JW Patterson Invitational

2020 — Classrooms.Cloud, OK/US

Fees and Entry Limits

Fees, Entry, Judging


JV Policy event cap is 60 teams, 4 per school, $80 per entry

Varsity Policy event cap is 90 teams, 4 per school, $80 per entry

JV LD event cap is 60 debaters, 8 per school, $40 per entry

Varsity LD event cap is 80 debaters, 8 per school, $40 per entry


Judge Info

Varsity policy and varsity LD will use a judge preference system.

Your judges should all have tabroom.com accounts, a written judge philosophy posted on tabroom, and ideally be familiar with online tournament protocols.  Current high school students MAY NOT serve as JV or varsity judges in any events. All judges are obligated to judge one round past their school elimination from the tournament. If you would like to sell extra elimination judging rounds beyond your obligation please let me know.


Hired Judge Fee

LD $200 per judge  (judge burdens in LD have been allocated by the number of missing judges)

Policy $50 per round owed (judge burdens in policy have been allocated by the number of rounds owed)


Where and When to Pay:

If at all possible send payment before the tournament starts.  If you need to pay after the event or don’t expect your payment to have arrived before online registration day, please contact me as soon as possible.  If you have teams waitlisted, contact me before you process payment.


You may mail payment to:


Heritage Hall School

℅ Bryan Gaston

1800 NW 122nd Street


Oklahoma City, OK 73120