Grizzly Invitational at Ashland High School

2017 — Ashland, OR/US

Round 0 Speech

Abbreviation RD0IE
Format Speech
Entry Fee $0.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:




13.12.3. 13.12.4.

13.12.5. 13.12.6.




Communication among judges during the round. Judges must make independent decisions. Judges shall not discuss decisions with other judges prior to turning in ballots. Timekeepers may share the length of a given speech only. If questions arise regarding the rules or conduct of an event, judges shall ask at tournament headquarters.

Length. There is no minimum time limit; contestants shall speak no more than 10 minutes with 30 seconds of grace allowed. If laughter delays the speaker, the timekeeper shall make allowance by stopping the watch at the beginning and starting it at the end of each interruption. Time signals may be given at the speaker’s request; however, presentation within the time length is ultimately the responsibility of the speaker. Contestants who violate the time limit may receive a lower rank. No

contestant may be penalized if a stopwatch was not used for timing.
Introduction. Each speaker shall appropriately introduce the material. The title and author of the selection must be given.

Presentation. The materials are to be memorized. Physical objects, props, or costumes are not allowed. Use of focal points and/or direct eye contact with the audience should be determined by the requirements of the literature being interpreted.

Changing Material. Materials given at the District Tournament must also be given at the Speech State Championships. Materials. Selections must be cuttings from a single work of literature from one short story or one play, or one novel, or

one or more poems as described below:

  1. (a)  Print Publications: includes novels, short stories, plays or poetry, published in print.

  2. (b)  Digital (Online) Publications: material is only allowed from pre-approved online publishing sources for the current school year per the official publication of National Forensic League rules.

  3. (c)  Prohibited Material: not published in print or allowable online material per above, including:

    1. (1)  Recorded material (videotape, DVDs, audio tape, CDs, MP3s or phonograph recordings).

    2. (2)  Original material published in a high school publication such as a newspaper, literary magazine, or yearbook.

    Monologues are allowed.

Re-use. No speaker may use a cutting from the same source that the speaker used in any contest previous to the current school year.

Overlap. Students may not use the same material or cuttings from the same source, in Memorized Serious and any other interpretation event.

Manuscript Submission. Interpretation events must bring an original, electronic or photocopied version of their script(s) and original source material to State.

Instructions to the Judges. The responsibility of the speaker is to entertain the audience with the material used. Character portrayal should

be confined to facial expressions, postures, and character placement. Limited movement is allowed.