Glenbrooks Speech and Debate Tournament

2022 — Northbrook and Online, IL/US

IE Schedule

IE Schedule - Glenbrook North High School


6pm-9pm - Registration - If you have paid fees in full, you only need to do online registration on tabroom. If you owe money, you must visit our online registration room to pay your remaining balance via credit card.

IE Patterns have not been finalized - this is our best guess for now. Extemp will be Pattern A.


8:00 a.m. Draw for Extemp 1 - Extemp Draw - 2nd floor Resource Center

8:30 Round 1 Pattern A (EXT, HUM, INFO, DUO)

10:00 Round 1 Pattern B (ORY, DRA, POI)

11:00 Draw for Extemp 2

11:30 Round 2 Pattern A (EXT, HUM, INFO, DUO)

1:00 Round 2 Pattern B (ORY, DRA, POI)

2:00 Draw for Extemp 3

2:30 Round 3 Pattern A (EXT, HUM, INFO, DUO)

4:00 Round 3 Pattern B (ORY, DRA, POI)

5:00 Draw for Extemp 4

5:30 Round 4 Pattern A (EXT, HUM, INFO, DUO)


8:00 a.m. Round 4 Pattern B (ORY, DRA, POI)

10:00 Draw for Extemp Quarterfinals

10:30 All Events Quarterfinals

12:30 Draw for Extemp Semifinals

1:00 All Events Semifinals

2:30 Draw for Extemp Finals

3:00 All Events Finals

5:00 Awards – GBN Cafeteria