Glenbrooks Speech and Debate Tournament

2022 — Northbrook and Online, IL/US

Dates, Deadlines, and Fees

Most date, deadlines, and fee information can be found toward the bottom right of the main page or by clicking on the event you are looking up the entry fee for. 

There are a few additional fees you need to be aware of:

Missing Judges: You will be charged $100 per round for every prelim round and $200 for every elim round one of your judges does not judge a round that person is supposed to.

Judge Name Fee: You will be charged $100 for needing to change the name of a judge, adding a judge, or dropping a judge in VCX, VLD, or VPF once pref and strikes sheets have become active. This policy is solely intended to make the sheets more accurate for students and easier to fill out.

Judge Constraint Fee: If you do not provide the correct information of which teams and/or specific contestants your judges cannot judge and we need to replace your judge as a result, we will charge you $100 per change in prelims and $200 per change in elims.