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2024 — Longview, TX/US
Field in Ready Writing (Small)
27 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
White Oak TX/US Bella Baker AA Bella Baker
White Oak TX/US Erin Lawson AA Erin Lawson
White Oak TX/US Kynlee Bright AA Kynlee Bright
White Oak TX/US Lexi Morris AA Lexi Morris
White Oak TX/US Meagan Brondum AA Meagan Brondum
Ore City TX/US Lucas Olsen AD Lucas Olsen
Ore City TX/US Sadie Bonnette AD Sadie Bonnette
Ore City TX/US Sage West AD Sage West
Sulphur Springs TX/US Alan Tellez AM Alan Tellez
Sulphur Springs TX/US Alexis Villarino AM Alexis Villarino
Sulphur Springs TX/US Anthony Small AM Anthony Small
Sulphur Springs TX/US Briana Dykes AM Briana Dykes
Sulphur Springs TX/US Isaac Riley AM Isaac Riley
Wills Point TX/US Emma Walls AR Emma Walls
Wills Point TX/US Johanna Cartwright AR Johanna Cartwright
East Texas Charter TX/US Alexis McNutt AX Alexis McNutt
East Texas Charter TX/US Ava Roberts AX Ava Roberts
East Texas Charter TX/US Cintra Hill AX Cintra Hill
East Texas Charter TX/US Isaac LeMaster AX Isaac LeMaster
Sabine TX/US Dakota Wick AY Dakota Wick
Sabine TX/US Lillian Odle AY Lillian Odle
Sabine TX/US Samantha Madden AY Samantha Madden
Carthage TX/US Alyssa Walker BE Alyssa Walker
Carthage TX/US Anna Bagley BE Anna Bagley
Carthage TX/US Hailey Compton BE Hailey Compton
Carthage TX/US Ivy Rodrigruez BE Ivy Rodrigruez
Carthage TX/US Maccoy Philo BE Maccoy Philo