Jack Howe Memorial Tournament

2017 — Long Beach, CA/US

Financial Information

Fee Schedule:

School Fee (Diploma Granting Institutions): $20 per school

Academy Fee (Independent / For Profit): $50 per organization


Event Entry Fee

Policy Debate $100 per entry

Public Forum Debate $90 per entry

TOC Lincoln Douglas Debate $80 per entry

Lincoln Douglas Debate $60 per entry

Parliamentary Debate $80 per entry

Individual Events $15 per slot

Duo Interpretation $20 per team

Student Congress $15 per entry


Uncovered Judge Fees

Policy Debate $120 per uncovered team

Public Forum Debate $70 per uncovered team

TOC Lincoln Douglas Debate $120 per uncovered debater

Lincoln Douglas Debate $70 per uncovered debater

Parliamentary Debate $95 per uncovered team

Individual Events $40 per uncovered slot

Duo Interpretation $40 per uncovered team

Student Congress $40 per uncovered entry




Judging Commitment: Any school not meeting the judging commitment described above will be assessed fees based on the fee schedule. Debate judges are committed through quarterfinals or one round past their commitment; IE judges are committed through finals.


Nuisance Fees: We reserve the right to charge schools a “nuisance fee” for late adds/drops, disruptive behavior at the tournament, and creating other administrative problems. Nuisance fees are a last resort, and we hope to avoid charging them. Examples include missed ballots and very late adds/drops.


Hired Judges: We are always looking to hire your best judges—especially for LD and Policy Debate. We will pay experienced LD/Policy Debate judges $100 per full day of judging; all other judges will be paid $20 per judge per round. Please contact Devenc325@gmail.com and put “HIRED JUDGING” in the subject line.