JW Patterson Invitational

2020 — Classrooms.Cloud, OK/US

Independent Entry/Chaperones

Independent Entry/Chaperones: This a similar policy to the Greenhill tournament (Thanks Ghill). 


All teams must register as their school. We require every team to be under the care of an individual who is either a school employee or has written authorization by the school principal/Head of School to act and make decisions regarding that school's students on behalf of the school. If the responsible adult is not a school employee, the school's principal/Head of School must submit a form to give the authorization to act on the school’s behalf from their official school stationery. This adult assumes full responsibility for the care of students of that school while competing in the tournament. Schools will be asked to list who that adult is/those adults will be as a condition of final registration. 


The ability to contact coaches from competing schools is going to be paramount in a world of virtual competition. Whether it is the tournament tabroom looking for a missing judge, or giving a coach a chance to find a missing competitor before a disqualification is issued, quick and reliable communication is key. In order to accomplish this, it is important that your tabroom.com account for yourself and all judges that you bring to tournaments contain up-to-date phone numbers that the coach or school affiliate in charge can be reached at any point during a tournament, if needed. STUDENTS MAY NOT REGISTER THEMSELVES


The form is located on the website and after it is completed it should be emailed to : bgaston@heritagehall.com