JW Patterson HS Invitational

2021 — NSDA Campus, OK/US

Entry Fees and Judge Hires

Judge Hired/Missing Judge Info

I HIGHLY recommend finding your own judges for the tournament.  I will be hiring some judges and some of the hires can be used to fill your commitment if you cannot find your own judges to bring or hire.   The cost of a hired judge will be $300 per judge regardless of what event the judge is covering, and regardless of if you need the judge for a full or 1/2 commitment.  Each school is required to bring 1 judge per two policy teams and 1 judge per 4 LD and PF debate entries.

Scenario 1:

A school has 3 policy teams and only 1 judge they can bring.  Hiring that 1/2 judge commitment from the tournament will be $300.

Scenario 2:

A school has 4 policy teams and only 1 judge they can bring. Hiring that 1 full judge commitment from the tournament will be $300.    

Scenario 3:

A school has 5 LD debaters and only 1 judge they can bring. Yep, that 1/4 judge commitment if hired through the tournament will be $300.

Scenario 4:

What if a school has a judge who did not use all their commitment in say varsity policy, can they use the rest of that commitment to cover novice or JV rounds from the school?  Like if that school had 1 varsity policy entry and 1 JV entry? Sure just notify me, via email and I will adjust the judging and invoice so you don't get charged for a missing judge in that scenario.  Hopefully, that makes sense.

If you are wondering "Why do you charge so much for hiring a judge through the tournament?"  Because we plan to pay our judges $125 a day regardless of how much they get used (extra for late elims), plus we have to do all the vetting, and legwork to find the judges.  If you don't like the rate for hired judges please bring and hire your own judges. 

Fees and Payment Info

Policy Debate

Varsity Policy $80

JV Policy $60

Novice Policy $40

LD Debate

Varsity LD $50

JV LD $40

Novice LD $30

PF Debate

Varsity $60

JV $40