NSDA Middle School National Tournament

2017 — Birmingham, AL/US

Dates & Deadlines

Important Middle School Dates

  • Coaches can register online starting February 15
  • Entries are due April 24. All entries will be placed on a waitlist. Entries will be taken off the waitlist once payment has been received (space permitted, up to five). Additional entries will remain on the waitlist until the payment deadline of May 12. Entries will be taken off the waitlist based upon the payment date and not the registration date.
  • Congressional Debate legislation is due April 24
  • Title, author, and ISBN information for Interpretation events must be posted on the registration website by May 1.
  • Media release forms, signed by each student’s parent/guardian, must be submitted by May 12
  • All fees, including judge bond, must be received in the national office by May 12.
  • A late fee of $200 will be assessed for fees and forms received after May 12. A school risks forfeiting participation if fees and media release forms are not received by May 19.