Charlotte Catholic Queen City Invitational

2018 — Charlotte, NC/US

Humorous Interp

Abbreviation HI
Format Speech
Entry Fee $10.00
Overall Entry Limit 30
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

NSDA publication and interpretation rules will be followed.



Students will select and deliver a memorized performance of a single work of literature. Selections may be works of prose, poetry, or drama, but must be made from a single work of literature - combining multiple works is not allowed. Students are evaluated on the depth, creativity, and mastery of their performance - including physical and vocal characterization, narrative complexity, and dramatic effect. Selections should be humorous in nature.

Students must include an introduction of their own composition identifying the original author and title of the selection.

Speeches must be delivered from memory without the use of a manuscript. Eye contact may be direct or off-focus. Movement is allowed during the speech. The use of props or costumes is prohibited.


Time Limit: 10 minutes (30 second grace period is allowed)