The Conway at Gonzaga University

2019 — WA/US
Field in Impromptu
42 entries
School Location Entry Code
CDA Charter ID/US Evan Sharp CDA Charter Evan Sharp
CDA Charter ID/US Shawn Byers CDA Charter Shawn Byers
CDA Charter ID/US Asher Chivvis CDA Charter Asher Chivvis
CDA Charter ID/US Aleena Fofanoff CDA Charter Aleena Fofanoff
CDA Charter ID/US Julieona Shields CDA Charter Julieona Shields
Chiawana WA/US Linh Truong Chiawana Linh Truong
Chiawana WA/US Lesli Chiawana Lesli Saige Johnson
Chiawana WA/US Nathaly Mendoza Posada Chiawana Nathaly Mendoza Posada
Coeur D'Alene ID/US Ryley Blair Coeur D'Alene Ryley Blair
Coeur D'Alene ID/US Adam Russell Coeur D'Alene Adam Russell
Coeur D'Alene ID/US Brooke Strong Coeur D'Alene Brooke Strong
Coeur D'Alene ID/US Sofia Sciascia Coeur D'Alene Sofia Sciascia
Eagle ID/US Blake Kurtz Eagle Blake Kurtz
Eagle ID/US John Houser Eagle John Houser
Eagle ID/US Valerie Araki Eagle Valerie Araki
Eagle ID/US Emily Elfering Eagle Emily Elfering
Eagle ID/US Garrett Platts Eagle Garrett Platts
Glacier MT/US Galvin Ness Glacier Galvin Ness
Glacier MT/US Rylie Weeks Glacier Rylie Weeks
Glacier MT/US Joshua Green Glacier Joshua Green
Glacier MT/US Olivia Kalvig Glacier Olivia Kalvig
Glacier MT/US Ethan Eagleton Glacier Ethan Eagleton
Glacier MT/US Brooklyn Lamers Glacier Brooklyn Lamers
Gonzaga Prep WA/US Daisy Dai Gonzaga Prep Daisy Dai
Gonzaga Prep WA/US Tony Rupp Gonzaga Prep Tony Rupp
Gonzaga Prep WA/US Owen Miller Gonzaga Prep Owen Miller
Gonzaga Prep WA/US Andru Miller Gonzaga Prep Andru Miller
Gonzaga Prep WA/US Jillian Rose Gonzaga Prep Jillian Rose
Gonzaga Prep WA/US Sam Anderson Gonzaga Prep Sam Anderson
Gonzaga Prep WA/US Chase Proctor Gonzaga Prep Chase Proctor
Gonzaga Prep WA/US Christopher Browne Gonzaga Prep Christopher Browne
Lewis and Clark WA/US Alan Zeng Lewis and Clark Alan Zeng
Lincoln OR/US Hunter Webb Lincoln Hunter Webb
Mead WA/US Kyle Kellerman Mead Kyle Kellerman
Mt. Spokane WA/US Trace Nash Mt. Spokane Trace Nash
Mt. Spokane WA/US Justin Kurp Mt. Spokane Justin Kurp
Oak Hill OR/US Leila Sanghvi Oak Hill Leila Sanghvi
St George's WA/US David Thew St George's David Thew
Oaks WA/US Sam McEachran Oaks Sam McEachran
Timberline ID/US Abigail Spencer Timberline Abigail Spencer
University WA/US Kylie Heaton University Kylie Heaton
University WA/US Sierra Stinson University Sierra Stinson