Yale University Invitational

2020 — Online, US
Field in JV Policy Debate
16 entries
Institution Location Entry Code Record
ADL TW Wang & Chao ADL WC
ADL TW Weng & Yeh ADL WY
Altamont AL/US Denson & Stumpff Altamont DS
ADL TW Tsai & Koh Ash Koh
Broome County Debate Alliance NY/US Friedman & Chung Broome County Debate Alliance FC
Broome County Debate Alliance NY/US Leeson-shatz & Blake Broome County Debate Alliance LB
Casady OK/US Burger & Fryer Casady BF
Casady OK/US Evans & Shah Casady ES
Casady OK/US Huang & Jiang Casady HJ
Coppell TX/US Sibanda & Chalamalasetty Coppell SC
Davis Senior CA/US Huang & Lee Davis Senior HL
Lexington MA/US Yang & Yang Lexington YY
Loyola HS of Detroit MI/US Smith & Mayers Loyola HS of Detroit SM
Mamaroneck NY/US Marsh & Gupta Mamaroneck GM
Princeton NJ/US Tong & Penn Princeton TP
USN TN/US Kim & Stack USN KS