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2024 — Longview, TX/US
Field in Spelling and Vocabulary (Small)
40 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
White Oak TX/US Addie Young AA Addie Young
White Oak TX/US Aley Dixon AA Aley Dixon
White Oak TX/US Alli Good AA Alli Good
White Oak TX/US Alli Sims AA Alli Sims
White Oak TX/US Aubri Miller AA Aubri Miller
White Oak TX/US Caleb Watson AA Caleb Watson
White Oak TX/US Connor Hodges AA Connor Hodges
White Oak TX/US Cooper Tucker AA Cooper Tucker
White Oak TX/US Kara Kennedy AA Kara Kennedy
White Oak TX/US Lizzy Still AA Lizzy Still
White Oak TX/US Londyn Bodovsky AA Londyn Bodovsky
Ore City TX/US Ebony Davis AD Ebony Davis
Ore City TX/US LaTavion Beaty AD LaTavion Beaty
Ore City TX/US Noah Garcia AD Noah Garcia
Sulphur Springs TX/US Abigail Bautista AM Abigail Bautista
Sulphur Springs TX/US Celeste Hernandez AM Celeste Hernandez
Sulphur Springs TX/US Kale Burgin AM Kale Burgin
Sulphur Springs TX/US Kami White AM Kami White
Sulphur Springs TX/US Laney Bankston AM Laney Bankston
Wills Point TX/US Callie Wenzel AR Callie Wenzel
Wills Point TX/US Charleston Sanders AR Charleston Sanders
Wills Point TX/US Frances Groover AR Frances Groover
Wills Point TX/US Kevin Cervantes AR Kevin Cervantes
Atlanta TX/US Madison Jones AW Madison Jones
Atlanta TX/US Pari Patel AW Pari Patel
Atlanta TX/US Weston Huett AW Weston Huett
East Texas Charter TX/US Cage Key AX Cage Key
Sabine TX/US Alyssa Whitaker AY Alyssa Whitaker
Sabine TX/US Brooklyn Maxwell AY Brooklyn Maxwell
Sabine TX/US Chloe Cox AY Chloe Cox
Sabine TX/US Chloe Stephens AY Chloe Stephens
Sabine TX/US Evie Simpson AY Evie Simpson
Sabine TX/US Michael Stephens AY Michael Stephens
Sabine TX/US presley johnson AY presley johnson
Sabine TX/US Shawn Heffner AY Shawn Heffner
Carthage TX/US Andrew Gwinn BE Andrew Gwinn
Carthage TX/US Avery Griffin BE Avery Griffin
Carthage TX/US Cade Moore BE Cade Moore
Carthage TX/US Jiyia Williams BE Jiyia Williams
Carthage TX/US Kaden McAlister BE Kaden McAlister