Glenbrooks Speech and Debate Tournament

2022 — Northbrook and Online, IL/US

Online Event Information

Online Event Information

Online Platform

As mentioned on our main page, PF and LD are virtual this year. We hope to return to full in person in 2023.

The Glenbrooks will be using NSDA Campus as its online hosting platform. We feel confident its reliability, streamlined features and security protocols will result in a pleasant experience for all competitors.


The short version: When you have a ballot or a round, click on your email in the right hand corner of Tabroom. There will then be a picture of a camera.

The longer version:

Test your tech here - please do this before the tournament -


We are not able to accommodate observers.

Room Check In

All participants will be required to virtually “check in” to their NSDA Campus rooms before the start of their event. These times are listed on schedules. Failure to check in may result in disqualification from the round at the discretion of the tournament. Check-in is where disclosure will also take place. Disclosure (in relevant events) must take place within five minutes of the designated check in time.


We want to minimize the amount of technical glitches during the tournament. Therefore, we strongly encourage every debater to wear a headset with a mic. We also strongly encourage debaters to operate from ethernet connections instead of wifi.

It is the responsibility of each school attending the tournament to make sure the judges they hire for this tournament have working technology and adequate wifi to judge with their camera on.

If you encounter technical difficulties within the NSDA Campus system, you should email the help desk. We will provide an email address for technological help closer to the tournament.


All judges must have their cameras on when competitors are speaking and while giving their reasons for decision.. Competitors are strongly encouraged to have their cameras on.

Coin flip procedures

The coin flip applies to all rounds in Public Forum and elimination rounds for Policy and LD. Sides must be chosen within five minutes of the coin flip. will automatically flip a coin for the two teams where applicable. Before the round when teams are to report to their competition room for check-in, teams will be notified via text and email from which team won the coin flip. In PF, the winner of the coin flip will choose either their side or speaker positions in For LD and Policy elimination rounds, the winner of the coin flip will choose their side. If the winner of the coin flip does not make a selection after a predetermined amount of time, the choice will revert to the other team. If no one makes a decision after a predetermined amount of time, will randomly assign sides (all events) and speaking positions (for PF only). These choices will be locked on the judges’ ballots; judges will no longer need to tell which debaters are on which sides in what order. The purpose of automating this coin flip is to avoid confusing procedures about who conducts the coin flip on video and guarantee that the judges’ ballots are always correct based on student decisions. In NPF the flight B coin flips will occur at the start of the check-in time listed on the schedule.