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2024 — Longview, TX/US
Field in Science (Small)
71 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
White Oak TX/US Adelyn Zivney AA Adelyn Zivney
White Oak TX/US Jayce Parker AA Jayce Parker
White Oak TX/US Lucas Toles AA Lucas Toles
White Oak TX/US Michael Rivera AA Michael Rivera
White Oak TX/US Nathan Watson AA Nathan Watson
White Oak TX/US Reid Theriot AA Reid Theriot
White Oak TX/US Samantha Crum AA Samantha Crum
White Oak TX/US Shawn Richardson AA Shawn Richardson
Ore City TX/US Annabelle Dan AD Annabelle Dan
Ore City TX/US Gavin Trever AD Gavin Trever
Ore City TX/US Ore City #4 AD Ore City #4
Ore City TX/US Ore City #5 AD Ore City #5
Ore City TX/US Ore City #6 AD Ore City #6
Ore City TX/US Sage West AD Sage West
Sulphur Springs TX/US Anthony Small AM Anthony Small
Sulphur Springs TX/US Asia Chen AM Asia Chen
Sulphur Springs TX/US Barrett Thesing AM Barrett Thesing
Sulphur Springs TX/US Carolina Murillo AM Carolina Murillo
Sulphur Springs TX/US Grayson Wall AM Grayson Wall
Sulphur Springs TX/US Jessie Li AM Jessie Li
Sulphur Springs TX/US Osvaldo Rodriguez AM Osvaldo Rodriguez
Sulphur Springs TX/US Reese Offutt AM Reese Offutt
Wills Point TX/US Arik Sanko AR Arik Sanko
Wills Point TX/US Brandon Cox AR Brandon Cox
Wills Point TX/US Joseph Hammons AR Joseph Hammons
Wills Point TX/US Keevi Williams AR Keevi Williams
East Texas Charter TX/US Cintra Hill AX Cintra Hill
East Texas Charter TX/US Gavin Sereno AX Gavin Sereno
East Texas Charter TX/US Haley Hill AX Haley Hill
East Texas Charter TX/US Katie Forrest AX Katie Forrest
East Texas Charter TX/US Marrion Mobley AX Marrion Mobley
East Texas Charter TX/US Riley McGrede AX Riley McGrede
East Texas Charter TX/US Tony Castillo AX Tony Castillo
Sabine TX/US Alana Odle AY Alana Odle
Sabine TX/US Anna Tryon AY Anna Tryon
Sabine TX/US avery williams AY avery williams
Sabine TX/US Carl Frye AY Carl Frye
Sabine TX/US Christopher Brown AY Christopher Brown
Sabine TX/US Jonathan Ferguson AY Jonathan Ferguson
Sabine TX/US Joshua Webb AY Joshua Webb
Sabine TX/US June Jordan AY June Jordan
Sabine TX/US Makenzi Levingston AY Makenzi Levingston
Sabine TX/US Mikaela Haufler AY Mikaela Haufler
Sabine TX/US William Sheets AY William Sheets
Carthage TX/US Alec Molloy BE Alec Molloy
Carthage TX/US Bill Ortigo BE Bill Ortigo
Carthage TX/US Leo Medrano BE Leo Medrano
Averyisd TX/US Alex Peek BH Alex Peek
Averyisd TX/US Brianna Ackley BH Brianna Ackley
Averyisd TX/US Brooklyn Puckett BH Brooklyn Puckett
Averyisd TX/US Jackson Mahan BH Jackson Mahan
Averyisd TX/US Jamie Delong BH Jamie Delong
Averyisd TX/US Katie Baird BH Katie Baird
Averyisd TX/US Kristen Burkett BH Kristen Burkett
Averyisd TX/US Landry Stovall BH Landry Stovall
Averyisd TX/US Maranda House BH Maranda House
Averyisd TX/US Margo Pirkey BH Margo Pirkey
Averyisd TX/US Mariah Cortez BH Mariah Cortez
Averyisd TX/US Xander Ackley BH Xander Ackley
Pittsburgh TX/US Micah Feltner BL Micah Feltner
Queen City TX/US Harley Smith BN Harley Smith
Queen City TX/US Linley Butler BN Linley Butler
Queen City TX/US Madison Chickadel BN Madison Chickadel
Queen City TX/US Vincent Wong BN Vincent Wong
Queen City TX/US Xavior Allison BN Xavior Allison
Spring Hill TX/US Andrew George BP Andrew George
Spring Hill TX/US Bon Kim BP Bon Kim
Spring Hill TX/US Bryce Socoteanu BP Bryce Socoteanu
Spring Hill TX/US Carter Boyd BP Carter Boyd
Spring Hill TX/US Jack Cooper BP Jack Cooper
Spring Hill TX/US Lily Cooper BP Lily Cooper