JW Patterson HS Invitational

2021 — NSDA Campus, OK/US

Schedule--UPDATED Sunday

UPDATED Sunday Schedule for LD Debate!

9:00 AM CT Octas Pairing


9:15 AM CT Octas Tech Check

9:30 AM CT Octas Start Time

10:30 AM CT Octas Decision Time


11:00 AM CT Quarters Pairing

11:15 AM CT Quarters Tech Check

11:30 AM CT Quarters Start Time

12:30 PM CT Quarters Decision Time


Meal Break


1:30 PM CT Semis Pairing

1:45 PM CT Semis Tech Check

2:00 PM CT Semis Start Time

3:00 PM CT Semis Decision Time


3:30 PM CT Finals Pairing

3:45 PM CT Finals Tech Check

4:00 PM CT Finals Start Time

5:00 PM CT Finals Decision Time



The number of elimination debates may change based on entry numbers (Central Time Zone)

*LD elimination debates will be single flighted whenever possible, this will speed up the scheduled pairings*

**Online check-in registration is Thursday 4:00 PM-Friday 10:00 AM**


JWPI Friday, Oct 8 (All Events)

4:30 PM CT Round 1 Pairing

5:00 PM CT Round 1 Tech Check (judges and debaters log into the competition rooms online)

5:30 PM CT Round 1 Start Time

7:30 PM CT Round 2 Paring

7:45 PM CT  Round 2 Tech Check

8:00 PM CT Round 2 Start Time

JWPI Saturday, Oct 9 (All Events)

9:00 AM CT Round 3 Pairing

9:30 AM CT Round 3 Tech Check (judges and debaters log into the competition rooms online)

10:00 AM CT Round 3 Start Time

12:00 PM CT Meal Break

1:00 PM CT Round 4 Paring

1:15 PM CT Round 4 Tech Check

1:30 PM CT Round 4 Start Time

4:00 PM CT Round 5 Pairing (Novice Policy Gold, Silver, Bronze Elim Breakout/ Novice LD Elim 1)

4:15 PM CT Round 5 Tech Check 

4:30 PM CT Round 5 Start Time

6:30 PM CT Meal Break

7:15 PM CT Round 6 Paring (Novice Policy Gold, Silver, Bronze Elim Breakout Finals/Novice LD Elim 2)

7:30 PM CT Tech Check

7:45 PM CT Round 6 Start Time

10:30 PM CT Announcement via email of teams/debaters clearing to elimination debates

JWPI Sunday, Oct 10th (POLICY Schedule)

9:00 AM CT Octas Pairing (Varsity policy) (JR Round Robin Round 7)

9:15 AM CT Tech Check

9:30 AM CT Octas Start Time 

11:30 AM CT Meal Break

12:00 PM CT Quarters Varsity Policy Pairing, JV RR Finals

12:15 PM CT Tech Check

12:30 PM CT Quarters/JV RR Finals Start Time

3:00 PM CT Semis Varsity Policy Pairing

3:15 PM CT Tech Check

3:30 PM CT Semis Start Time

5:30 PM CT Finals Varsity Policy Pairing

5: 45 PM CT Finals Tech Check

6:00 PM CT Finals Start Time