Jack Howe Memorial Tournament 2021

2021 — Online, CA/US

Speech Events


Welcome to the 2021 Jack Howe Memorial Tournament hosted here at/by CSU Long Beach.  Like years past, this year we are honored to be a TOC and NIETOC Bid tournament, meaning that you can receive bids to all events (barring duet; we won't be holding that event) for these two tournaments!  

We are excited to get to the tournament.

Events Offered:

Dramatic Interpretation


Original Oratory

Oral Interpretation  

Program Oral Interpretation

Humorous Interpretation  


Original Advocacy


Duo Interpretation


A quick note for 2021. 

Last year we did not hold Duo as an event to promote safety between and among competitors--we didn't want to motivate anyone to compete in the same room if they did not have to.

This year, we will hold Duo as an event, but it will be asynchronous, meaning we will be submitting videos of your duo to the tournament.

Every other event will be held synchronously during the tournament's schedule.  The only event that will run asynchronously will be duo.

Special note: while it was an option to have video back-ups of your events at group of tournaments last year (in an instance in which your internet failed), we will not be offering this option.  We simply do not have the capabilities of offering asynch back-ups given the minimal staff we run the tournament with.  If you do have internet issues, unfortunately there will be no ability to use a pre-recorded video in your stead.


Tournament Schedule:

Saturday -

12:00 PM       Round 1 All IE’s (Extemp Speaks at 12:30PM)

3:15 PM       Extemp Draw 2

3:30 PM       Round 2 All IE’s (Extemp Speaks at 3:45PM)

6:30 PM         Extemp Draw


6:45 PM         Round 3 All IE’s (Extemp Speaks at 7:00PM)


All individual event elim breaks will be posted Saturday night as soon as they are available.


Sunday - 


7:45 AM        Extemp Draw for Elim 1


8:00 AM        Speech Elim 1 (Extemp Speaks at 8:15) (Novice finals; Open Semi-Finals)


11:45 AM      Extemp Draw for Elim 2


12:00 PM      Speech Elim 2 (Open Finals)


4:30 PM        Speech Awards (OR ASAP)