Jack Howe Memorial Tournament

2017 — Long Beach, CA/US



(all events except Policy, which has a schedule below)

Saturday (9/24/15)

7:00                       Registration (49er Food Court)


7:45                       Welcoming Assembly


8:00                       Round 1 LD/PF/Congress/Parli topic announce (7:55AM)


10:00                     Round 2 LD/PF/Congress/Parli topic announce 


12:00                     Extemp Draw


12:00                     Round 1 All IE’s (Extemp Speaks at 12:30)


1:30                        Round 3 LD/PF/Congress/Parli topic announce


3:15                        Extemp Draw


3:15                        Round 2 All IE’s (Extemp Speaks at 3:45)


4:45                        Round 4 LD/PF/Parli topic announce


6:30                        Extemp Draw


6:30                        Round 3 All IE’s (Extemp Speaks at 7:00)


8:00                        Round 5 LD/PF/Parli topic announce/Congress Semis


All individual event elim breaks will be posted Saturday night as soon as they are available.



7:45                        Extemp Draw for Semi-Finals


8:00                        Finals/Semi-Finals (as needed) of Individual Events


9:45                        Round 6 LD/PF/Parli topic announce/Congress Finals


11:45                     Extemp Draw for Finals


12:00                     Finals/Semi-Finals (as needed) of Individual Events


1:45                        First Elim of LD/PF/Parli Debate


(Parli Final-Given No Parli Finalist are double entered)


3:00                        Second Elim of LD/PF/Parli (Parli Final-Given No Parli Finalist are double entered)

4:45                        Awards


6:00                        Third Elim of LD/PF/Parli (Parli Final-Given No Parli Finalist are double entered)


7:30                        Fourth Elim of LD/PF/Parli




Policy - all divisions - Saturday/Sunday Schedule - revised



7:00AM Registration, 49er Food Court; after registering, all participants report to building LA5 for pairings and ballot distribution

8:00AM Round 1

10:00AM Round 2

NOON Lunch Break/Pair Round 3

1:00PM Round 3

3:45PM Round 4

6:30PM Round 5




8:00AM Round 6

11:00AM Octos (top 16 teams with at least 4 wins) in Senior; 1st Elimination Round in JV & Novice

  Speaker Awards will be posted and available in the Tab Room after Ocots

2:00PM Quarters in Senior; 2nd Elimination Round in JV & Novice

5:00PM Semis

7:30PM Finals