oratory                                    $10

Novice Oral Interpretation                                 $10

Novice Program Oral Interpretation                  $10

Novice Humorous Interpretation                      $10

Novice Impromptu                                            $10

Novice Original Advocacy                                $10

Novice Extemporaneous                                   $10

Novice Duo Interpretation                                $10


Open Dramatic Interpretation                           $15

Open Informative                                              $15

Open Original Oratory                                      $15

Open Oral Interpretation                                   $15

Open Program Oral Interpretation                    $15

Open Humorous Interpretation                         $15

Open Impromptu                                              $15

Open Original Advocacy                                  $15

Open Extemporaneous                                     $15

Open Duo Interpretation                                  $15


Debate events

Congress                                                             $25

Middle School Congress                                    $20

Novice Lincoln-Douglas                                    $60

Junior Lincoln Douglas                                     $60

CHSSA Lincoln-Douglas                                  $65

TOC Lincoln-Douglas                                        $100


Novice Policy                                                   $60

Junior Policy                                                     $60

Open Policy                                                      $100


Parliamentary                                                   $70

World School Debate                                       $70

Novice Public Forum                                       $60

Middle School Public Forum                           $50

Open Public Forum                                          $100


Other Fees

Fines for Late Drops                                          $15

Prelim Judge No show                                       $50

Elim Judge No Show                                         $75

Uncovered Judge Fee Debate                            $350

Uncovered Judge Fee I.E.                                  $350


Given the post- COVID-19 Virtual Debate, we strongly PREFER electronic payments CASHNET PAY HERE!

E-payments by credit card will have a 2.75 % service charge. The link to pay will be available soon. All payments (including fines accrued during the tournament) must be paid in full before the elimination rounds on Sunday. PLEASE make sure to do this to prevent any disqualifications.

If you are trying to pay with the subtracted awards credit, you can just enter the amount of your invoice from tabroom into the "Misc Entry" tab. Dont forget to also enter all the school information.

If it is impossible to pay online, you can send the money order, cashier’s check, or institution check by mail. Please make checks payable to 'CSULB Forensics' at the following address:

 CSULB Forensics ATT: Deven Cooper

 4758 E Atherton St, Long Beach, CA 90815

DO NOT send cash by mail.

DO NOT send checks to the school due to the lack of staff to pick them up during the reduced college capacity post- COVID-19.