Pine Tree Jar of Dirt UIL Invitation A All Events

2024 — Longview, TX/US
Field in Current Issues and Events (Large)
20 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Pine Tree TX/US Anna Naisero AB Anna Naisero
Pine Tree TX/US Chloe Tesser AB Chloe Tesser
Pine Tree TX/US Daniel Barrios AB Daniel Barrios
Pine Tree TX/US Diego Quilo AB Diego Quilo
Pine Tree TX/US Hannah Stevenson AB Hannah Stevenson
Pine Tree TX/US Standford O'Quinn AB Standford O'Quinn
Pine Tree TX/US Travis Johnson AB Travis Johnson
Mt. Pleasant TX Angelina Hernandez AJ Angelina Hernandez
Mt. Pleasant TX Jasmine Alvarez AJ Jasmine Alvarez
Mt. Pleasant TX Jenny Luna AJ Jenny Luna
Mt. Pleasant TX Natalia Aspeita AJ Natalia Aspeita
Mt. Pleasant TX Wendy Valdez AJ Wendy Valdez
Longview TX/US Alexander Sanders BB Alexander Sanders
Longview TX/US Kennedy Hatcher BB Kennedy Hatcher
Longview TX/US Risharddae Stafford BB Risharddae Stafford
Hallsville TX/US Broddie Whittle BC Broddie Whittle
Hallsville TX/US Jose Juarez BC Jose Juarez
Hallsville TX/US Julian Jisha BC Julian Jisha
Hallsville TX/US Madden Mason BC Madden Mason
Hallsville TX/US Robert Underwood BC Robert Underwood