NSDA Middle School National Tournament

2017 — Birmingham, AL/US

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

  • Coaches are asked to carefully review all information on the tournament website.
  • Students that are have completed their 5th through 8th grade years are eligible to register.
  • Please note that each school is limited to five entries per event. A team may place an additional three entries in the system to try and secure additional spots. The first five slots are first come, first served, based upon the date that payment is received. Any slots beyond the five will not be available until after the payment deadline of May 12.
  • We will continue to rigorously train high school student judges. Middle schools are required to bring judges for each division in which they have students (Policy, LD, or PF, Speech, and Congress) as a condition for registering. See the judge requirements tab for additional information.


Patterns for Speech Events

Pattern A: Duo Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Impromptu Speaking, Original Oratory, and Prose
Pattern B: Declamation, Dramatic Interpretation, Extemporaneous Speaking, Poetry, and Storytelling

Note: Debate entries (LD, PF, Policy, Congress) may not enter in speech. In speech events (except Extemp), students can enter two events per pattern (A or B). 


Entry Fees

  • Each debate event is $25 per student. (A partner event would equal $50.)
  • For each speech event a student enters, the fee is $20 per event. (e.g., If entered in four events, it would be $80 total for the student).


Policy Case Limits

  • Space cooperation
  • Bilateral investment treaty
  • Taiwan grand bargain
  • Climate
  • AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank)