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2024 — Longview, TX/US
Field in Spelling and Vocabulary (Large)
27 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Pine Tree TX/US Damil Arogo AB Damil Arogo
Pine Tree TX/US Faith Sanchez AB Faith Sanchez
Pine Tree TX/US Joseline Torres AB Joseline Torres
Pine Tree TX/US Katherine Castillo AB Katherine Castillo
Pine Tree TX/US Mae Shen AB Mae Shen
Pine Tree TX/US Maxwell Crochet AB Maxwell Crochet
Pine Tree TX/US Megan Wolfe AB Megan Wolfe
Pine Tree TX/US Stefany Paz AB Stefany Paz
Pine Tree TX/US Stephanie Viramontes AB Stephanie Viramontes
Pine Tree TX/US Student 1 AB Student 1
Pine Tree TX/US Student 2 AB Student 2
Mt. Pleasant TX Brissia Alvarez AJ Brissia Alvarez
Mt. Pleasant TX Jenny Luna AJ Jenny Luna
Mt. Pleasant TX Karen Hernandez AJ Karen Hernandez
Mt. Pleasant TX Sophie Greco AJ Sophie Greco
Mt. Pleasant TX Wendy Valdez AJ Wendy Valdez
Hallsville TX/US Allyson Yates BC Allyson Yates
Hallsville TX/US Emma Kate McIntosh BC Emma Kate McIntosh
Hallsville TX/US Genevieve Klineflter BC Genevieve Klineflter
Hallsville TX/US Lainey Hamilton BC Lainey Hamilton
Hallsville TX/US Lauren Anderson BC Lauren Anderson
Hallsville TX/US Margaret Schirmer BC Margaret Schirmer
Hallsville TX/US Nadia Lilly BC Nadia Lilly
Lufkin TX/US Abdeel McGrew BK Abdeel McGrew
Lufkin TX/US Addison Chhay BK Addison Chhay
Lufkin TX/US Erik Rodriguez BK Erik Rodriguez
Lufkin TX/US Miley McHaney BK Miley McHaney