Yale University Invitational

2020 — Online, US

Update 9/17: https://smallpdf.com/sign-pdf -- if your students/parents do not have printers, you may use this online signature tool to generate signed PDFs of the forms. Please refer to the email archive for an important update about new required forms. Forms my be submitted by coaches on the submission portal.

Update 9/6: Please review the most recent email in the email archive for pertinent announcements and deadlines.

Update 8/15: We have made important changes to our invitation and tournament policy. Please see the email archive on our Tabroom page for full details.

Update 8/8 - Thank you for your patience as we worked with Yale University to secure final approvals for our tournament. We are excited to announce that we will be using the NSDA Campus software, which will be integrated with Tabroom in order to run our tournament. There will be ample opportunity for you and your team to familiarize yourself with NSDA Campus. As a reminder, all events will be performed LIVE, speech events included. In addition, our fees have been updated in the invitation on Page 15. For this year only, we were able to lower our registration fees. In the coming weeks, we will release our complete technical procedures and best practices. A tentative schedule has also been posted on Page 21, but we reserve the right to update it as necessary. We look forward to working with you as we navigate the virtual debate world together. Please do not hesitate to contact us at yaleinvitational2020@gmail.com with any questions, concerns, ideas, or suggestions.

Update 8/1 - Happy August! The invitation is now posted, and a revised invitation will be posted when finalized. Registration will open at 1pm. Please contact yaleinvitational2020@gmail.com with any issues or questions.

Update 7/31 - We are excited to announce that registration for the 2020 Yale Invitational will open tomorrow, August 1. Yale University is presently reviewing our compliance with their rules and procedures for online programs with respect to the online platform with intend on using. Therefore, we are unable to announce the platform and fee structure, since that will be contingent on the platform used. We will update our invitation and Tabroom page as soon as possible with complete information regarding the platform and entry costs. You are welcome to begin registration tomorrow, August 1, but there is not any urgency or benefit in doing so if you need to wait for the completed invitation -- all entries are placed on a waitlist to begin.

Update 7/29 - Thank you for your patience. We are working quickly to finalize the invitation, and are waiting on confirmation from Yale on some final details. We hope to open registration on Aug. 1, but we will post an update here if there is a delay. As a reminder, all entries will be placed on a waiting list to start, so there is no advantage to registering immediately.

Update 7/19 - A tournament information update has been posted. Please email yaleinvitational2020@gmail.com with additional questions. A complete invitation will be posted shortly.

The 2020 Yale Invitational High School Tournament will take place online October 2-4. A tournament invitation will be posted in late July. Please contact yaleinvitational2020@gmail.com with any questions.