The Conway at Gonzaga University

2019 — WA/US
Field in Expository Speaking
29 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
CDA Charter ID/US Julieona Shields CDA Charter Julieona Shields
Chiawana WA/US Amy Walker Chiawana Amy Walker
Chiawana WA/US Briana Castro Chiawana Briana Castro
Chiawana WA/US Lesli Chiawana Lesli Saige Johnson
Chiawana WA/US Linh Truong Chiawana Linh Truong
Chiawana WA/US Nathaly Mendoza Posada Chiawana Nathaly Mendoza Posada
Coeur D'Alene ID/US Emily Krick Coeur D'Alene Emily Krick
Coeur D'Alene ID/US Lily Hollibaugh Coeur D'Alene Lily Hollibaugh
Eagle ID/US Anna Caragio Eagle Anna Caragio
Eagle ID/US Cara Liu Eagle Cara Liu
Eagle ID/US Ellie Curtright Eagle Ellie Curtright
Eagle ID/US Grace Ward Eagle Grace Ward
Glacier MT/US Alexis Reiner Glacier Alexis Reiner
Glacier MT/US Hailee Williams Glacier Hailee Williams
Glacier MT/US Jezalyn Schussler Glacier Jezalyn Schussler
Glacier MT/US Kenna Vanorny Glacier Kenna Vanorny
Gonzaga Prep WA/US Talayah Biallas Gonzaga Prep Talayah Biallas
Lewis and Clark WA/US Andrew Rindge Lewis and Clark Andrew Rindge
Lewis and Clark WA/US Blue Palmer Lewis and Clark Blue Palmer
Lewis and Clark WA/US Rachel Boose Lewis and Clark Rachel Boose
Mead WA/US Alex Michels Mead Alex Michels
Mead WA/US Courtney Iseman Mead Courtney Iseman
Mead WA/US Miranda Reed Mead Miranda Reed
Mead WA/US Nadine Wilks Mead Nadine Wilks
Mount Vernon WA/US Alexa Grechishkin Mount Vernon Alexa Grechishkin
Mount Vernon WA/US Grace Uppendahl Mount Vernon Grace Uppendahl
Mt. Spokane WA/US James Babb Mt. Spokane James Babb
Timberline ID/US Schylar Smith Timberline Schylar Smith
University WA/US Ashlyn O'Kert University Ashlyn O'Kert