Upcoming Tournaments in CA

Dates Circuits Tournament Locale Registration
2/24 -2/26 COLLEGE Northern California Forensics Association Championships CA/US
Closed2/226:00 PM PST
2/24 NEDA CSU Maritime Open House Tournament CA/US
Due 2/242:55 PM PST
2/24 -2/25 OCSL OCSL Debate State Quals CA/US
Closed2/216:00 PM PST
2/24 -2/25 TCFL TCFL Debate State Qualifiers CA/US
Closed2/2211:55 PM PST
2/25 BQ East LA District Big Questions CA/US
Closed2/185:00 PM CST
2/25 -2/26 NDT-CEDA D1 NDT Qualifier and Pacific Championships CA/US
Closed2/232:00 PM PST
2/25 CFL Coast CFL IE 3 CA/US
Closed2/2211:59 PM PST
2/25 MSPDP Brentwood Middle School Tournament CA/US
Closed2/176:30 PM PST
2/25 NatCir SCJFL Early Spring Debate CA/US
Closed2/108:00 PM PST
2/25 NatCir February Elementary DebateSacCity CA/US
Due 2/2512:30 PM PST
2/25 BAUDL Speak Learn Lead Tournament CA/US
Due 2/254:00 PM PST
2/26 CFL CFL LDPolicy CA/US
Closed2/227:00 PM PST
3/3 -3/4 OCSL OCSL IE State Quals CA/US
Due 3/288:00 PM PST
3/3 -3/5 NatCir USC Damus Spring Trojan Championships CA/US
Due 3/19:00 PM PST
3/3 -3/4 CFL CFL State Quals PFParli CA/US
Due 2/279:00 PM PST
3/4 CBSR CBSR Debate League Championships Los Osos CA/US
Due 3/210:00 PM PST
3/4 -3/5 COLLEGE Hornet Cup CA/US
Due 3/15:00 PM PST
3/6 NatCir Hilmar High School Big Questions CA/US
Due 2/275:00 PM CST
3/10 NEDA CSU Maritime In House Tournament CA/US
Due 3/109:00 PM PST
3/11 -3/12 CBSR CBSR IE League Championships Carter CA/US
Due 3/910:00 PM PST
3/11 NatCir BAUDL GGSA Oakland CFL Qualifier CA/US
Due 3/15:00 PM PST
3/11 NatCir The 6x4 Red Edition CA/US
Due 2/255:00 PM PST
3/11 -3/12 NatCir Western JV and Novice National Championship CA/US
Due 3/310:00 PM PST
3/11 YFL BQ Big Questions Debate CA/US
Due 3/45:00 PM PST
3/11 NatCir MSPDP BAEMSDL Young Genius Middle and Elementary School Congressional Debate CA/US
Due 3/15:00 PM PST
3/12 NatCir The 6x4 Blue Edition CA/US
Due 3/1211:00 PM PST
3/12 CFL CFL State Quals Congress CA/US
Opens2/255:00 PM PST
3/18 BQ Southern California Districts Big Questions CA/US
Due 3/115:00 PM CST
3/18 -3/19 Los Angeles NCFL Qualifiers CA/US
Due 3/135:00 PM PST
3/18 NatCir Reagan Reagan Foundation Great Communicator Western Qualifier CA/US
Due 3/158:00 PM PST
3/18 OCDL OCDL March Tournament CA/US
Due 3/155:00 PM PST
3/18 NatCir TCFL First Annual Campbell Hall Big Questions Debate Invitational CA/US
Due 3/1210:00 PM PST
3/18 MSPDP Quad League Polytechnic Tournament CA/US
Opens3/15:00 PM PST
3/18 NatCir CFL BAUDL Berkeley High School Parli Invitational CA/US
Due 3/115:00 PM PST
3/24 NatCir CFL EV Novite CA/US
Opens2/2811:59 PM PST
3/31 -4/2 NatCir SCU Spring Philalethic Invitational CA/US
Due 3/295:00 PM PST
4/1 SDIVSL Big Questions Bonita Vista High School CA/US
Due 3/255:00 PM PST
4/9 -4/10 NatCir The Omega Eight CA/US
Opens3/212:05 AM PST
4/22 NatCir Claremont Wolfcub Middle School Tournament CA/US
Due 4/228:00 PM PST
5/6 NatCir CFL BAEMSDL Bay Area Closeout Middle School Invitational CA/US
Due 4/295:00 PM PST
5/13 NatCir CFL Georgiana Hays Invitational CA/US
Due 5/105:00 PM PST
5/27 OCDL OCDL SoCal Regional Championship CA/US
Opens4/275:00 PM PST