The Conway at Gonzaga University

2019 — WA/US
Field in Humorous Interp
21 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Capital ID/US Bee Edson Bee Edson
CDA Charter ID/US Kaitlin Le CDA Charter Kaitlin Le
Chiawana WA/US Alison Pettey Chiawana Alison Pettey
Chiawana WA/US Amy Walker Chiawana Amy Walker
Chiawana WA/US Audra Totten Chiawana Audra Totten
Chiawana WA/US Briana Castro Chiawana Briana Castro
Eagle ID/US Seth Garwood Eagle Seth Garwood
Glacier MT/US Christopher Breese Glacier Christopher Breese
Glacier MT/US Drew Lorenc Glacier Drew Lorenc
Glacier MT/US Isaac Lorenc Glacier Isaac Lorenc
Glacier MT/US Simon Hill Glacier Simon Hill
Glacier MT/US Zach Hill Glacier Zach Hill
Lewis and Clark WA/US Josie Stenzel Lewis and Clark Josie Stenzel
Lewis and Clark WA/US Serena Wen Lewis and Clark Serena Wen
Mead WA/US Elsa Whanger Mead Elsa Whanger
Mead WA/US Kellie Tran Mead Kellie Tran
Mead WA/US Piper Deakins Mead Piper Deakins
Mount Vernon WA/US Jaylin Talmadge Mount Vernon Jaylin Talmadge
Mt. Spokane WA/US James Babb Mt. Spokane James Babb
Oaks WA/US Cecily Lambert Oaks Cecily Lambert
Oaks WA/US Sam McEachran Oaks Sam McEachran