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2024 — Longview, TX/US
Field in News Writing (Small)
26 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
White Oak TX/US Abby Lobue AA Abby Lobue
White Oak TX/US Keller Lott AA Keller Lott
White Oak TX/US Madison Baker AA Madison Baker
White Oak TX/US Peyton Yosten AA Peyton Yosten
Ore City TX/US Callie Boyd AD Callie Boyd
Ore City TX/US Hayden Taylor AD Hayden Taylor
Sulphur Springs TX/US Alan Tellez AM Alan Tellez
Sulphur Springs TX/US Dylan McKinney AM Dylan McKinney
Sulphur Springs TX/US Isaac Riley AM Isaac Riley
Sulphur Springs TX/US Kolbie Moughon AM Kolbie Moughon
Sulphur Springs TX/US Payton Hooks AM Payton Hooks
Wills Point TX/US Emma Walls AR Emma Walls
Wills Point TX/US Presley Mixon AR Presley Mixon
Sabine TX/US Aylin Rivera AY Aylin Rivera
Sabine TX/US Gabriela Resendiz AY Gabriela Resendiz
Sabine TX/US Hailey Leon AY Hailey Leon
Sabine TX/US Kayli Thompson AY Kayli Thompson
Sabine TX/US Lillian Perkins AY Lillian Perkins
Union Grove ISD TX/US Bailee Hosak AZ Bailee Hosak
Union Grove ISD TX/US Jamie Russell AZ Jamie Russell
Union Grove ISD TX/US Lillie Phillips AZ Lillie Phillips
Union Grove ISD TX/US Sydney Pritchett AZ Sydney Pritchett
Carthage TX/US Ava Hopper BE Ava Hopper
Carthage TX/US Averey Williams BE Averey Williams
Carthage TX/US Shelby Gentry BE Shelby Gentry
Carthage TX/US Sophia Calderon BE Sophia Calderon