Jack Howe Memorial Tournament

2017 — Long Beach, CA/US


Sessions: Three two-hour sessions of Student Congress will be offered on Saturday and Sunday. All three sessions will conflict with Debate events, so students entered in Student Congress may not enter LD or Policy Debate.


Procedure: The legislation packet will be available after Labor Day. Students will give a three-minute speech either in favor of or in opposition to a bill. There will also be one minute of cross-examination. Please note that students are not guaranteed speaking time. It is the competitor’s responsibility to make sure that they are heard if they so desire. We will use a priority card recognition system. We will provide a one-sheet summary of Parliamentary procedure for all entrants in Student Congress.


Important Note on Judging Commitment: All schools entering students in Student Congress must provide at least one critic who is capable and willing to act as a Parliamentarian and/or chair.


Presiding Officer Contest: We will also have a presiding officer contest. Students can enter regular congress or the presiding officer contest. However, students cannot compete in both categories.


Divisions: Student Congress will feature Novice and Senior divisions only