Jack Howe Memorial Tournament 2021

2021 — Online, CA/US

LD CA/Novice Event (CHSSA events)

California LD (Open and Novice)

Please refer to the differences between TOC and California or CHSSA Lincoln Douglas debate divisions.  Consider the differences between the two styles before registering. 

Topic: Lincoln-Douglas Debate – 2021 September/October Topic

Resolved: The member nations of the World Trade Organization ought to reduce intellectual property protections for medicines.



Students in preliminary rounds will advance based on the following method or tiebreakers:

1. Total wins in preliminary rounds,

2. Opposition seed based on preliminary rounds,

3. Team speaker points from all preliminary rounds except the highest and lowest preliminary round,

4. Total team speaker points,

5. Head to head decision (if the teams previously met in preliminary rounds), and

6. Coinflip.


We will follow the tournament schedule until elimination rounds, where we will start moving as quickly as is reasonable.

Saturday (9/18)

8:00 AM        Round 1 LD CA/Novice

10:30 AM      Round 2 LD CA/Novice


1:30 PM        Round 3 LD CA/Novice

3:45 PM        Round 4 LD CA/Novice

6:00 PM        Round 5 LD CA/Novice


Sunday (9/19)

8:00 AM        Round 6 LD CA/Novice

10:30 AM      First LD CA/Novice Elim


1:45 PM        Second LD CA/Novice Elim

3:45 PM        Third LD CA/Novice Elim

5:45 PM        Fourth LD CA/Novice Elim

7:00 PM        Fifth Elim (If Needed) 



Fees/ Fines

We will fine you for missing judges, after a reasonable amount of time. The expectation is that you come to the CA LD Judge's Room after reading that email about the fine. There you will resolve your issue by providing judges for other rounds. If you don't make that arrangement with us, the fines will stand.

Novice Lincoln-Douglas                                  $60

CHSSA Lincoln-Douglas                                  $65


Tabulation Staffers for California LD

Event Tab Director - Rachel Wear