Delta College High School Speech Debate Invitational

2024 — Stockton, CA/US

Welcome to the San Joaquin Delta College High School Speech and Debate Invitational!

We are thrilled to have you here at our inaugural invitational. Our hope is that this event is about more than competition; it’s a celebration of the power of words, the art of persuasion, and the courage to express your thoughts boldly. With this in mind, we are providing this opportunity FREE OF CHARGE so that any and every student who wants to compete is able to at the tournament.

As you prepare to compete, remember that every speech, every argument, and every moment contributes to shaping our future as leaders and advocates. Whether you’re a seasoned debater or a first-time participant, know that your voice matters because your ideas have the potential to ignite change, challenge norms, and inspire others.

To our coaches, judges, and volunteers: Your dedication fuels this event. Thank you for nurturing these young minds, guiding them toward excellence, and fostering an environment of intellectual growth. Your presence amplifies the impact of these young speakers. Applaud their courage, listen intently, and be part of their competitive and educational journey.

Below you will find a schedule of events. In order to keep the tournament on time and also finish at a reasonable hour, please follow these guidelines in terms of registration and tournament preparation-

We will use CHSSA Guidelines for the Tournament

Competitors may not enter both IX and NX.

Competitors will be allowed to enter up to two speech pattern events and one debate pattern event.

Competitors in a debate pattern event may not enter DUO as a second debate pattern event. They may enter DUO as a third speech event.

STUDENTS DOUBLE ENTER AT THEIR OWN RISK. Students who elect to double enter are responsible for arriving to their rounds in a timely manner.

Students who do not arrive to their rounds will be issued a forfeiture for that round. Students who are double entered will need to be cognizant of their speaking orders and plan accordingly.

Schedule of Rounds & Events:

Round 1 Debate/Duo 8:30 am (Parli prep at 8:10 am)

Round 1 Speech 10:00 am (Extemp prep at 9:30 am)

Round 2 Debate/Duo 11:30 am (Parli prep at 11:10 am)

Round 2 Speech 1:00 pm (Extemp prep at 12:30 pm)

Round 3 Debate/Duo 2:30 pm (Parli prep at 2:10 pm)

Round 3 Speech 4:00 pm (Extemp prep at 3:30 pm)