Charlotte Catholic Queen City Invitational

2018 — Charlotte, NC/US

Varsity Congress

Abbreviation VCD
Format Congress
Entry Fee $10.00
Overall Entry Limit 48
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

NSDA rules for sourcing and preparation will be followed. Internet connectivity is not allowed during competition. Communication with others outside the competition is prohibited.



Students will compete as model congresspersons in order to debate the passage of various pieces of legislation. Competition is facilitated by a student presiding officer, who is responsible for recognizing competitors to speak or question during competition, and for enforcing the rules of decorum. Competition shall consist of the delivery of speeches on both an affirmative and negative stance relating to passage of a given piece of legislation, followed by questioning of the speakers. Students will be evaluated on the strength of their arguments and analysis, the presentation of their material, and their presence amongst their peers while in competition.

Speeches shall be 3 minutes in length, to be followed by a questioning period. Competition shall strive to alternate between speakers on an affirmative and negative side.

The use of notes or a manuscript while speaking is permitted. Movement is permitted during the speech.

Presiding officers shall serve for one-half of each session. Each session is evaluated by independent scorers. Speaking precedence will reset at the conclusion of each session.