Priory Round Robin

2024 — NSDA Campus, CA/US

Priory Round Robin

Hosted by Woodside Priory Debate team

The tournament will be FULLY ONLINE

We invite you to attend the Priory Round Robin. We will have Open and Novice divisions in Public Forum, which will be available for Middle and High School students, as well as an Open Parliamentary division for all parli competitors.

The Tournament

There will be 4 total rounds with no eliminations. We will start power pairing after the Second round, and awards will be given based on the final seeds and speaker points.

Entry Fees and Payment

$20 per entry (2 debaters). $80 for hired judging. Fees are due by 11:59 on May 17th, the night before the competition.

You can venmo payments here:

Just make sure to mention your school name / entry count so we can verify and make sure you don't have outstanding fees. We can also do refunds.


Each school is obligated to provide 1 judge for every 2 entries (2 competitors per entry). The judge does not have to have a debate background, but should understand speech times, loose speech content and general guidelines necessary for their specific division.


We can provide limited hired judging, which will have to be requested well before the start date. Most of our staff will be staffing the tournament and working tabroom, so we want to make sure that if we need hires, we know as soon as possible.

Schedule - Updated

All times in Pacific Standard Time

Saturday May 18th:

10:00 AM - Round 1

12:00 PM - Round 2

2:00 PM - Round 3

4:00 PM - Round 4

Public Forum

We'll be offering Novice and Open debate divisions on both the NSDA April PF Topic and the NSDA February PF Topic. Novice is for first year or middle school competitors, while anyone, including novices, can enter into Open.

If we don't have enough entries, we may merge Novice and Open divisions for one topic, but we won't merge between the February and April divisions, just to make sure that we don't pull out the rug from under you while you prep arguments.

February Topic: February – Resolved: The United States federal government should ban single-use plastics.

April Topic: Resolved: The United Nations should abolish permanent membership on its Security Council.


There will be one parli division that accepts all entries. Parli topics will come out 30 minutes before the round starts, when you get pairings. We have 6 preset topics, one for each round. All rounds will use the same topics, to prevent any discrepancies. The debates will follow the CHSSA Parliamentary Guidelines.

If the Parli division includes a range of both experienced and less experienced debaters, we'll give awards based on level.

Independent Entries

As the tournament is online, we will be accepting all independent entries and cross-school partnerships.