The Conway at Gonzaga University

2019 — WA/US
Field in Original Oratory
27 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Capital ID/US Lily Balanoff Capital Lily Balanoff
Chiawana WA/US Nadia Bachart Chiawana Nadia Bachart
Chiawana WA/US Nathaly Mendoza Posada Chiawana Nathaly Mendoza Posada
Coeur D'Alene ID/US Brighton Spencer Coeur D'Alene Brighton Spencer
Coeur D'Alene ID/US Brooke Strong Coeur D'Alene Brooke Strong
Coeur D'Alene ID/US Marcus Rozier Coeur D'Alene Marcus Rozier
Coeur D'Alene ID/US Olivia Christ Coeur D'Alene Olivia Christ
CDA Charter ID/US Cypress Moore Cypress Moore
Eagle ID/US Anna Caragio Eagle Anna Caragio
Eagle ID/US Cara Liu Eagle Cara Liu
Eagle ID/US Ellie Curtright Eagle Ellie Curtright
Eagle ID/US Grace Ward Eagle Grace Ward
Glacier MT/US Dresden Allred Glacier Dresden Allred
Glacier MT/US Galvin Ness Glacier Galvin Ness
Glacier MT/US Sydney Fletcher Glacier Sydney Fletcher
Gonzaga Prep WA/US Abigail Blunt Gonzaga Prep Abigail Blunt
Gonzaga Prep WA/US Chase Proctor Gonzaga Prep Chase Proctor
Lewis and Clark WA/US Andrew Rindge Lewis and Clark Andrew Rindge
Lewis and Clark WA/US Claire Simmons Lewis and Clark Claire Simmons
Lewis and Clark WA/US Sophie Avery Lewis and Clark Sophie Avery
Mead WA/US Alex Michels Mead Alex Michels
Mead WA/US Blakely Rudolph Mead Blakely Rudolph
Mead WA/US Courtney Iseman Mead Courtney Iseman
Mead WA/US Jacob Riggs Mead Jacob Riggs
Timberline ID/US Claire Paschke Timberline Claire Paschke
Timberline ID/US Joekeo Manibusan Timberline Joekeo Manibusan
University WA/US Sierra Burdette University Sierra Burdette