Golden Desert District Tournament

2023 — NV/US

Golden Desert District Qualifier

for the 2023 National Tournament
Advanced Technologies Academy (A-TECH)
Las Vegas, NV
Fri 3/24 Sat 3/25 HSE LD CX PF SEN
Las Vegas, NV
Fri 3/31 Sat 4/1 DI DUO HI INF IX OO POI USX

Event Thresholds

Minimum Entries Requirement: If a particular speech or debate event has fewer than four entries, regardless of the
district’s qualification level, no qualifiers are allowed in that event. An entry must participate in at least one round (or
in the case of Congressional Debate, must give at least one speech) in order to count as an entry.
Minimum School Entry Requirement: In order to qualify entries in a speech or debate event to the National Tournament, a minimum of two schools must have entries that participate in the event. (See Congressional Debate
Exception below.)
Congressional Debate Exception: The number of Senate and House qualifiers is independent of all other district tournament benchmark standards.
A district with six or more schools and 10 or more students represented in the Senate will qualify two senators to the National Senate. If fewer than six schools or 10 students are represented, no Senate may be seated; however, a district may still conduct a House with sufficient entries.
House of Representatives:
A minimum of 16 students must be represented in the House. Refer to the chart below to determine number of House chambers, final round requirements, and advancement to the National House (note that the number of students in the far left column is based on participation—speaking or presiding at least once).
National Tournament Qualification Requirements for House Participating Students Qualifiers
16-29 Qualifies 2
30-58 Qualifies 4
59-87 Qualifies 6