Grizzly Invitational at Ashland High School

2017 — Ashland, OR/US

Varsity ADS

Abbreviation VADS
Format Speech
Entry Fee $10.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:


  1. 13.5.1.  Communication among judges during the round. Judges must make independent decisions. Judges shall not discuss decisions with other judges prior to turning in ballots. Timekeepers may share the length of a given speech only. If questions arise regarding the rules or conduct of an event, judges shall ask at tournament headquarters.

  2. 13.5.2.  Subject. The student chooses his own subject and develops an original speech. "Original" means "not copied, reproduced, or translated; novel, fresh; not borrowed from some other source."

  3. 13.5.3.  General Purpose. To entertain.

  4. 13.5.4.  Nature.

    1. (a)  The speech should have an undertone of seriousness.

    2. (b)  The speech should not be:

      1. (1)  A series of unrelated jokes.

      2. (2)  A skit or vaudeville performance.

      3. (3)  Dependent upon impersonation, although character suggestions and use of dialect in telling jokes or stories is permissible.

      4. (4)  A speech that is "acted out."

(c) Humor must always be in good taste. Offensive humor and materials shall not be permitted.

  1. 13.5.5.  Length. There is no minimum time limit; the speech shall be no more than six minutes in length with 30 seconds of grace allowed. If laughter delays the speaker, the timekeeper shall make allowance by stopping the watch at the beginning and starting it at the end of each interruption. Time signals may be given at the speaker’s request; however, presentation within the time length is ultimately the responsibility of the speaker. Contestants who violate the time limit may receive a lower rank. No contestant may be penalized if a stopwatch was not used for timing. After Dinner Speaking Finals shall not be timed.

  2. 13.5.6.  Preparation and Notes. The speech is prepared in advance. No notes are permitted and no promptings are allowed during the delivery of the speech.

  3. 13.5.7.  Changing Speeches. The speech used at the District Tournament must also be used at the Speech State Championships.

  4. 13.5.8.  Manuscripts. A copy of the speech, including the bibliography, must be available if requested by the Speech State Championships Director at the District or Speech State Championships. Failure to provide a manuscript if requested may be used as a basis for disqualification from the tournament.