Glenbrooks Speech and Debate Tournament

2022 — Northbrook and Online, IL/US

Speech Rules



We are an NIETOC bid tournament.


IE Events

This year, we will be offering Extemp, Original Oratory, Duo,  Informative Speaking, Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, and Program of Oral Interpretation.


In the scripted events, no student can use the same primary source material for more than one event. For example, a piece of literature that is used for a portion of a student’s OI program cannot be used in the same student’s POI program, even if it is cut differently.

A student may not use a cutting from a work of literature that the student used in ANY competition in any previous contest year. 

A student entered in two events may not use a cutting from the same work of literature in both events.

Each school may enter a maximum of five (5) entrants in each category. Students may single or double enter, but each one counts as a separate entry for the purpose of assessing fees. It is a firm policy that students are not allowed to triple enter.

Sweepstakes awards will be given in Individual Events. All students who clear to elimination rounds for a school will be figured into the sweepstakes calculations.


Student Attendance in Extemp

Proctors will notify Extemp tab staff if a student does not show up for prep, and the tab staff will alert the appropriate judge not to wait for them. All participants are required to meet in the prep room at their assigned time. Students who are late to round start time risk forfeiting the round or missing part of their preparation time. 



To make sure we have the proper amount of food, we will need each speech coach/observer who is not on the judging pool to register on This simply indicates to us that we need to provide a lunch for that individual.