Viking Clash High School

2022 — Bountiful, UT/US

World Schools

Abbreviation WS
Format World Schools Debate
Entry Fee $12.00
Entry Teams of between 3 and 5 competitors

Event Description:

PREPARED TOPIC: Resolved: This house supports a decrease in the use of personal automobiles.


You should make sure to bring both a Proposition and Opposition case to the Prepared Topic above. In addition, bring a dictionary and a one-volume encyclopedia or almanac for use during impromptu motions (Contact the tournament if you cannot get these items). Electronic devices are only allowed for timing during World Schools.

Although we will have a world schools orientation at the beginning of the tournament, watching the NSDA's introduction to World Schools, watching rounds of WSDC or NSDA World Schools, and practicing writing an impromptu resolution will all greatly help you to do well.

What to expect at the Tournament

All judges and students will have a 45 minute World Schools Orientation at the beginning of the tournament, followed by a practice round. This will use the topic above, but will not count toward tournament placement.

Following the warm-up, two rounds of the prepared resolution will follow, with each team debating both sides. After lunch, two impromptu resolutions will be given. One hour of prep (in a room designated by the tournament) will be followed by the debate.