Grizzly Invitational at Ashland High School

2017 — Ashland, OR/US

Varsity Policy

Abbreviation VCX
Format Debate
Entry Fee $20.00
Entry Teams of between 2 and 4 competitors

Event Description:


13.1. Oregon Style Cross‐Examination Debate 13.1.1. Team size

  1. (a)  Teams may compete as two, three or four‐person teams. On a two‐person team, both speakers must be prepared to debate both sides of the resolution; on a three‐person team, one speaker shall debate both affirmative and negative, one shall debate only affirmative, and one shall debate only negative; and on a four‐person team, two speakers may debate on affirmative and two on negative, or they may interchange at their discretion so long as only two speakers participate in any one debate. The third and / or fourth members of the team shall sit apart from the participants and shall not communicate in any way with the speakers during the round.

  2. (b)  Under the two, three or four‐person arrangement, each ROUND shall involve only one debate, either affirmative or negative, for each team.

13.1.2. Length and order of speeches

Eight Minutes Three Minutes Eight Minutes Three Minutes Eight Minutes Three Minutes Eight Minutes Three Minutes Five Minutes Five Minutes Five Minutes Five Minutes

First Affirmative Constructive Cross‐Examination* by a Negative Speaker
First Negative Constructive
Cross‐Examination* by an Affirmative Speaker Second Affirmative Constructive Cross‐Examination* by the other Negative Speaker Second Negative Constructive
Cross‐Examination* by the other Affirmative Speaker First Negative Rebuttal
First Affirmative Rebuttal
Second Negative Rebuttal
Second Affirmative Rebuttal

team” cross‐examination is not allowed. Cross‐examination time may not be yielded to another team

*NOTE: “Tag
member. Each member of each team is responsible for asking all of the questions of one opponent and answering all of the questions of one opponent.

13.1.3. Rebuttals

  1. (a)  Speakers may change speaking order in rebuttals at the option of the coach and the team. Opening constructive

    speakers may speak last in rebuttal.

  2. (b)  No new arguments shall be allowed in rebuttal speeches.

  1. 13.1.4.  Preparation time. Each team shall have a maximum of five minutes preparation time to be used at the discretion of the team.

  2. 13.1.5.  Topic. See OSAA website, , Speech homepage.

  3. 13.1.6.  Electronic Devices/Computers. Electronic devices may be used following these guidelines:

  1. (a)  If the computer requires a card to be inserted in order to access a wireless connection, that card must be removed from the computer during the entirety of the round.

  2. (b)  If the computer has built‐in wireless capability, the wireless component must be deactivated during the entirety of the round.

  3. (c)  If a judge observes a competitor during the round using a computer that has the wireless card inserted or the built‐in component left active, the team which has possession of the computer shall automatically forfeit that round, and shall receive the lowest ranks and zero speaker points for the round in question.

  4. (d)  Any evidence used in the round must still be available for either the opposing team or the judge to view upon request.