The Conway at Gonzaga University

2019 — WA/US
Field in Program of Oral Interpretation
18 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Capital ID/US Bee Edson Bee Edson
CDA Charter ID/US Theresa Mielacher CDA Charter Theresa Mielacher
Chiawana WA/US Linh Truong Chiawana Linh Truong
Coeur D'Alene ID/US Callia Thornton Coeur D'Alene Callia Thornton
Eagle ID/US Seth Garwood Eagle Seth Garwood
Glacier MT/US Asher Robinson Glacier Asher Robinson
Glacier MT/US Sierra Riley Glacier Sierra Riley
Lewis and Clark WA/US Claire Simmons Lewis and Clark Claire Simmons
Lewis and Clark WA/US Skye Cordero Lewis and Clark Skye Cordero
Lewis and Clark WA/US Sue Rieger Lewis and Clark Sue Rieger
Mead WA/US Courtney Iseman Mead Courtney Iseman
Mead WA/US Elsa Whanger Mead Elsa Whanger
Mead WA/US Katie Hagel Mead Katie Hagel
Mead WA/US Piper Deakins Mead Piper Deakins
Mead WA/US Skye Gordon Mead Skye Gordon
Mount Vernon WA/US Ausha Macias- Curry Mount Vernon Ausha Macias- Curry
Timberline ID/US Maia Dickinson Timberline Maia Dickinson
University WA/US Sara Nelson University Sara Nelson