Dockweiler Invitational

2024 — Los Angeles, CA/US

The Dockweiler Invitational - Lincoln-Douglas Debate Tournament

Dear Debate Community,

We are thrilled to announce The Dockweiler Invitational, an upcoming Lincoln-Douglas debate tournament that promises to be a platform for intellectual rigor, critical thinking, and spirited discourse. This tournament aims to bring together debaters from diverse backgrounds to engage in thoughtful and compelling discussions.

Tournament Details:

  • Event: The Dockweiler Invitational - Lincoln-Douglas Debate
  • Format: Lincoln-Douglas
  • Location: To be revealed soon
  • Dates: Stay tuned for the official announcement


  • Intellectual Rigor: Prepare for challenging debates that encourage critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Embrace a vibrant community of debaters from various backgrounds, fostering a rich exchange of ideas.
  • Experienced Adjudicators: Our panel of judges will bring expertise and fairness to ensure a high-quality debating experience.


  • Registration details will be shared soon. Stay connected through our official channels for updates.

Contact Information: For inquiries and updates, please contact [Organizer's Email/Phone].

We look forward to hosting a memorable and impactful Dockweiler Invitational. Get ready for an intellectually stimulating event that celebrates the art of debate!


John Dockweiler Gonzalez
The Dockweiler Invitational