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2024 — Longview, TX/US
Field in Current Issues and Events (Small)
41 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Ore City TX/US Alex Speegle AD Alex Speegle
Ore City TX/US Amir Sultan AD Amir Sultan
Ore City TX/US Noah Garcia AD Noah Garcia
Ore City TX/US Sadie Bonnette AD Sadie Bonnette
Sulphur Springs TX/US Abigail Bautista AM Abigail Bautista
Sulphur Springs TX/US Brody Emmert AM Brody Emmert
Sulphur Springs TX/US Craig Draper AM Craig Draper
Sulphur Springs TX/US Crawford Johnson AM Crawford Johnson
Sulphur Springs TX/US James McCoy AM James McCoy
Sulphur Springs TX/US Kolbie Moughon AM Kolbie Moughon
Sulphur Springs TX/US Tracey Shackelford AM Tracey Shackelford
Wills Point TX/US Brandon Deckshot AR Brandon Deckshot
Wills Point TX/US Seth Sturgill AR Seth Sturgill
Atlanta TX/US Ashlynn Quada AW Ashlynn Quada
Atlanta TX/US Averi King AW Averi King
Atlanta TX/US Michael Dubisson AW Michael Dubisson
Atlanta TX/US Tiger Thorla AW Tiger Thorla
East Texas Charter TX/US Olivia Delk AX Olivia Delk
East Texas Charter TX/US Peter Galindo AX Peter Galindo
East Texas Charter TX/US Richard Jennings AX Richard Jennings
Sabine TX/US Addison Vestal AY Addison Vestal
Sabine TX/US Adrian Fierros AY Adrian Fierros
Sabine TX/US Colton Martindale AY Colton Martindale
Sabine TX/US Cyrus Eaves AY Cyrus Eaves
Sabine TX/US Evelyn Mirick AY Evelyn Mirick
Sabine TX/US Jacob Benson AY Jacob Benson
Sabine TX/US Julie McAbee AY Julie McAbee
Sabine TX/US Ramsey Dancer AY Ramsey Dancer
Union Grove ISD TX/US Elise Daughtrey AZ Elise Daughtrey
Union Grove ISD TX/US Shane Deaton AZ Shane Deaton
Union Grove ISD TX/US Sirena Loven AZ Sirena Loven
Union Grove ISD TX/US Tj Fowler AZ Tj Fowler
Union Grove ISD TX/US Tommy Branscom AZ Tommy Branscom
Carthage TX/US Andrew Gwinn BE Andrew Gwinn
Carthage TX/US Eduardo Arriaga BE Eduardo Arriaga
Carthage TX/US Ivy Rodrigruez BE Ivy Rodrigruez
Carthage TX/US Priscilla Piedra BE Priscilla Piedra
Pittsburgh TX/US Alexander Montagen BL Alexander Montagen
Pittsburgh TX/US Hadassah Malpica BL Hadassah Malpica
Pittsburgh TX/US Trenety Vick-Herrera BL Trenety Vick-Herrera
Queen City TX/US Christian Nard BN Christian Nard