Glenbrooks Speech and Debate Tournament

2022 — Northbrook and Online, IL/US

Rules, Policies, and Procedures - All Event Information


All Event Information

The Glenbrooks is an invitational tournament. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any school to compete in the tournament or judges to cover a commitment for any reason. By registering entries for the tournament you agree to adhere to all tournament rules, policies, and procedures found on our tabroom website, in the tabroom disclaimer, and in the school permission form. As a condition of participation at the tournament, participants and schools agree to accept and abide by the decision of and consequences(s) determined by the tournament directors on any issues that arise during the tournament regardless of if there is a written rule or policy regarding the decision or consequence(s). 


Harassment/bullying of any sort will not be tolerated during the Glenbrooks tournament. Tournament administration reserves the right to disqualify a team or school if they are found to be engaging in bullying and/or harassing behavior.

Equity Process

The Glenbrooks will have an equity process to hear and act on any concerns regarding equity and inclusion. If you have a concern, please see the instructions on the equity process form here.

Private Coaches

Only school employees may communicate with the tournament on behalf of their school. Private coaches hired by individual students may not represent the school in any capacity during the tournament. It is the affirmative obligation of all individuals who are coaching, and/or sharing materials with other schools/debaters in private prep sharing arrangements to conflict themselves from judging those students/schools. Individuals found to have violated this norm will cause all individuals coached by those persons to have their judge preferences removed for the duration of the event and all judges and students involved may be removed from the tournament and forfeit payments to the tournament.

Student/Parent Contact

We ask that only adult coaches employed by the respective school contact the tournament. We will not be able to respond to student and/or parent inquiries.

Competitive Format

All PF, LD, and policy rounds must have one winner and one loser.

Outside assistance

Competitors should in no way accept or attempt to procure outside assistance during the course of a debate event. Any team or student found to be receiving coaching or other outside assistance during the course of said event will be disqualified at the discretion of the tournament.

Judge Background Checks

All judges provided by schools to judge at this tournament must have completed a successful background check conducted by the school or district that provides the judge. 

Ballot Statement

We are all influenced by implicit bias, or the stereotypes that unconsciously affect our decisions. When judging, our implicit biases negatively impact students who are traditionally marginalized and disenfranchised. Before writing comments or making a decision, please take a moment to reflect on any biases that may impact your decision making process. Please remember that the video quality of a student’s performance or speech may be impacted by lighting, internet, access to equipment, and other family members’ presence in the home. To ensure a more equitable experience for our participants, please be sure your decision-making process and comments are related only to the content and quality of the presentation or speech itself.


Linking Tabroom Accounts

All students and judges must have linked tabroom accounts. It's not enough for them to have an account, it must be linked to your school.