The Conway at Gonzaga University

2019 — WA/US
Field in Dramatic Interp
27 entries
School Locale Entry Code
CDA Charter ID/US Kaitlin Le CDA Charter Kaitlin Le
Capital HS ID/US Ella Schroeder Capital Ella Schroeder
Chiawana High School WA/US Alison Pettey Chiawana Alison Pettey
Chiawana High School WA/US Briana Castro Chiawana Briana Castro
Chiawana High School WA/US Lesli Chiawana Lesli Saige Johnson
Chiawana High School WA/US Linda Corona Chiawana Linda Corona
Chiawana High School WA/US Nadia Bachart Chiawana Nadia Bachart
Chiawana High School WA/US Nathaly Mendoza Posada Chiawana Nathaly Mendoza Posada
Coeur D'Alene ID/US Amanda Thompson Coeur D'Alene Amanda Thompson
Coeur D'Alene ID/US Izzy Lombard Coeur D'Alene Izzy Lombard
Glacier HS MT/US Aryana Allred Glacier Aryana Allred
Glacier HS MT/US Bria Anderson Glacier Bria Anderson
Glacier HS MT/US Hailey Anderson Glacier Hailey Anderson
Glacier HS MT/US Jane Trina Glacier Jane Trina
Glacier HS MT/US Jarrod Wutke Glacier Jarrod Wutke
Glacier HS MT/US Jezalyn Schussler Glacier Jezalyn Schussler
Gonzaga Prep HS WA/US Daisy Dai Gonzaga Prep Daisy Dai
Lewis and Clark High School WA/US Gabriel Thompson Lewis and Clark Gabriel Thompson
Lewis and Clark High School WA/US Isabella Kershaw Lewis and Clark Isabella Kershaw
Lewis and Clark High School WA/US Melanie Brigham Lewis and Clark Melanie Brigham
Mount Vernon High School WA/US Anja Eikenbary-Barber Mount Vernon Anja Eikenbary-Barber
Timberline HS ID/ Madeline Jozwik Timberline Madeline Jozwik
Timberline HS ID/ Maia Dickinson Timberline Maia Dickinson
Timberline HS ID/ Molly Feeley Timberline Molly Feeley
University HS WA/US Joci Anderson University Joci Anderson
University HS WA/US Krystal Bates University Krystal Bates
University HS WA/US Sierra Stinson University Sierra Stinson