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2024 — Longview, TX/US
Field in Accounting (Small)
20 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
White Oak TX/US Cole Caraway AA Cole Caraway
White Oak TX/US Elliott Lattin AA Elliott Lattin
White Oak TX/US Kylie Caraway AA Kylie Caraway
White Oak TX/US Ryann Long AA Ryann Long
White Oak TX/US Sophie Fisher AA Sophie Fisher
Ore City TX/US Briseida Arriaga AD Briseida Arriaga
Ore City TX/US Brittany Nunez AD Brittany Nunez
Ore City TX/US Ore City #3 AD Ore City #3
Sulphur Springs TX/US Holden Moss AM Holden Moss
Sulphur Springs TX/US Matthew Fox AM Matthew Fox
Sulphur Springs TX/US Osvaldo Rodriguez AM Osvaldo Rodriguez
Atlanta TX/US EmmaJo McCall AW EmmaJo McCall
Atlanta TX/US Ian Bard AW Ian Bard
Atlanta TX/US Javan Pastakia AW Javan Pastakia
Atlanta TX/US Kailee Ammons AW Kailee Ammons
Atlanta TX/US Lucy Ransom AW Lucy Ransom
Sabine TX/US Abby Mosley AY Abby Mosley
Carthage TX/US Jillian Register BE Jillian Register
Carthage TX/US Maddox Martinez BE Maddox Martinez
Carthage TX/US Mckenzie Cureton BE Mckenzie Cureton